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  1. Floating in the sky is what everyone feels.But When i focus on the sky, tiny lights move. My friend is a similar symptom.I think it is not cvisual snow .Because I don't feel like visual snow. But is it one of the signs that a little light travels? blue field entoptic phenomenon, and Floater This is what bothers me.
  2. Thanks jay1. The omega3,valerian is good choice for hppd? I had a mild hppd..
  3. Some people say nac is great deal with hppd!...
  4. I was recommended nac. This is very helpful in hppd. So i'll stop clonazepam and thake this nac. I intake only 0.75 clonazepam now. And vitamin b, omega 3 ,valeria root. Nac is nice choice? (And sorry english is not my word)
  5. Also nac is good choice for me?
  6. Just short term is it ok????
  7. Thanks! And valerian is good for me???
  8. I want to know clonazepam is cure hppd. And paxil is great choice for hppd?
  9. I only have flashback 3 day.. my flashback is moving the text in my phone. Book text is not moving... And i take a ssri is make a better to me? Or take a benzo make me better?? I don't have visual snow. just have insomnia.. and vivid color? (I thinks so) Ps .Only when I concentrate on the letters.I don't feel like it if I ignore it.
  10. And today i have a flashback and im tired. This is hppd? I take a klonopin is it good for me?
  11. Hello. Everybody? Before 6day ago i had a flashback (just my phone's text moving )And next day I see white background It was bright. And hard to read text.. and afterimage is there a little. But Things didn't change anything else. People say hppd have visual snow i don't know just see white background that has a afterimage something line.. and watch the sky is very bright.. i don't know this is hppd. And im very Anxiety... so i took valerian root and klonopin.. just scared... my visual is not change. just sensitive in light.. and afterimages..i search visual snow in google image. And there picture visual snow is all Visual range is like tv, and dot.. but im not same that.. it just mild hppd??
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