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  1. Sounds like you have a extreme case of anxiety. I suffer from weird visual snow and some serious anxiety that makes me feel really light headed all day everyday sense I was in elementary school. My best advice is defietly not to hurt yourself because one day your going to die anyways. And think about how bad you can hurt your family. I would stay clean for as long as possible and instead of feeling bad for yourself I would change your mind set to ONLY how you can fix how your problem and how to coupe with the extrem anxiety. Best of luck and I went through very bad anxiety like this but I'm now getting better due to thinking positive and figuring out ways to not think about bad things that make my anxiety bad. You should look up SAMe to, its over the counter vitamins that been helping my anxiety and depression to so it might work for you to.
  2. I'm testing my mental health
  3. @Jay1 ok thanks for the advice. I've decided I'm giving myself 5 months of eating healthy, and meditation( never thought I would meditate) before I start any sort of drug to help. I have faith that time will make me better. I think my body was used to being stoned all day now it's not used to being sober. Thanks for all the help and I will send you a gift when I get cured. My parents said they give up on my health because I won't start meds. But I know deep down I'll get better over time. And I've accepted vs I'm trying my hardest to make myself like it as weird as that sounds lol it makes the sky look crazy @Jay1
  4. I wish I never took any type of drug. I wish I never got into dope and just stayed happy like when I was a kid. Hopefully my brain heals I'm 20 now got a long life ahead.... hopefully
  5. I'm in the same boat as you with the visual snow. I would not risk it and get the full hppd because what I've read on this forum it doesn't seem pleasant. I wouldnt even smoke the dope anymore either. I'm so paranoid I might get it bad that I had to stop with everything like caffeine and coffee.
  6. Yeah that's what I'm going to do @Jay1. That's what I'm trying to tell my parents to. I guess they are just worried I might hurt myself which I would never do cause honestly I'm scared of death. I also told them if I go to mental just to strap me down in a bed and leave me be for a couple months lol. With food ofcourse. Today is day 2 of taking the Prozac and I don't feel the anxiety AT ALL. That just shows I over think stuff because it takes 4-6 weeks for it to actually work. Not 2 days. But I will not take it. Hopefully I don't withdrawal a little just after 2 days of taking it.😬 Let me know what you think jay I'm putting my faith of happeniness in your hands!
  7. @Jay1 so did it send you crazy as in visuals? Or just crazy all together?
  8. So today I went to the psychologist and got evaluated. I told him about my bad anxiety/panic attacks and my obsessive thinking. And I also told him about my visual snow and he told me that the VS is all in my head. I also told him about my marijuana abuse and the 6-7 times I tried LSD and those of what caused my anxiety and so on. I told him how I might have a hint of hppd and like every other dr he's never heard of it. I told him that me taking a ssri is a no no and what does he do is proscribed me f****** Prozac. I took one today to get my parents off my back and make them feel better about my situation. Because they are worried for me especially my mom. I have been suffering from anxiety/depression for about 5-7 years now.(on and off with depression). I think Prozac would help me feel better but I really don't want to get visuals and flashback from it. So my question to the public is should I take a chance and start with the Prozac or wait about a year or 2 and just see if I get better naturally. (It's only been 5 weeks off the dope.) I think my brain is adjusting right now because I started with the dope at a young age and didn't let my brain develop properly. And now it's trying to develope which is leading to all this stress on my brain/body which is causing my issues. (My thought on it can be way wrong lol). But yeah I will probably take the sober route for about a year and see how I feel and if no improvement I will start with medication. Let me know what you guys think. (I used to be a really happy/hyper kid all until i started smoking dope then I turned quite and self conscious.) I want that side of me back
  9. Well today the proscribed me Prozac(ssri). I just took one I hope it doesn't make me get full blown hppd. But I've tried everything for my depression/obsessiveThinking/badanxietyand nothing seems to work. I just think I'm not going to take the Prozac because I'm not going to be stupid and worsen my symptoms. That would just be dumb
  10. You guys making me feel a lot better about the situation and I do need to stop obsessing but it truly is hard. I'll do some reasearch on what CBT is and go from there and try to chill myself out. Thanks!
  11. So I have been noticing VS. but no other symptoms of HPPD. It's been almost a year sense my last trip. I said I only trip about 3-4 times on LSD (RC) but now that I think of it, I probably did it 6-7 times. Is it possible that the hppd is coming slowly I just haven't got the full Hppd yet and it will probably come full blast by next year or something like that. I've been having bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad anxiety because I'm scared it's slowly coming. Or does it usally come faster and all at once. I'm scared and obsessing over this ever sense i saw that VS is a symptom. Please let me know. Sorry if I'm being a puss about it, I know there is a lot more people that have it x10 worse and is being more of a man about it then me.
  12. @TheMythos I've tried everything. I can't beat a chemical unbalance. Do you think Prozac (ssri) would worsen my hppd. Your really helpful btw 😜
  13. So I made a post a couple days ago and I was told I have pre hppd because I see visual snow but no visuals. I've been going through depression for awhile now and it's just been getting worse when I stopped smokeing weed about 5 weeks ago. Supposubly I have a chemical imbalce in my head, like the serotonin levels are way off giving me anxiety/depression/panic attacks. My mom and my aunt have been taking Prozac for 30+ years and they say I should start taking it to because it's genetic. Can that worsen my pre hppd and make me start seeing visuals and so on. Or is that if you already have it. The last thing I want to do is worsen it but I know I do need something to help my depression and anxiety. It's like I can almost feel the imbalance😳. Please let me know if it can worsen my pre hppd to the real real deal. All I've been seeing is VS but only when I think about it. But it's def there. Thx and I hear a low pitch ring in my ear to when I'm laying in bed but it goes away when I stand up.
  14. And my low blood sugar doesn't help either.
  15. I blame 75% of this on anxiety and obsessing that I might be suffering from hppd like jay1 said. I know the 3-4 times I've sure acid is probably the reason for my vS. I've yet to get any visuals tho which I'm grateful for.