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  3. I forgot. Those images are not very clear, but anyone can look up at the Internet Way Back machine, and see how much this community has done. There is some very useful information contained in this archive, which would take forever to download unless someone who is very savvy could obtain the files they have in their archive. I have begged people to follow my youtube channel, and I realized I wrote about this in the message above, but YouTube is ADHD crack, and I forgot to include the link. AND CLICK SUBCRIBE. Click Watch on the boring watch video. 10,000 Views is an important Metric. I will put up more videos, but these 2 are classic: CLICK ME TO SEE DR. ABRAHAM VIDEOS:
  4. I am making some cosmetic, functional and other changes to the website to test features and see if it will handle some future plans. I have had some very challenging years, but now I have the plans to implement and I am fearless. Also, I get really pissed off when the HPPD story is told incorrectly on large government-funded websites, drug treatment centers and places I would never have thought HPPD would even appear. Even to the relatively educated Psychadelic class, the idea that LSD could cause HPPD was at best an overstated condition, and at worst (most common) it was considered to be a myth. I must admit that the "Millenials" have really tried to reduce the stigma associated with the disorder just by joining Facebook groups for HPPD. Some of you have created videos, music, blogs and for me to see HPPD listed in online pamphlets for drug-addict treatment centers is AMAZING and SCARY. It is amazing that the information I have noticed is stating that HPPD of the Consistent Visual Type is real. Previously, flashbacks were recognized, but not the long lasting visual disturbances. That is Amazing. We owe it to you, the members before you and to the majority of the researchers who haven't slanted their datasets. This is Scary. I would rather have no study that a bad study. If a case report is published where a person is diagnosed with HPPD based on two criteria (1. Patient states they are experiencing hallucinations & 2. The patient stated the hallucinations began with the drug). The individual is treated with Risperdal (risperidone), which is recognized in multiple reports in the Archives of General Psychiatry and other literature (and many of our/my personal experience) to exacerbate HPPD. Consequently, there is a study that states a person with HPPD was cured with a drug normally contraindicated for the treatment of HPPD. The error is the diagnosis. If this was a freshman in college with a family history of schiophrenia, and who had early signs of a disorder belonging to psychosis, it should have been identified as Hallucinogen-induced Psychosis and part of the HPPD syndrome is that drugs like Risperdal make it worse. So, I have three studies. I am applying to a clinical mental health program and seeking an advanced graduate certification that would enable me to open up a clinic, practice counseling with a legal clinical license and this is my life plan. I would like to get hired at the Lab of the school I am applying to, and do so with my own research funding. (I know, I have promised a lot of things lately, but it seems there is always a crisis, but if I can eat and spend 4 hours a day to this project we will have these studies completed before I am finished.) Additionally, the degree will allow me to legally diagnose individuals that have HPPD with the formal diagnosis of HPPD. I would be a dedicated clinician to HPPD and related disorders, and if that doesn't use up enough time then I will work with individuals with opiate and benzodiazepine addiction. Creating a humane Withdrawal Protocol for Benzodiazepines in America would be one of the most significant contributions to addiction medicine since the biological model. I asked people to sign up to my YouTube channel, and I am at 25. However, I had nothing of value posted on my channel yet. Now, it has changed. Two sections of an interview with Dr. Henry David Abraham, where I asked questions and Dr. A answer about two very important sections on HPPD. I found them after many years, and they are from 2001. My youtube page is: Here are some images of and NODID through the years.
  5. Hi all, long time reader, first time poster. I got a mild case of HPPD from a six month weed bender. There were like five MDMA rolls and three mushroom trips also. I realized i didn't feel myself and stopped smoking weed, using mushroom and MDMA. This happened about four years ago. My symptoms at their worst during that time was mild VS, mild after images(barely noticeable, but they existed), depersonalization and brain fog. So, up until recently, the DR, DP and brainfog have really lifted. I barely have any problem with them. I had used some drugs sparingly on the weekends. Stuff like 3-fpm, Hexen, and some others. I'm not proud of this, but my visual symptoms didn't change from what I could discern, so i thought, why not? One day, I tried a compound I've never had before called 4-mpd. I snroted 30 mgs and went for a jog. When I got back in the house, I realized something was off. My visual snow was a couple levels stronger now. It now climbed freely on the walls with the lights on, and before it didn't. Everything was giving me an after image also. Any light, no matter how dim, caused an after image that would flash for a second of two before fading. I also have illusory palinopsia now; waving my hand causes it to blur across my field of view. It's been a few months since things have gotten this way and nothing has improved. I wanted to hear any thoughts on this situation. I quit all drugs and I mean ALL. I run daily and eat reasonably well. I'm just shocked that my visual stuff got so much worse when it seemed like nothing could make it change before. I'm guessing this will probably never get any better. Wanted to share this experience as sort of a warning. Leave the drugs alone. Ask me any questions, no matter how old the post is, I'll keep up as much as I can.
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  7. hey I decided I finally would upload a video about hppd gonna upload on youtube WIN_20171117_060240.MP4
  8. i do acid every day lol
  9. Take time to recover. Avoid stress, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine. When did you take the lsd?
  10. Last week
  11. For many people... yes. It reduces visuals about 50% for me.
  12. I'm felling so fucked up, felling depressed, anxiety, bad mood, panic attacks,depersonalation, hallucions, I felt thirst symptoms one day after lsd taking, now it's hard to focuse on everything: school, family.... Which offers you could give me? healthy lifestyle,meditation, yoga very hard to focus on them in the beggining. Any suggestions how to reduce these things?
  13. who can help to reduce hallucination?
  14. I use Lorazepam and Clonazepam, but I don't take it every day... All of these meds are highly addictive and will cause major problems in a few years, if taken every day. This is how I avoid addiction/tolerance: Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Thursday 6pm Clonazepam (1mg) - Friday 9am Clonazepam (1mg) - Saturday 9am Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Sunday 9am Every 2-3 months, I have 2 weeks completely free of meds to make sure I am not seeing any signs of addiction. This has worked for 10 years or so and brings me relief for nearly 4 days per week.
  15. How you felling now ?and which treatment you chosen?
  16. I think to try bromazepan
  17. From what I remember, it binds to the gabaA receptor, which helps control anxiety by dampening activity in various parts of the brain.
  18. Hello someone who tried these Xanax, Diazepam, Valium to reduce panic, anxiety how it's work?
  19. Thnx for the reply. Well i obviously have to recover somewhat because right now i just can’t be productive. And i know that’s possible because i did it before. The only thing i’m really worried about is my vision, if this doesn’t go back to how it was a few weeks ago then i’m having a BIG problem. A full recovery would be great but i’m not expecting that. I just want to be stable and be ready to go on with my life. I hope that this spike will go, because a few weeks ago i was doing pretty good and i was working 2 days a week. Right now i can’t even think about going to work. Everything seems different now. I realised that with everything i do or put into my body i have to check how it affects me. Maybe if i can find some patterns and adjust to these then my symptoms will calm down again to the way it was.
  20. I think there's a cure, it's just a matter or where it exists and when it will be discovered. Who knows, it might already have been discovered. With how much emphasis there is on brain research these days I wouldn't be surprised if it's sooner than most expect. Some of the stories Stamets tells in the interview above are just mind blowing. He's talking about totally curing chronic stuttering, hearing loss and other brain disorders by even a single serving of psilocybin mushrooms. Obviously that doesn't seem like a great idea for us, but perhaps there's something to it. Again, I think a huge problem is that many of the drugs we've taken to end up with HPPD are extremely low quality and likely entirely removed from how they'd be found in the wild. I imagine the sorts of mushrooms Stamets takes are vastly different in makeup and effects.
  21. Hi Johan. When I was first struggling with this disorder I attributed anything and everything as a trigger. Over time I realized that the stress of thinking about some medication, food, or activity was actually the culprit. There certainly are some foods and medications that can cause issues but these generally contain something like cafeine, dxm, nicotine, or a heap of sugar. Everyone is different though. The fact that you're here and the fact that you want to be well and move forward with your life are excellent first steps. There are some in here who have recovered. There are others, like me, who have adapted. Life with hppd can be productive and wonderful. I mean that. Hang in there.
  22. It was an indication strain, I just think I've got hppd too severely to do any kind of drug again.
  23. Thnx for the reply’s. I just took my 2nd amoxicilline and i did notice that i got some more symptoms that i didn’t experience before but thats also what happened the past week without the antibiotics so it’s hard to tell. My finger really hurts so for now i will continue and if things will become unbearable i will call my doctor. I also plan on stopping the clonidine as i think it makes my visuals worse and i want them to get less, and i don’t want 3 different types of meds in my system haha. I hope i can manage it without the med. If not, then i have some good old benzo’s but i dont’t want to take them too often and risk getting dependent. Melatonin for sleep seems to work good for now.
  24. Hi Jay1, amoxicillin made me really insane. I could say now I'm good. Not dp/dr, only afterimages if I remember it. I took one pill last year and that sent me to the start of my hppd, start to the fucking hell again. Took almost 1/2 year to feel as I feeling right now. Only my two cents, obviously each person reacts differently.
  25. Very cool, thanks. One of my friends does a foraging tour around our local forest and woodland, he knows all the wild mushrooms to pick and eat, so I might have to get stocked up from mother nature and see if any help. When I got to my 20 year hppd mark, I actually threw caution to the wind and tried an amanita muscaria in hope that it could fight fire with fire... Even that seemed to have a sort of reset effect on my mind (Note, I am 100% not recommending anyone try it). I would not be at all surprised if a legit cure was out there in the wild for us, in some deep dark rain forest.
  26. Here's a great article about Lion's Mane and neurogenesis:
  27. Sounds like there's quite a bit. The above interview is pretty enlightening in this regard. I know Lion's Mane and Reishi fall under this category and have been utilized by members of this community. Cordyceps, Chaga and Turkey Tail are also pretty popular. The product I link to above has most of these, including cacao and cinnamon which in small doses are great for the brain as well. As I mentioned, I've felt really good on this mix despite being basically allergic to caffeine due to HPPD. I think being able to control the dose, given it comes in powder form, has been beneficial with regards to symptoms. The real kicker in neurogenesis, and the irony given our situation, is psilocybin. This is the compound that apparently has the potential to spur growth of new neurons in the limbic system, especially with regards to 5-HT2A receptors, both of which are areas suspected of being faulty in HPPD. Although I'm never going to do drugs again I'm starting to come around to the idea that a large reason many of us are where we are is not entirely due to the drugs themselves (although in many cases, such as mine, that's certainly a large aspect of it), but rather the amount of the drugs we took or the amount of anxiety we had during or before the drug that paved the way for HPPD. This is why I don't think I'm entirely opposed to some members of the HPPD community attempting to explore psilocybin in microdoses under the supervision of medical professionals if all other options in coping with HPPD have been exhausted. If the mushrooms are pure and well taken care of, grown under proper organic circumstances and administered in such small doses as to not cause additional damage, I think it's certainly something to consider. We've all read stories here and on other sites about people who've taken additional psychedelics that have "cured" them. I've always been dubious about these reports, but perhaps there's some validity to what they're experiencing.
  28. Are there any particular mushrooms that are renowned for their regeneration benefits?
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