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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to look into this post i really do appreciate all of you. First things first: i am here only for the benifit of myself and others my story may help out of this state. So any replies stating that i am lying or innaccurate will be ignored. So here we go. I am a 17 year old who took some acid at the start of the year 2017 and experianced what one would call a mystical climax. In this climax i was givin the option to die. After minutes of reasoning i accepted, as my spirit guide during this trip made itself out to be god himself. He told me i can do anything i want and gave me a set of tasks to complete. Such as standing up in the middle of the room randomly and spittin some rhymes. Just this kind of thing to get me to realise anxiety is just a figment of my imagination. This worked and i have lived anxiety free half a year now. I can continyu oyn my success story for hours but thats not why im here. However back to the point of the article. After this trip conceded i had many visuals that always seem to hide when i look at them. But i can regain sight if i stare and basicly let me mind re create it. Because my trip was very spiritual i related all these visuals to a lesson or a mission.(as a acid trip usually has you do). By doing this i learned many things about myself concidering the fact that all my hollucinations wete a figment of my imagination and usually being created just to scare me. By knowing this you can do the unthinkable at the time. For example one of the most frightenin accurances for me is that my eyes will pick out the corners of every object makin the room look very 2d and knowing im the only one seeing it makes me feel alien. Since realising i have something to learn from this i just try to focus on knowledge rather then fear. Usually the effects concede at least 90%. During this time period i also took it upon myself to become religious again, yet i refused to join any religion and therfor created my own based on pesonal beleifs. From this i started meditating which led me to understanding fear and peace of mind on another level. Then when i could walk around my house without my attitude changing from a out of place flicker of light or a face seeming to appear or energy streaking behind my posters then honestly the ones i was scared of faded and the other ones just make me happy. Now my reason for posting this isnt to brag or even to tell you guys how to cure yourselves of thisdisorder.(althouh i wish the best to all of you). I would just like a few opinions on whether or not my symptoms are actually hppd. Although i have "worked my way out of it" this was nothing like an acid come down and has lasted 5 months.i need this help because as i said i have been using these little distortions as hints to what i am afraid of and what i need to do next. Takes the term talking to the walls to truth. The weird thing is that so far i have become mote calm faithful and willing to help, at the same time as keeping my passion for success. I just need to know im not "disassociating with the world". Which is what a sycopath does apparently.and hppd sure makes ya feel like a sycho. And i dont wanna be sitting here saying im enlightened when im actually more crazy then the average person.