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  1. Could be some Pre-hppd but this Can happen with just dpdr
  2. I also belive its a type of ptsd
  3. That doble vision is perfectly normal do NOT worry about that
  4. Oh i have tryed the same but just because i was up to late
  5. Its AS if you really hear the conversation through your ears
  6. Just hope i recover dpdr some dag in my life
  7. Ohhh i wish i give No damn about visuals
  8. but i Never had anxiety in my life but had a badtrip where i thought i would die and boom dpdr 24/7 @Originally
  9. I have had the same bro
  10. And how ind where you when you Got this
  11. Has the hppd NOT Gotten better ?
  12. I know that i Will recover fully some Day and you Will to
  13. Do NOT go to therapy