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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody! I'm verry glad to see this forum finally being active again. I have tried to register for months but never got a confirmation email untill now. But what i would like to talk about is deep brain stimulation. I know brain surgery sounds scary and risky at first. But after testing a bunch of different anti-seizure medications i'm absolutely sure our visual disturbances is related to constant overactivity in our visual cortex. I have also been talking to people recently that have done neurofeedback and i know one guy in particular that's after his sessions have been completely symtom free after some of his sessions. I would like to compare deep brain stimulation as a permanent neurofeedback session but with more accuracy and better chances of being permanent cured. I've gonna suggest this to my neuro in the following weeks and see what he has to say. I'm currently doing bunch of brain scans. And if we are able to find the exact area to cut i would do the treatment in a hearthbeat. I know this have been discussed before on this forum but a long time ago. What are your thoughts now? Do you see this as a solution to this hell? I'm verry intressed about hearing what other people think. All the best//Gustav