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  1. Everything in our universe is quite simple, Push/pull concept, up down black white red blue north pole south pole day night sun black hole etc etc etc... well with our receptors its the same concept, agonist inverse agonist, I was thinking that maybe these very potent agonist of the 5ht2a receptors cause such an extreme push that things become out of balance, just like if you decreased suns gravity the earth would fall away, maybe we can utilize inverse 5ht2a agonists to accomplish the rebalancing of our receptors. unfortunately these dont exist that are on the market today, only in clinical trials, for the treatment of insomnia. Anyone have any ideas? Update: Full documentation of this disease can be found on page 24 post #478
  2. Heres a Danish study that did tests on 400 different people, 154 complained about long term problems years later. AKA HPPD sufferers. Some even committed suicide. And they lean toward potential neurotoxicity. "two-thirds of the patients had flashbacks." http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0957154X16629902
  3. Haha, no not that long. Some may be pertaining to medicine. Ill see what I have when I have time.
  4. Interesting. I may have some old German manuscripts that maybe you could help me understand? Might, its been a long time since I've looked at my non english stuff.
  5. Most logical answer
  6. Thats so weird, coffee wrecks me. Did you get your MRI results back yet?
  7. Mgrade, nice to see you back.
  8. Yes please do! You can read German??
  9. Yah give a try and see what happens. The actual optic nerve itself probably has little to nothing to dow it’s HPPD though.
  10. what about coffee?
  11. Cool, they make mine terribly worse.
  12. I couldn't see it having any long term negative effect, if anything the only potential I see is it having a stimulant effect that might exasperate your symptoms.
  13. I haven't really tried CoQ10. I would be surprised if it helps, but really you never know. Vitamin D I know makes mine slightly worse if I drink to much Vitamin D milk. If you try the CoQ10 just start with like a quarter dose and work your way up. Never know what things are going to do.
  14. Holy shit! This is an amazing find! Good post thats super weird. Im curious how the testing actually goes, like how this doctor tested these levels?
  15. Yup! Well said! Thank you dayum_son.
  16. I like how you apologize for you behavior, but then continue to berate me, you just cant help it can you? lmao
  17. Show me where I implicated that. You did implicate that, "You don't have brain damage. You have anxiety." - TheMythos, anxiety is a predominate term used in medicine to distinguish a psychological issue, not physiological. Not only did you state its a non physiological problem, but you also promoted not addressing the physiological issue for a cure, which like I said, if it were cancer patients they would still die. Thus, HPPD victims, will still suffer even if they take your advice. So you have accomplished literally nothing. Nor do I ever expect you to. I dont claim to be a neuroscientist. Maybe they look up to me because im a contributing and progressive member of these forums, Something I STRONGLY recommend you take note of. I dont know if you have noticed, but I have 6 years and 28 pages worth of pure research, and honestly I've easily taken it farther that anyone I have seen. What have you done? Nothing? Ok then shut your ugly ass face up and learn. As of right now there is NOTHING that can be done for HPPD aside from benzos and time, so I dont see what your argument is about that persons post. I probably said there will definitely be recovery, honestly you just sound REALLY mad because I showed that your theories are not backed by and actual science and that you clearly dont understand the studies you are reading, which is true, so I dont know why youre getting so upset. If you would like to see what mine are backed by, read all 28 of these pages, thats my proof. You have literally none, You sound like a whiny bitch. You clearly have psychological imbalances. Character assassination? LMAO yah dude its a huge scheme to take you down bro. PS the CIA called and were asking questions about you. And theres a camera in your stereo.... If you believe its neuronal thats brain damage. What else could it be, somewhere there was a physiological change in the neuronal networking and function of the brain, thats not "anxiety". Is it neuronal loss, I dont know, I never said I know for sure, but I decided to conclude that it is most likely the case, whether it be axonal or neuronal. You have literally some of the worst reading comprehension I have ever seen. Please take more time trying to understand the information that you are taking in. Your wasting everyones time here. Honestly at this point Im not going to continue to argue with you. If you have something to actually contribute, to help members here and HPPD sufferers, please post, but so far is all you have done, still, is degrade and berate people. You have literally ZERO value. Youre a worthless member of society.
  18. Was that supposed to be clever? Im not impressed. You're trying though. Soon youll be able to read. 🤣 I am a dude, bro.
  19. Ok.... then why are you reading it???
  20. I think you started with "go fuck yourself". Im amazed at ALL the proof you have to show that I have nothing, That was really convincing.
  21. Again your comprehension fails you, no surprise, I never said PTSD wasn't a real disorder. Honestly can you even read?? Are you Helen Keller?
  22. My favorite part about these responses is you just berate everyone, but then completely fail to back ANYTHING you said or cover the flaws that were mentioned of your ridiculous theories. LMAO. Also you poor comprehension is extremely evident in most of what you say. To be completely honest, you haven't done a single thing productive in the research for HPPD, so you have literally no room to talk. Im easily aeons beyond you in understanding, you cant even see the flaws in your own reasoning, I dont think you can even see past your nose frankly. Based on everything you have had to say here, and your extremely negative derogatory and degenerative attitude, I dont think anyone appreciates you here on this forum. I can debase all the points you said easily, too easily, but I can tell you wont comprehend any of it, so I wont be wasting my time, I think the other members are fairly intelligent enough to see it for themselves. Especially the ones who actually make a progressive effort in trying to cure the disease, instead of ignoring it(lmao). Basically what im trying to say is, your words here are completely worthless. PS. Oh noes i got the HPPD cause brain OVERHEATED hahahahha I know for certain that with your hands, we will never see a cure. Your next thread will probably be "Hey guys i ate baking soda last night I think im cured!" You have literally nothing to offer here.
  23. The only people suffering on this forum are the ones forced to look at your avi 🤣
  24. Demylination shows up as white matter lesions, that would be classified as reversible. Neuronal loss is considered non reversible, but there is potential by finding something that stimulates neurogenesis. Long distance axonal loss is considered non reversible, and most likely non recoverable even with possible neurogenesis techniques if they were found.
  25. Its a possibility, brain lesions on MRIs are simply... neuronal or axon damage/loss, which if its the case here is most likely to do with excitotoxicity. There supposedly is never anything that shows up on HPPD MRIs, but honestly a few members here have reported microlesions.