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  1. Current symptoms Static, barely noticeable Imprints of bright lights Cevs My vision seems shittier at long distance Minor dp sometimes Symptoms that have subsided Trails Halos Also the slight flashing in my peripheral Majority of my anxiety is gone, still get little episodes Things are better right now. Also @Cjb007 when I do that my hands heat up cause of the friction then they feel kinda tingly. Other than that I'm good.
  2. I do think I have mild dp, feeling kinda down and not in the present. Hard to multitask at all.
  3. Last night I was tired physically both cause I went to the gym and did cardio and it was late. I felt like I didn't know what I was doing, felt like I wasn't in the moment. And my visuals were more pronounced, probably because of the fatigue. I notice when I'm tired my visuals flare up a bit more. Life's been good so far though.
  4. Thanks for the response Jay, the thing where I imagine noises is gone, I get slight static when I look at shadows and trees. Things do feel better, it's just my anxiety about it. But your words are encouragement, one weird thing though is I feel my memory, short term is way shittier than before. Also I feel less cognitive, idk. I can hold "intellectual" conversations with any individual but I feel disconnected, maybe minor dp. But thank you for the reply and I'll continue to see what happens @Jay1
  5. Not for awhile, Forever. Too scared to touch drugs now. I'm just gonna try my best to have minor symptoms that I grow up with. I love smoking weed, I just can't anymore, especially if I want to be 90% recovered. Even now my symptoms are super minor, I noticed them but they're nothing strong.
  6. Hey guys, gonna be going to the gym today. I smoked weed Friday after I came back from the gym, so after I smoked I had the whole 9 yards of visuals and anxiety. I'll see if my symptoms get worse at the gym. Well see how it goes.
  7. Do you think peoples hppd could get worse if they are put under anesthesia? just wondering
  8. Thanks for all the tips, I'll definitely try these. Since I'm going into my junior year and it's gonna be filled with stress.Gonna be taking 2 ap's, sat's and what not. Currently I'm pretty stress free, just the constant anxiety. After some deep breaths and talking to people I feel better. Yesterday at the party I mentioned above, it was so hard not to drink when drinks are constantly being offered to you. My friend got lit though, just gotta take day by day. Thanks for all the advice y'all. <3
  9. Might be, still knew to it so I can't tell you if it is hppd or not. Sounds like it though. Your symptoms match mine a bit, everyone is different.
  10. I've got cevs then, they don't bother me too much. It's just the anxiety, also the good thing is I only see visuals if I seek them out. It's just something I'm gonna have to learn to deal with it and move on. My memory is a little hazy now, but I'm good. Gonna be doing weekly journals to log my process. Thanks @MadDoc
  11. @MadDoc mind telling me what are cevs? And ways of keeping your mind off the anxiety and visuals . Been struggling with the anxiety
  12. Video games for me, and exercise. Right now I feel like I'm in a rut, but I'll get better. Just gotta focus on the positive.
  13. @MadDoc talking to someone with the same symptoms and same shit as me just. Wants to make me cry. Crying as I type this, we'll see what happens to me. Thank you for responding
  14. @fruitgun nice man, I'm happy for you.
  15. We'll have to see, I have minor static looking at trees or hair. I've only just gotten hppd, so time will tell.