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  1. NAC

    On your first 2 days? I was just going to take 600 for like a week to see what happened. You jumped right into it lol.
  2. I'm going on 2 years sober. You learn to live without the stuff.
  3. NAC

    How much were you taking?
  4. We should come up with a list of the best supplements and foods to help alleviate the symptoms of HPPD. Right now I'm just starting a daily dose of 5000 UI Vitamin D, then I'll be adding NAC, brahmi, and folic acid. I might start adding flaxseed oil in there after a month or two. Diet: basic fruits and vegetables, not really going hardcore on specific foods just making my diet better from shit to decent. 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.
  5. I could have easily abused my script but the horror stories I've read about benzo withdrawal and the fear of addiction kept me from it.
  6. NAC

    NAC/Vit D/folic acid see where I am from there.
  7. NAC

    Anyone tried it? Should I start with 600mg (one pill) a day? Mike Cernovich made a post on his blog claiming it cured his anxiety and depression. That'd be half the battle for me.
  8. Pay out of pocket if you can. The places I paid out of pocket were more apt to prescribe benzos. The places that took my insurance refused. Except the new place I'm going to. They're gonna give me a new script of klonopin cuz I have my old bottle and they know I haven't abused it.
  9. I'm thinking about trying this. What's the recommended dose? I'm getting a 600mg bottle.
  10. Interesting.
  11. I must be one of the unlucky ones because this shit isnt getting any better.
  12. I wonder if its helped anyone with CEVs...
  13. Yep, especially the responsive to thoughts and feelings part.
  14. Mine are a lot more vivid and intense. Like I have a movie projector playing in my head.