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Found 16 results

  1. So i smoked weed 10 times No other drugs. But dont know if i have hppd. my symptoms are. I have breathing walls but only when i Think alot about it. And i Feel dizzy AS if im on a boat. And some vertigo. And some afterimages. Visual snow. And alot of dpdr. And alitle tracers but that are my only symptoms. My doc says it probably just was the dpdr Doing it. But i kep beeing affraid that i have hppd.... DO I? The dpdr is 24/7 but the visuals are only realy there when i Think about it. Will i be normal again or Can i be stück with this im only 14 years old
  2. So I took lsd around 6 months ago. I realized I had hppd a couple weeks after, with some anxiety tied in there. I kept smoking weed and my visual snow and stuff got worse so I've quit all drugs except for nicotine and have been this way for 3 months. But ever since I took the acid, everything looks kind of different. Like everything looks kind of surreal, and colors are kinda brighter, and I'm always spaced out. I don't feel as if I'm completely in a dream or anything, but it's just the feeling that everything looks kinda "off" and something is slightly different. And when I'm in crowds, sometimes the collection of peoples voices will sound different than it used to. Is this de realization that is just a part of my hppd and slight anxiety, or what? And also, should I quit the nicotine to see if my visuals get better?
  3. I don't really know where to start and I'm not sure how long this is going to be so I apologise in advance lol. So I'll start at the beginning, I'm 19 and I've tried LSD 5 times in the past year. I first tried it with some family members as I had red ALOT on lsd. I've always wanted to know what I was getting into before I tried a drug (I've only actually smoked weed and done lsd). The experience was amazing, noting crazy but just chilled. I did this 3 more times with mates instead and they were all great as well, no HPPD at this point, until early October last year. I took a 120ug with some friends, nothing crazy happened and was actually a bit of a let down, so I managed to cut another tab into 4 (me and 3 others taking it). Nothing, so we met a friend to smoke a spliff as I heard it can kickstart a trip. That's when things went really, really bad for me. I started tripping like crazy and got really scared really fast. I'd red on what to do when going into a bad trip but all my knowledge at that point in time went straight out the window. It wasn't the actual visuals that freaked me out, it was a seriously intense fear of everything. I was generally petrified and thought my body was shutting down and I was going to die. I didn't even want to go to sleep (this went on till 4am) , the visuals were VERY intense though, swirls and some serious colour over my vision, I could barely walk, this went on for 6 hours but felt like a week. Worst experience of my life. After the bad trip that's when I started to notice changes in my vision and perception. I get halos, trails in lights, light burns on my vision and my general perception feels slightly off most of the time. I feel it comes In waves, when I'm distracted or with people/friends I don't tend to get the discontinued feeling or perception changes, but when I'm working or chilling by myself, I'm more aware of it. I've red so much on how long hppd can last and have not plucked up the courage to share my story to the community for advice until now. I sometimes go into an anxious mood and it's a slight feeling of what I had on the bad trip. I'm guessing my anxiety is tied with it so it relates back to it whenever I'm feeling anxious? If someone could confirm that, that would be good. I've got friends who want to smoke weed in the summer with me and I said I'd wait at least 8-9 months before trying a joint again. Do you guys think it's a good idea or what I should do. Honestly any advice on anything I've said would really help, or any comment on it at all. If you've red this far I really appreciate you for checking my story out, look forward to seeing some replies
  4. Hey everyone, Background (you can skip this part) Been viewing from afar for a couple of months but now i could do with a couple of tips. Jay by the way, read a few of your posts, seem like a great guy and a musician! I have some of the normal but distressing symptoms, Light sensitivity is one that right now isn't nice, but from a post i've read it seems I have mild HPPD in comparison to some, so really don't want to come on here complaining. Weird thing is I did not get this from a drug I took for fun, but it's not important. Cards been dealt. It took 2 months but I think I've forgave myself, which by the way if you are reading this, have a think, guilt i've learnt from past experiences is soul destroying, forgive yourself. TL/DR: The reason I am writing is, I am a sound engineer and a drummer and right now it's impossible, especially mixing. Music is all I know, although sounds flat again. LAME, anyway... i've had a constant headache now for 6 weeks and getting worse daily, tried various combo's of Naproxen, Metoclopramide, Ibuprofen, Clonazepam, Codeine, Migraleve, Magnesium, but it just won't go away. It's always there, seems like a tension headache with the neck pain etc....This might be old news, but could not find much on the search with any advice, maybe there isn't any. Even a combo that would allow me to mix for a few hours would be a god send in a studio environment, change of job might be the life turn I need, who knows. This coupled with the fact my ears rattle and can hear fluid in both, so sensitive to noise, which as a sound engineer who works in arenas this might be game over (for a while! confident that the ears will have to get use to it's new loudness or tone themselves down again...wishful thinking) ANY advice welcome, much love. CK
  5. Hello. I wanted some advice to see if what I am experiencing is HPPD. Little bit of background, I did lsd almost 2 years ago. I only did it once and I always feel like such an idiot for doing it. I didn't even want to, but all of my friends peer pressured me into doing it and after awhile I finally caved in. (Not friends with them anymore.) Anyway, that was in about March/April of 2015. I felt fine, didn't have any symptoms that I know of. A few months later I got on heavy medicine for arthritis and then I had wisdom teeth surgery and that's when I started feeling weird. (Just lazy mostly, and anxious) I asked my brother and he told me about hppd, I read the symptoms and I remember saying "no way I don't have any of that". Later in the year (while taking 2 medicines for my arthritis I developed a ringing in my ear, a symptom of the medicine). My medicine also made me never hungry and I lost 30 pounds in just a few months! (Went to docs and they just kept me on) So then later about February of 2016 my brother and I were talking and this topic came up. I began freaking out and couldn't believe I ever did a drug. I started seeing static vision after rereading the symptoms. Then I had the worse week of my life to date: two people I cared about died in less than a week apart. I was in school so I couldn't leave, but my family left for one of the funerals states away. I was all alone and my anxiety got to extreme levels. I couldn't eat, and I kept throwing up. I took myself to the doctor and my blood pressure was so high she immediately put me on anxiety medicine. After a week on it, my eyes seemed to have gotten more sensitive to light. If I was exposed to super bright light for a long time I saw kind of like circles going into the center. I immediately got off that medicine but this weird thing kept going for awhile. It can still sometimes happen if it's super bright or I'm very very stressed (plus brightness). This was a year later. 2016 was so bad for me because I really believe my anxiety started giving me symptoms. I got off one of the medicines and my eyes and ears felt so much better. However, it is still slightly there. (And I'm still on one of the medicines). My current symptoms are: static vision only when looking at weird patterns or darkness, light sensitivity (plus the weird circle thing which only happens when bright), and in certain lighting I will see like hand trails in my peripheral vision, (I'm super pale, so only like with a dark background, not any colors, just like my skin tone) and eye floaters. However, I have asked my dad and he also has a hard time seeing certain patterns and a lot of people in my family see floaters. I also have always had bigger pupils and my eye doctor always has told me I had sensitive eyes. None of these symptoms started until a year after I took lsd and I had been on three different heavy medications. I feel a lot better today and the topic doesn't scare me as much, but do you think these lasting symptoms are from taking lsd once before? Or do you think it is because of the medicine I am on? (Which includes symptoms such as light sensitivity, dizziness, halos, blurry vision). Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure I included all the details! Thank you in advance. Also any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I've had hppd for a year now and it has completely ruined my life, I'm always either paranoid/depressed and about 5 months after getting hppd I got social anxiety. I have bad visual snow and everything in my vision looks weirdly outlined?! Nobody believes me and my whole life basically feels like a trip? I haven't done any acid but I still smoke weed everyday but it's basically the only thing that keeps me sane lol I have no idea what to do with myself and half of the time I'm thinking whether my life is worth living anymore, anybody else get any of the same shit happen? How long have you guys had it and do you know anyone that's actually fully recovered from this or are we all fucked?
  7. For the first couple years I jumped around to different doctors. No one had answers. After all this time I finally got the courage to google it. I can't beleive a lot of answers were so close this whole time. Ive been on Effexor now for more years then I can remember. It barely keeps me afloat. Ive been reading these pages all day and keep hearing about Kepra. I made a doctors appointment. Any advice about dosage or combinations would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I would like to propose the idea that if we start a live discussion board that is always online and any user can use at anytime when they start to panic or need comfort in dealing with hppd then maybe, that's the cure we need. I feel as if we are these innocent victims who need comfort from one another because honestly, I don't think anyone gets us and who better then The very same people who suffer from this to get support. Because obviously something went wron with our trips and i believe now is the time to make things right.
  9. hello my name is martin 32 years old i tuk some lsd 24 oktober, and now i can t feel my emotions Does anyone know the symptoms?
  10. Hello all, I'm not 100% sure if i have hppd or visual snow. I tripped 8/9 months ago and only developed full symptoms two months ago. Ever since the trip +2weeks I have had constant Scheerer's Phenomenon which is when you see the moving sparkles and translucent floaters in the sky and on light bright objects. This is by far my most irritating symptom. Since mid September i have also suffered from DP/DR (though this has gotten a lot better), visual snow, after images, more persistent floaters, and double vision often when on phone/trying to read. I believed i had hppd in the beginning but I have also looked into visual snow and realised that sufferers of visual snow sometimes also have the extra symptoms i describe. Is like to ask if i have hppd or visual snow syndrome? And can visual snow syndrome be caused by drugs or is it random?
  11. hey guys, im new here, so i have been suffering from this thing for about 2 months now, but i actually don't know what it is ? whether DP/DR ? or HPPD ? or something else. i got all this from smoking weed, out of a printing paper (A4). havent touched LSD, MDMA etc ever. ohh!, and i never had that 'i am going to die feeling, when i was high'. and i believe i have a bit of social anxiety. i'm a 22 year old male, with no history of mental illnesses. here is what i have:- visual snow (mostly in darkness and dim lights) very sensitive to all kinds of light. (even sunlight) very intense migrainous headaches at the base of skull slight halos around streetlights, and starbursts from distant lights. only negative afterimages faint ringing in ears, ear pain and popping in the right ear from time to time some sounds feel amplified floaters in white backgrounds changed visual perception the vision where u feel ur still high, or stoned. (is this derealization ?) anxiety (along with the 1001 symptoms that come with it) a strange thing which occurs to me is that, i see streaking/starbursting on lights which are far away, but if the same light source comes close, the streaking goes away! here is what i don't have:- trails/tracers blue field entoptic phenomena colour confusion movement in objects and walls geometric patterns size distortions i saw, both eye doctors and neurologists, got an MRI scan, and everything seems to be normal, according to the doctors! i've yet to see a mental doctor. i got prescribed klonopin, took it a few times, for me it doesn't do much, other than making me sleepy. sorry for making such a long post. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. Hey HPPD world, I see a lot of inspirational and interesting perspectives on this strange and mysterious curveball that life has thrown us all. and that curveball is of course HPPD. and i would like to share with you all the single most important thing that i have discovered since becoming a member of the 'club' so to speak. HPPD has IMPROVED my life... allow me to explain. i developed hppd in my senior year in high school 2008 in honolulu,hawaii i was an average student b's and c's. i was on the golf, and canoe paddling team. i surfed and fished a lot, and once a month i would go on what me and my friends called a 'vision quest' we would take acid and go body surfing and downhill skating throughout the island. we had been doing these vision quests since we were 14 and never once had an issue. i wont go into detail but needless to say i got a little adventurous on one occasion, i doubled my usual dose and i had a rather unpleasant experience that landed me in the hospital. now before this incident occurred i was pretty damn content with my mediocre life. i was going to become a golf instructor and live out my days in mediocrity..... the first year of hppd was the worst. i kept it totally to myself, i didnt research it because i thought i might find out that i had become schizophrenic. i thought to myself 'any day now and ill start hearing voices' 'ill start hallucinating' i was buying xanax off the internet from mexico and had become a recluse and completely addicted to sedatives. it wasnt til after an especially difficult week in witch i was suffering 4 or 5 major league panic attacks a day that i decided to fix this broken state of mind that i had surrendered to. i found a psychiatrist in waikiki who specialized in anxiety, it was here that i learned that i was suffering from what he called 'hallucinogen induced anxiety' he told me the best way to deal with it was to be as structured, organized, and goal oriented as i possibly could be. so i wrote down a list of goals, i wrote down a daily schedule that i vowed to follow, and i became the neatest neat freak i know. it wasnt easy but i started seeing results immediately, it seemed that the harder i worked the better i felt. the more disciplined i became the less 'weird' i felt. i started lifting weights and the more sculpted my muscles became, the saner i felt. i started sleeping no less that 8 to 9 hours a night going to bed and waking up at the same time every single day. i cut out unhealthy unatural foods from my diet. etc. i was seeing results but i didnt feel cured so to speak. i noticed that i felt at my most vulnerable during idle periods of my day. moments where i had nothing to do. so at this realization i decided to COMPLETLEY fill my schedule. i became a productivity and time managment guru, i took up Brazilian jiu jitsu, i started going to college part time then eventually full time, i took extra shifts, i took up playing pool. i surfed more, i hiked more. i entered into amateur bodybuilding competitions. spearfishing tournaments. 5ks, 10ks. i became obsessed with getting good grades. anything i wanted to do i just committed my self to doing it, and i just DID IT!!! the point is...the more i accomplished the better i felt, i became addicted to succeeding at things. and today i have 2 more semesters of school in wich i am majoring in bio-chemistry i have begun the application process for medical school, i did well on my mcats and i will most likely be attending an off shore osteopathic medical school in the Caribbean. i know for sure 100% that if not for HPPD i would be smoking weed all day, eating fried foods and teaching old ladys and 12 year old boys how to hit a 3 wood from the fairway. so if you don't like how you feel, if your current state of consciousness feels 'icky' and strange, i promise you that deep within yourself lies the key to peace of mind. and for me it was becoming the hero of my own movie.
  13. Hi everyone, first time poster I have had severe HPPD and DP/DR for 3 years now, I am seeing a new psychiatrist who wishes to to try an older class of Antidepressant, specifically the TCA clomipramine. The SSRI lexapro was also something she was willing to consider. I have tried Keppra, clonazepam, sinemet and xanax. The only drug that worked was xanax but it made my visuals 10 times worse after I went through withdrawl. I am extremely sensitive to these medications and I was really hoping someone could give some insight on the aforementioned TCA's and SSRI'S. Out of my visual symptoms I have visual snow and incredibly severe palinopsia to the point that peoples faces after I look at them will have a very detailed after image when I look away. This goes for anything I look at. It all started from a bad trip 3 years ago, it was not my first trip, and I had taken dmt and mushrooms in the months leading up to it. No doctor in Australia will prescribe someone long term benzos (they are all very benzophobic down here) so this is my last chance with medication, I just dont want to make it any worse, if that happens I wont find any reason to live. cheers J
  14. Hi, My name is Deborah, I'm 32, and from The Netherlands. (feels like AA typing this ) I was a recreational drug user for quite a few years MDMA and Speed, and noticed the MDMA drug effects were getting less and less pleasant over the last year or so. I had quite some traumatic experiences on MDMA, like my gf passing out and thinking she was gonna die, or her going into a major k-hole I thought she was never gonna come out of. A week later I took some speed, stayed up 3 nights and got to a point where I was almost passing out all day and had heart palpitations (and a doctor telling me I was just having anxiety issues). I felt fine again after some good night's sleep. A week later I had another speed binge, I stayed up 3 days and on the 3rd day the same thing happened.. althoug this time it stayed. Accompanied with a whole array of new symptoms: persistent anxiety, not being able to sleep, agitated, not being able to eat, buzzing in my head, almost like electric shocks, head aches, tinitus, ear aches, lack of balance, dr and dp to the max! Emotionless except for crying and the feeling of hopelesness. I sleep only 4 hours of scattered sleep a night and this is on sleeping pills. My body just doesn't seem to want to relax in any way shape or form. I forget stuff all the time, however I don't have any visual stuff, I have a foggy mind, like there's a cloud in my head which gets sp bad I forget what I'm doing and all stimuli makes it worse, this goes hand in hand with the sensation of not being balanced, although when I go to a doctor I can walk in a straight line. Sound and moving images make my head go even foggier, and I completely lose my shit when not on Clonazepam. With Clonazepam the fog and imbalance/buzzing feeling in my head kinda go away for a while and I feel semi-normal. They did a standard mri and an EEG (although I was on lorazepam at the time, and wasn't experiencing much of the fog) and they seemed fine. Since I don't have a clue what the hell is going on with me I went to the doctor's office quite a number of times, and they have now labeled me as a hypochondriac. A crisis shrink put me on anti-psychotics, which made EVERYTHING worse. Another shrink says it's an anxiety disorder. With the SSRI's I get so extremely agitated and I go through the roof, so I am scared of taking those again. Another doctor is convinced it's HPPD... The only thing I know is that the clonazepam kinda works until it wears off.. Can anyone tell me if this could be HPPD? Or did I mess something up with my neurotransmittersystems? My neurologist thinks it's psychological, and doesn't want to send me to a neuropsychologist, and my GP doesn't want to send me anywhere anymore since he thinks it's hypochondria. I could really use some help.. Love, Debs
  15. I'm going to tell a short version of my story and which symptoms I have experienced. But to begin with I have to say that my english maby isn't so good. I hope that someone have the time to read this because I really need to get help. I smoked some kind of spice (synthetic weed) 7 months ago. I had a bad trip that was horrible but after a couple of hours I went back to normal again. But then, 3 weeks later, I suddenly got a "flashback". It felt excactly like I was in the bad trip again and I got panic. But I went back to normal even after that. But then, when I woke up the next morning I had visual snow. I thought it was just some kind of hangover from the flashbacks first, but it went days and the visual snow did not disappear. Everything started to feel unreal, It felt like I was in a dream. That was the derealization. I also felt like I was losing myself, my memory was very bad and I felt a scary distance to my life I had before I took the drug. My feelings even felt unreal. I guess it was the depersonalization. I could not go out anymore because everytime I tried a got a panic attack because of all the symptoms. But I went to a doctor and she gave me some benzo and sent me away. But the benzo didn't help so I used Dr.Google instead and found HPPD. I felt like: This is it. This is the disorder that I have. I had at that point even started to have after images, floaters and trails. I tried to explain for the doctor what I thought, that I had HPPD. But she didn't knew what it was (I live in Sweden and it seems like not a single doctor knows what HPPD is here) Anyway, I was sent to many different doctors and they just say that everything was fine with me, they could not find some problem with me. This is a hell and if I have to live with this symptoms my hole life, No then I dont want to live. I cant do anything anymore. I cant go out, I cant even be in a light room without sunglasses. My life has falling apart and I have to get help soon. I have lived with this for 7 months and everyday is a fight for survival. So my questions to you: Is it someone out there who knows if spice can lead to HPPD? And do you believe that my symptoms is HPPD? Im completely sure of it but if someone outside could tell me what they think it had been very good. The doctors here in Sweden have nothing to say about it.
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