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  1. Okay thanks i Think my breathing walls is gone or at 10% now so thats good
  2. I Got hppd and dpdr from weed to
  3. I have hppd alone from weed and i have dpdr to just wanna talk to someond WHO has it from weed to or someone WHO recoverd
  4. If you rub you Hands togethers does it Then Feel Weird and if you look at you hands
  5. So are you Doing better Then in the start and how long have you had it
  6. it does sound like dp
  7. Hey send me a text i have hppd to and we are just about same age i think
  8. So i have mild hppd i Will say. BUT i have dpdr and its just killing me. I was wondering if dpdr is a symptom of hppd. And if it only Can go away if the hppd goes away. Or if the hppd Never goes away i Will have dpdr my Whole life. Or if the anxiety i have from the mild hppd is giving me dpdr. Will this go away? symptoms vertigo slight movement in walls if im looking for it slight visual snow slight trails, som closed eye Stuff, floaters and afterimages for Like 2 sek but only ig it has ligt on it.
  9. Has your dpdr and hppd gone away?
  10. How are you now?
  11. Thanks man. My mom is a CBT
  12. Some have there dpdr go away and hppd remain. Dpdr is because of the anxiety. And what did you get it from and what are your symptoms. And ive Seen alot say there hppd has gone away
  13. Or i really want it all to go away but just the dpdr could go away that would be so nice