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  1. My dude, life is full of shit. You're young, we're young. Take some time for yourself dude, if you're in school take a year off. Try to take out as much stress as you can. Everyone here has felt the same as you, varying degrees obviously. One thing that ducks people over is lack of research. My sister does everything, coke, Molly, shrooms, lean. She is angry all the time, never seems happy. She ducked up her brain, you're still salvageable. Stop all substances, do some Exercise. I haven't changed my diet but it helps for other people. Keep yourself busy. Much love Originally
  2. I feel like the replies he wanted weren't the ones he got, he was expecting sympathy but got advice. I feel you dude and if you read this, just know when I don't sleep, I imagine noises when I try to sleep. So visual to auditory, big difference but I relate.
  3. Exercise helps me, I love going to the gym and hitting the bags. Gets frustration out and it feels good. If you don't have the money for a membership try cardio. Both great for the mind and body
  4. So I took acid twice like 4 months before school was over, I had no residual effects and lived my life as normal. On June 2nd I went to a friend's house, it was his birthday. We all brought weed, I brought 2g's my friend did the same. We smoked a duck ton, around 6 grams. That whole time I didn't have visuals, I was chilling. This was like a month after taking lsd, no visuals in that time frame. After that night I woke up, grabbed the bubbler and smoked 2 bowls. I went home and that day was weird. I felt it the whole day, 8am to 1am. I was on my computer for a few hours that day, when I got off I had a massive black rectangle in my vision. Black as hell, I didn't know what was happening. I didn't know what it was. I think I got hppd from weed and not lsd. Now my symptoms are better, I notice them like 3-5 times a day. Things are good, just don't feel like myself, cloudy brain. Thanks for reading, I just had a massive realisation. Replies much appreciated
  5. Yeah @TheMythos the title is like, "shooms cured my hppd"
  6. Hey y'all, getting sick and my right ear is muffled and I'm hearing a constant ringing in it. My left ear is completely fine but my right ear is having a really loud ringing. I've always had tinnitus and I didn't pay attention to it, the whole, "obsess over it and it'll be stronger." But my right ear is a constant ringing even when I'm not paying attention to it. Gonna see a doc and I wanted to know if antibiotics effect any of you for the worse symptom wise? night before I had the ringing I was in a very loud room, music blasting. When I would step out I could barely hear, like a grenade went off near my ear. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you if you reply
  7. Drug induced dp happens. Just gotta tough it. I personally don't struggle with dp much. Just visuals are annoying.
  8. If you guys know Ethan klien from h3h3 he's had wild anxiety ever since high school, he felt depersonalized through college and life. Same with boogie, he's had dp ever since he had a near death experience. Just know you guys are fine, it's just anxiety.
  9. Interesting experience last night, I went to my cousins wedding. (Really nice to see the family) the day went on and I didn't think about hppd at all. At the end of the night I was sober and hungry. They had mash potatoes and chicken, since I forgot about the whole night shades being psychoactive to us I took a nice plate of that. I ate it all and maybe 15 minutes later I was experiencing a whole body and mind high. My thoughts weren't cloudy but my body felt heavy. I felt like I was drunk and high. I came home and lied down, when I moved it felt as if I had roots in my bed. I felt sluggish and heavy. I fell asleep, while imagining conversations, and now its 4:31 pm. Weird experience. @Jay1
  10. I love this thread I made, newcomers talking to newcomers.
  11. Been off the site for awhile, feels good to be off this site. This site really isn't good for me, I think about this site every so often with resent. It helped in the beginning, then anecdotal reports make me feel like it'll happen to me. I've been doing better, sleeping is a struggle. Been going to sleep 5-8am and waking up at 5pm. (Not good.) My cevs feel like a light lsd trip, in the dark I see shit also. Days have been flying by, just sorta going with the flow. It's been nearly 2 months since I've got this over arching curse. How's everyone else doing? Would love to know. I stay off this site so if I reply late I'm sorry, Much love. -Andrew
  12. i might try this tonight, we'll see what happens. usually when i'm tired i become more disassociated
  13. damn, i feel kinda the same. but my suffrage is small. I feel disconnected and kinda lost. Days go by fast and i'm kinda waltzing through everything rn. I'm on summer break so a stress-free environment is really good for me. But i do tend to forget things in the short term like, thinking i need water for the gym, i forget about it and by the time i'm at the gym i remember i needed water. Things are different but we gotta live with it. Best of luck to you
  14. So I was wondering, when people get sick do they just tough it out or do they take medicine? Could dex or benadryl/ other common house held items that can be abused make people's symptoms worse? Also inhalents, makes things worse?
  15. Last night right when i was in the middle of consciousness and unconsciousness i heard a loud knocking. The thing is though it sounded like i imagined it. Sounded like it was right next to me, like in my ears. I woke up abruptly obviously, i stayed awake for maybe 15 minutes being paranoid then i went back to sleep with no trouble. I've been having this problem for maybe a month and a half where i would imagine noises, random songs, words or things relevant to what i am thinking. This only happens when my mind is at ease and i'm about to fall asleep. They just sound so real, feel like i'm, becoming a schizo* or some shit.