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  1. My hppd is usually always stronger when i first wake up period
  2. Im looking to get some ppinions on this, does anyone think if you refrain from pharms and/or illegal drugs you are more likely to make a 100% Full recovery in the future? As in only exercising and taking supplements and healthy dieting, no fap. I feel like in a way it only makes sense, your brain chemistry was altered and continuing use with any powerful mind altering medication will only slow things down? I am now no longer looking to go on any benzos or medication long term. My goal now is to only use a clonazepam in a dire situation. I feel like your brain needs to rewire which i do believe it has the power to do.
  3. NAC

  4. Wrong forum whoops
  5. A few nights ago i decided to take mdma idiotically because my symptoms were so much better after 4 months of abstaining from drugs, well during the trip and afterwards i can say i believe i know whats it like to have the full 9 yards of hppd. During the trip it was horrifying, faces everywhere on my floor on my dogs fur on my wall, my feet were itchy i could feel the anxiety and paranoia but i think the mdma helped me manage to stay happy. The next day i learned of all the severity of symptoms that other people have that i dont, my ghosting was not just only above like it usually is, but it was below and side by side, 4x as worse as what it usually was. When people talk about starbursting, i used to think that was normal, but no i saw what it really was like, and i saw afterimages of literally everything. My visual snow was creating flying cars or weird hallucinations that i couldnt completely make out, my anxiety had been almost the same as it was before. Thankfully 4 days later it seems as if im back to the baseline as to where it was before. Guys, mdma used to be my drug, i used to do it every day before work but now i cant stomach it. So my message to you is, if you have hppd, DRUGS ARE NOT WORTH IT.
  6. NAC

    After taking it the last two days i am ceasing use with it. It makes me so sick and beyond nauseous its not worth it. I know you have to give ur body time to work with it but its too much.
  7. Like unlucky said. I wasnt trying to be rude or belittle you, but if you ceased everything for a year you might be surprised.
  8. I thought it was odd when you said no drugs then you mentioned your thc use. If its something that bothers you i would cease all drugs including alcohol, cigarettes and coffee, and yes that includes shatter and bud.
  9. Did you have visual snow at any point? Do you still?
  10. A "madhouse" could be the best thing for him. Drug induced psychosis can be a very serious matter, im no doctor but it sounds like hes currently acting out as a paranoid schizofrenic. He could very well harm someone or himself, i beg of you to take him to a hospital
  11. Porn is f****d, sorry but theres no other way to put it. I didnt fap for the last 7 days and i felt better the only thing that dragged me down was wanting to keep watching it and fapping. Then today i caved in and i was a total dick to everybody. I couldve swore my visuals instantly got worse too. Im done with porn.
  12. It may just be me getting used to hppd but i find my all cevs to be fading, i find my visual snow to even be less when my eyes are closed as opposed to when theyre opened. Its like im getting a taste of what its like pre trip. Itll be 4 months in 5 days. Unfortunately it seems that when my eyes are opened the static is constant.
  13. I took 4mg of klono the first night, no affects followed the next day. Took 1mg a few days ago and had extreme rebound anxiety and paranoia the day after. I also took 4mg of lorazepam(ativan) a week prior to the 4mg of klonopin. Im not trying to step on anyones toes but i see the argument wether or not if benzos are addictive or a dependent, and if i had to choose id say dependent. I dont see how anyone would want to long term use with these. As a matter of fact id almost prefer not to take benzos. Ive read that in most cases whoever has taken klono has been extremely helpful to them, i for one am not an example. I wonder what that means in terms of my "hppd"
  14. My doctor prescribed me 0.5 mg of klonopin to take when needed, how should i take it so it reduces visuals.