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  1. Good (your last post). We don't need people advocating others taking hallucinogens here.
  2. I've been on 12 different medications in the past year and a half. I am currently med free and about 90% recovered. Get meds as a last resort. The system does not know what HPPD is (even though it's in the DSM) and you will be treated like an idiot and trash. Just calm down and try to do something to take your mind off of it right now.
  3. The answer you're going to get from this forum is to stop doing drugs.
  4. I would lay off the drugs completely. If you keep doing them, even weed, you will eventually develop chronic hppd and it could turn severe. And believe me, that's the last thing you want in this world. I realized 2 years ago after having hppd for 6 years (at that point, 8 now) that I would have to retain a sober lifestyle for the rest of my life.
  5. No one can really answer that question. It may exacerbate it. It may not. There's no way of knowing for sure.
  6. I smoked weed for 9 years and in the last couple of years of smoking, euphoria and bliss turned into anxiety and paranoia. I can't touch the stuff anymore. I'm not a drinker but I'd rather have a beer than touch a joint.
  7. I will concede that I believe hppd is 50/50. 50% psychological and 50% brain alteration to some degree. A lot of symptoms clear up and people tend to recover from getting a grip on their anxiety. I've always maintained that this is some kind of anxiety disorder. But even neuronal changes happen with anxiety and depression, excess glutamate and other factors. That doesnt mean theyre 100% psychological though.
  8. 1. Was talking to this girl, had plans to fly down and visit her for a week and see the solar eclipse together 2. Most perceptual shit reduced 90-95%. Headaches, head pressure, dpdr, weird sensations and stuff were virtually gone. Images still remained and were annoying. 3. Get ghosted over the aug 4-6 weekend, tooth starts getting worse and worse that Sunday, go to Dentist Tuesday, find out I need a root canal, find out I have to pay $475 because my insurance won't cover it. Broke as fuck. Figure out the girl isnt dead or in an accident because her moms spoken to her, obvious im getting ghosted. Ticket I bought was nonrefundable so I cant get my $277 back. Night of the root canal I get extremely weak sick wnd fatigued with a high fever and go to ER (Wednesday). Infection from root canal spread. Antibiotics. Pain pills. Up all night sleep through day. Reduce my nicotine intake greatly. Sunday, havent had a cig in almost 24 hours. 4. Perceptual shit back, feel weird, see a duck in my minds eye and everything has a duck like quality like some kind of weird synesthesia of the consciousness. Hope this isnt permanent and goes away after I get off antibiotics and quit withdrawing from cigs and get sleep pattern back in order. So if this shit fluctuates so much according to life circumstances and moods, I guess it proved to me that this isnt permanent, but when it does come back its worse and I cant remember when it was gone because im in the thick of it. I just want this weirs synesthesia feeling to go away.
  9. It means I was talking to a stupid bitch.
  10. Ok wise master. You know it all. Of course, we'll just ignore people with Visual Snow Syndrome who have these exact same symptoms but have never touched a drug in their lives. MadDoc who has constant visuals but, according to him, lives a pretty good life and has no real psychological hangups. He sees all those patterns every day because he just couldn't handle his trip, mannnn. Speak for yourself. Just because you couldnt handle your shit doesnt mean the same thing happened to the rest of us. Piss on your "theory".
  11. I dont believe in any of that ego death bullshit. None of my trips were particularly bad and I still developed hppd. But let us know how it goes. Some girl on here tried to do the same thing with iboga a while back and it royally fucked her up.
  12. I think its the guy on YouTube who claimed shrooms cured his hppd.
  13. I suspect ill be going through nicotine wd for the next week or two.
  14. Yeah...and at least it helped me quit smoking. It was hard to breathe yesterday and my grandma's dying of copd and I was like I just dont want to do this anymore. 11 years. I think I'm finally done.
  15. Sounds like a panic attack. Are you still having those same symptoms?
  16. Brain damage is something that in most cases is irreversible. You can use whatever terminology you want, I just think something like malfunction is better because it gives the possibility of recovery. Which many people here have done, with or without medical intervention.
  17. Has anyone ever experienced a symptom reduction or feeling more "normal" on stimulants like Adderal or other dopaminergic drugs?
  18. One of my teeth started hurting thd other day and its progressively gotten worse. My dad just gave me 5 mg vicodin to help with the pain you think ill be alright?
  19. The root canal ended up spreading the infection and I had a nice little trip to the ER this morning. All this stress is making my hppd way worse.
  20. I mean, we don't really have any concrete evidence that hppd is neuronal cell damage either. All the limited studies that have been done show that it may be some kind of thermal noise in the visual cortex. Fact is, nobody really knows, and telling people they're brain damaged is as equally disingenuous as implying they can "think their way out of it." And, quite frankly, probably more damaging to their mental health.
  21. Hydrocodones making me feel weird. I dont like it.
  22. My mom has a lot of physical pain and I think a good portion of it is psychological. Shes experienced a few instances of rape and sexual abuse and I think this is her minds way of dealing with it
  23. I just got a root canal and I have take amoxycillin (sp?).
  24. What does this mean? If you're having it 24 7 365 how are you controlling it?