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  1. After a year and a half of sobriety I don't miss getting high at all. And I did drugs for a decade. Find some new friends.
  2. Maybe its a form of memory like in PTSD. Your brain just isn't able to forget and move on from the trip for some reason.
  3. Depersonalization/derealization Just wondering if some (or most) of the weird shit I experience can be attributed to these 2.
  4. Can you give me a list of your symptoms, even if they seem minor? Also what are some of the mental symptoms of DPDR ?
  5. If it was a matter of 5ht2a Zyprexa would knock this shit out because it has an extremely high antagonistic affinity for 5ht2a.
  6. What do you guys think it is about anxiety that makes the symptoms worse?
  7. "Children in Australia’s Northern Territory are risking serious health issues and even death to get high from sniffing stolen aviation fuel, according to local reports..."
  8. Can you explain in layman's terms?
  9. In a lot of cases VS can go with time. Even if you don't find a med it might just be a waiting game.
  10. I think I know what he means by the sludge feeling. It's a physical feeling. Like something is literally sitting on your head or scalp. I feel that all the time with weird eyeaches and headaches constantly, along with seeing mental imagery and feeling spaced in my head (usually when an episode of intense derealization is about to hit). It's gone down in intensity and I'm sure it's gone away completely at times when I've been too engaged in an activity to notice. But it is a chronic feeling and very disturbing. I'm pretty sure its some mix of hppd DPDR and really, really bad anxiety.
  11. Also a migraine can last up to 72 hours. I've suspected that I'm getting them continuously and that may be why I feel my head and scalp all the time.
  12. Except for some slight differences I've pretty much been going through the same thing for a year and a half. The weird out of body feeling is most likely DP/DR due to extreme anxiety. I'm not sure why they put you on so many meds at once in the hospital but that sounds like too much shit to put someone on at once and see how they'll react. I get the weird head feelings, numbness, and shit every single day. For what its worth you arent alone. Ive had hppd since 2009 but these really extreme symptoms didn't start until my panic attacks started in late 2015. I honestly think its more of an anxiety issue than an HPPD issue but the HPPD is definitely exacerbating it. Do you suffer from migraines? I've been getting a lot more migraines lately.
  13. "Psychedelic drugs – Reduced blood flow to the PCC and mPFC was observed under the administration of psilocybin. These two areas are considered to be the main nodes of the DMN.[31] One study on the effects of LSD demonstrated that the drug desynchronizes brain activity within the DMN; the activity of the brain regions that constitute the DMN becomes less correlated."
  14. Benzo withdrawal is one of the worst imaginable. People can experience withdrawal symptoms for up to 2 years. Maybe get it prescribed for temporary relief like I have...but I wouldn't take it every day or you run the risk of getting dependent.