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  1. i saw that, llooked interesting. I had bad brain fog before i tried shrooms and got hppd. Not sure what caused brain fog or whether it predisposed me to hppd but one thought was that it started around the time of tb jab so possibly immune related.
  2. Yeah tmg seems to have a very significant mood enhancing effect. Cheap too.
  3. trimethylglycine is another methylator to consider. I think it also improves my mood.
  4. someone (jay?) previously suggested a hppd dating site called tee hee.
  5. have you tried benfotiamine, which is meant to raise thiamine pyrophosphate levels, and is a bit cheaper, and has some other benefits?
  6. i tried citrulline. Made me depressed.
  7. nac sorted my anxiety. Worth an £8 punt. Take a heaped teaspoon and see what happens. If not it sounds like you may need to ditch the testosterone, or try natural ways of increasing it- high intensity exercise, sex, and various supps .
  8. anyone tried it? Quackery? Worth a try?
  9. or indeed i may have a mild allergy to some protein like gluten or something which serrapeptase helps break down
  10. my pills are quite strong, maybe yours are weaker? Or given that ibuprofen makes me perk up suggests i may have an inflammatory issue, which if you dont have then an anti inflammatory like serrapeptase wouldnt do much.
  11. thanks, i'll keep an ear out for it. I read syntheso benefitted from it. I do get very great benefit from supps for the secondary effects of hppd (anxiety, low mood, brain fog, fatigue).
  12. actually having said that i think i may have lost some sensitivity to it, so will give it a break for a few days, use ibuprofen to bridge the gap.
  13. just bought this: however, bear with me for any results cos it needs to be imported across the atlantic