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  1. I tried salvia too during this time and smoked ciggarettes.
  2. Hi, I've just started using this site. My name is Max and I'm 17 currently in high school. I got HPPD around 2 years ago but only started to notice and get bothered by it about a year ago when I went sober. I've tried to talk to my mom about it, she says the things I see are things I've had my whole life but are only just now noticing. My friends are all in high school and I just don't feel like I can talk to them about it. I've had trouble coping lately and my HPPD has been causing me a lot of anxiety and depression as time goes on. I thought I'd have learned how to cope with it by now, but not at all. I'm just looking for general advice, can anyone here offer me some?
  3. I took a lot of LSD twice within a 2 week period around this time two years ago. I got a lot of strong flashbacks but I assumed it was part of "the trip" and was natural and would go away. After taking LSD, I also tried ecstasy, xanax, and constantly smoked weed and drank, all of which I imagine made it worse. About a month after I went sober for non-HPPD reasons, which was about 8 months after I believe I first got HPPD, I started to realize something was very wrong and when other people couldn't helped I researched extensively online and have diagnosed myself with HPPD. I try to avoid caffeine and sometimes I exercise, though I'm not sure it helps with the HPPD very much. What do you mean by bad foods?