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  1. Hi dukkha Thanks for your hearty response buddy. I think my case is abnormal for the two reasons I mentioned - the way it's gone from mild to severe instead of vice versa, and that it's constantly worsening at all despite no further drug use. I think it's fair to say this is very unusual for hppd. Finally, although many talk of feeling as though they're still high as in tripping *visually*, I've heard very little talk of actual high bodily sensations, in the MDMA-esque way I refer to above. Or even dizziness for that matter. I hope it does stop worsening as you suggest, but all I have to go by is the evidence - 18 months of a steady downhill slope! It doesn't exactly bode well. How is it that caffeine affects you??
  2. Has this actually helped many people? Neurofeedback is pretty controversial.....and expensive! Would hate to try something that's no better than pseudoscience.
  3. I hasten to add - I've had a clean MRI.
  4. Hi guys - I've wanted to join this forum for months. Looks like they've now resolved what issues were barring new users. It was a very dodgy dose of MDMA and a filthy cannabis brownie that landed me with this crap, within a few months of each other back in the spring of 2015. However, my case seems to be atypical for two reasons: 1. Excluding the horrid drug experiences themselves, I essentially "recovered" immediately, and have slowly been developing these HPPD problems ever since. I.e. from mild to severe, instead of severe to mild as in most cases, or a constant severe. 2. Leading on from that - I'm always worsening despite no drug use in nearly 2 years (and I only used 6 times). It's like a degenerative process was "triggered". Can anyone else relate to this? Or my symptoms: - every kind of dizziness you can imagine - disequilibrium, dissociation, dp/dr, brain fog, lightheadedness (the latter of which has led to a diagnosis of POTS) - all the visual snow/light sensitivity/perceptual shite - no hallucinations (yet) but worrying things like eyes in headlights etc - insomnia - a recurrent feeling of being "high" on MDMA - for hours, days at a time, despite being sober. I can't be more specific than that - a "serotonin-esque" feeling all over my body. I suspect I'll start having seizures soon. A feeling that my brain is truly "on fire" as one psychiatrist put it. I can't consume any kind of stimulant - even a cup of tea - or exercise, or it just fires me up even more. I've also seen two neuros, both of whom have heard of this, and they're both pretty clueless re: its process and any treatment. I've tried to be brief. Any responses would be greatly appreciated - as I said, my case seems extremely atypical, and it's difficult for me to remain positive when things are always getting worse.......good wishes to all