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Found 1 result

  1. So this is an aspect of the disorder that interests me quite a bit. Often while reading a wall of text for class I see a lot of broken patterns all over the place, wether intentional or not. Now it was first after reading about it here I started noticing it and now it´s like an optical illusion I can´t "unsee". Just asked my roomie about this and had him look on a particular page. Interestingly enough he saw the exact same "patterns" as me, even to an larger extent. Of course he´s now going to forget about it in five minutes and probably never give it a second thought. This is one of the reasons I regret ever looking up anything about HPPD as I feel some of the things are psychosomatic rather than actual symptoms such as e.g. visual snow, floaters etc. IMO this might be caused by hyperawareness, which most of us likely suffer from (perhaps due to practice from DP/DR realm lol), rather than a brain malfunctioning in the pattern-forming area. I could of course be wrong, but I´m interested in what you guys´ thoughts on this are. Maybe the title should be "hyperawareness" because I´d like to mention another similar thing that happened to me, in regards to hyper-awareness, when I suddenly wasn´t able to NOT notice every time they cut a scene in a movie. This frustrated me greatly until recently when I stopped caring and now it´s not an issue anymore. Guess it could be some weird form of OCD and the key is learning to redirect focus and not give it too much thought. Third thing is what I call nose-filtering problem. After reading about this particular symptom somewhere I had again trouble "unseeing" my nose for some time which made me anxious. Of course it´s very noticeable again when writing about it but I´ll forget about it in a bit. And finally, I think this could explain my inability to rid myself completely of DP/DR. Often these sensations are induced from a panic attack, at least that´s what happened in my case (caused by reading about HPPD after noticing visual snow almost a year after last trip). Got super freaked out because I tried constantly to "snap out of it" which further exacerbated it. Thinking of it, I experienced weird sensations of unreality and whatnot a couple of times growing up but they disappeared as I got occupied by something else (like securing Pokemon cards from being stolen by the ruthless thieves of elementary school ). Could all this simply be caused by hyperawareness or some malfunctioning in the fight or flight response? Sorry if this thread is just a incoherent mess, but it´s hard to wrap my head around this stuff as neither psychology, neurology or any of the fields useful in explaining this are my expertise (political science major..). Any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Edit: Changed title, elaborated on personal experiences and provided amateurish theories