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  1. So now ive had hppd and dpdr for 4 months. It sucks but the hppd is NOT so bad Thank god. But is it even possible to recover from dpdr when i have hppd to. Mand i only Got it from smoking weed am i gonna recover or Will i NOT recover because im only 14
  2. Stop this dude. You are what you are life is Great May be Hard for you but look around its the Best. Think about it for 5 min. You Will have so much time to be dead so Why leave this great place before you really have to. May i ask how long you have had this and what your symptoms are
  3. Do you have dpdr
  4. I smoked Like 5 joints of weed in my life do i have a Big chance to recover?
  5. Mine is really NOT bad but i have dpdr and its NOT good
  6. Did you have breathing walls pulsation in walls?
  7. So i have mild hppd i Will say. BUT i have dpdr and its just killing me. I was wondering if dpdr is a symptom of hppd. And if it only Can go away if the hppd goes away. Or if the hppd Never goes away i Will have dpdr my Whole life. Or if the anxiety i have from the mild hppd is giving me dpdr. Will this go away? symptoms vertigo slight movement in walls if im looking for it slight visual snow slight trails, som closed eye Stuff, floaters and afterimages for Like 2 sek but only ig it has ligt on it.
  8. Dont know about that jay1 i have Seen my floaters before when i look up in the sky. Now i have Them when i look at a Wall to
  9. And i Got it from weed and Will Never Do it again
  10. I hope my hppd goes soon my only symptoms are very little trails floaters very little breathing walls and Hard to see in a Dark room because there is alot of visual snow
  11. Look hppd is No life sentence. Its what you make it some make it life sentence and some make it a gift. And hppd offten goes away if you stay sober. I Can take a long time with No caffein or alcohol. Ive had it for 4 months now and i Can see it fading a little every month. Mabye i dont notice it but what is the difference. And dont go Hard on your self for getting it. If you knew this would happen would you Then take the drugs. Probably NOT Right? So its NOT your fault. and its sounds Like a life sentence becouse peopel on this page still have it the ones that recover Never look back
  12. Have you had that?
  13. Caffeine is NOT good nor is nicotine. Just to give you hope bro ive had hppd with the same symptoms AS you for 3 months now. And i do NOT give a shit about it now i notice it Like 1-2 times a Day with the imprints and Night with visual snow (not bad at all) my breathing Walls have gone Down and so have the Big blue blobs of light on the wall so you Will be hppd. Or tinnitus is pissing me of sometimes hah
  14. Okay thanks i Think my breathing walls is gone or at 10% now so thats good
  15. I Got hppd and dpdr from weed to
  16. I have hppd alone from weed and i have dpdr to just wanna talk to someond WHO has it from weed to or someone WHO recoverd
  17. If you rub you Hands togethers does it Then Feel Weird and if you look at you hands
  18. So are you Doing better Then in the start and how long have you had it
  19. it does sound like dp
  20. Hey send me a text i have hppd to and we are just about same age i think
  21. Has your dpdr and hppd gone away?
  22. How are you now?
  23. So some places they say that hppd in most cases Will go away in 3 months to 3 years. But others say that its a Whole life Thing. So do you Think that if you stop drugs by first hppd symptoms it Will go away i Will i have this the rest of my life. symptoms walls move Like im on a boat and i Feel Like when i Walk on the Ground that its moving Like im on a boat slight visual snow and slight tracers tinnitus and floaters. And dpdr I only Got it from smoking weed have Never done other drugs. So Will it go away