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  1. You may be one of the few who experiences increase in symptoms with serotonergic drugs. I took Remeron Friday night and my gait is off my perceptions are worse and my dpdr is worse. Feels like im looking at things through saran wrap and ive got cotton in my head. Never again.
  2. Whatever's the opposite of anticholinergic/antihistamine is what i need to be focused on. Also partial dopamine agonism. So far Abilify has been the best thing in reducing images and hallucinogenic feelings. Maybe a low dose of Vraylar or Rexulti.
  3. Weed + Zoloft doesnt sound like the best thing to be doing. Jay's an elder and a wiseman. Heed his advice.
  4. K.B.: When i first started seeing my "images" I had been taking hydroxyzine for a month + extreme panic. I just took Zyprexa (which was on the anticholinergic list you linked to) a few days ago. It has antihistamine properties. Images got no better after 3 days and in some respects felt worse. Friday night I took Remeron which also blocks the H1 receptor. I slept 28 hours in total, but heres the weird one point my images went into full blown trip mode like when i had taken diphenhydramine to sleep about a year ago. Im talking a moving, raucous circus. Whatever was in the Remeron that made me "trip"internally, was also in diphenhydramine.
  5. Remeron is the worst med ive taken by far. Slept for 28 hours and experienced the worst suicidal depression of my life.
  6. If your only hope for getting rid of hppd is to start smoking and drinking again, youre gonna recover and be back in no time. Your best bet is to stay away from psychoactive substances.
  7. Whats happening is that multiple afflictions are happening at once. The OCD is feeding the anxiety which is feeding the HPPD and dpdr. As a fellow sufferer of ocd you need to try whatever you can to get a grip on the illness. You are not going insane. This is not going to last forever. It will pass and you will be able to move on with life. Every time an objection or counter argument comes up, politely accept the thought as being there and tell yourself that youre recovering and recovery takes time and that you will get better.
  8. How did you feel on it? Just more calm? Was it like low level benzo?
  9. Has anyone ever experienced a symptom reduction or feeling more "normal" on stimulants like Adderal or other dopaminergic drugs?
  10. I recently got with a new behavioral health provider and she sent off for a genetic test to see which meds might best work for me. It'll be interesting to see what comes up.
  11. Fuck this med. Non stop agitation rage and angry outbursts. Never taking it again.
  12. I started Zyprexa 2.5 mg tonight. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  13. By testing it. And yes you can get HPPD from pure MDMA.
  14. Probably best answered by a medical professional.
  15. I don't know about sociopathic but on Depakote I couldn't cry or experience sadness. Some people might consider that a good thing but I didn't.
  16. I'm getting blurry vision sometimes after getting off of this shit. My eyes also feel heavy and weird. Hope this goes away soon.
  17. I'm usually a pretty sharp guy. My reading comprehension hasn't been effected and neither has my long term memory, but my short term memory has been. I've been off Abilify for 2 months and Depakote (500 mg quit cold turkey) for 16 days. I kinda feel like I'm not registering certain things right, particularly visual stimuli and I feel like my cognition or thinking is lagging a little bit. It doesn't feel like it when I write or talk (like writing this post) but when I think of stuff in my head it's taking a few seconds to recall the word or memory whereas before it would be almost instantaneous. When I'm watching shows or movies I feel like I'm dissociating and don't remember what just happened a few seconds before. Can most of this be attributed to quitting the depakote? Do you guys think it'll eventually go away? I've never really experienced many cognitive symptoms from my hppd so this is starting to worry me.
  18. I'm going to be trying this out over the next week starting Monday. Gonna be strict. Will keep daily reports on how I'm feeling on this new diet and if it has any effect on symptoms.
  19. Interesting tidbit about Remeron: "A case report has been published in which mirtazapine reduced visual hallucinations in a patient with Parkinson's disease psychosis (PDP).[42]This is in alignment with recent findings that inverse agonists at the 5-HT2Areceptors are efficacious in attenuating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease psychosis. As is supported by the common practice of prescribing low-dose quetiapine and clozapine for PDP-doses too low to antagonise the D2receptor, but sufficiently high doses to inversely agonise the 5-HT2Areceptors."
  20. I'm getting on 2.5 mg Zyprexa soon. Probably this week.
  21. Someone made a thread about this on dpselfhelp and said that it permanently got rid of his dpdr.
  22. Maybe the drug company will get greedy and push to have it as an add on for MDD and it'll be the next Abilify handed out like candy.
  23. Trazadone induced some kind of electrical storm in my head.
  24. Yes, anxiety can make HPPD worse.