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  1. Daily/regular exercise works wonders for my head pressure. Sometimes when it's flared up it gets worse during and for a short while after exercise but it helps in the long run.
  2. I had the vibrating lines in the first 2 months or so, but have come back randomly the past few days, along with the dizziness symptoms. I think if you don't pay attention to it you'll notice it less with time and regular exercise is a good way to combat the dizzy feeling. The surreal feeling is DP/DR for sure. I only get ghosting occasionally, but its certainly a common symptom for HPPD sufferers. Not quite sure what you mean by eye shadows but could just be floaters distracting you. Another common symptom
  3. Just want to start by saying to whoever has fixed the site...thank you! its great to finally be able to sign up. Been suffering with mild-moderate (at its worse) HPPD + moderate - strong DP/DR for around 14 months now. After around 5/6 months, I was starting to feel comfortable with my symptoms and ended up having a pint of beer. Well for whatever reason it fucked me up and my symptoms went hellish for about 3 months. After that I got back on track and had been doing okay for a while. This passed weekend I had a friend over and I smoked a few cigs (i smoke very occasionally with no issues) with him whilst he was outside smoking a joint. The next night after I had a really bad nights sleep and felt like I was tripping. Since then (5 days ago) I've felt like I've slipped back into a bad state again and whilst most of my visual symptoms havent got any worse, I feel like lines wobble when I look at them (like they did the first few months), my DP has flared up along with anxiety, and I have this weird feeling of dizziness that I had in the first few months. Like when Im sat still I can physically feel myself swaying sometimes. Anyway, are random flare ups normal? Im currently in my final few weeks of writing my dissertation so is it just stress? I know it sounds stupid but is possible I got some second hand smoke from his joint (I didnt feel high, and we were outside)??. i've been through this once and it took me around 2-3 months to get back on track, so Im trying to stay positive, however I cant help but worry Im going to be stuck in this worse state. I just cant seem to place why it would just get worse like this after months of being generally okay. Its just so annoying when 5 days ago I actually had a generally dp/hppd minimal day. Anyone who has experienced similar, or just some reassurance would be appreciated. Cheers