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  1. Quit all drug use anyway. It's for the best.
  2. My CEVS have completely gone so it is possible that they can go away. At the height of my HPPD CVEs when sleeping were horrible and now they're completely gone. Touch wood. My visual snow is actually worse when I shut my eyes but fine when open, i barely see anything ahah. Funny how it works
  3. My eyes are very sensitive to light, at the beginning 10 months ago I had to sleep with an eye mask on, I couldn't look out the window, or at the sky. It's gotten better but my eyes are still sensitive. My question is, does eye sensitivy playing a role in my visual problems, symptoms such as afterimages and ghosting?
  4. What you are experiences is exactly what I'm dealing with. It was bar far the worst symptom, i couldn't track anything without using a finger as everything jumped around, mine is best described as top motion, or like a set of photographs. The lucky thing more me is that this is the one thing that has steadily got better over the 9 months, very slowly but progress is progress. In the beginning I could barely walk, look at anything in my room. Now it's got so much better I can go supermarket shopping. It's not back to normal but it will be in another 9 months
  5. Right now I'm at a comfortable level where I can finally get on with my life. But ive heard so many stories about relapses. I don't want to be around town two years down the line, smell a bit of weed then relapse all over again. I don't want to ask for a decaf coffee and recieve a normal one and go back to the beginning of HPPD. What if I have to deal with stressful events that lead to a relapse. I'd say I'm around 40% recovered from HPPD which is huge, I've been given a second chance and I don't want to ruin it or have it taken from me.
  6. Ever since my onset I've had some serious eye pain, not really related to a headache specifically, just severe eye pain when moving them around. My eyes are very hard and stiff, the pain could be described as a strain. are there any medication I can use to null the pain, or exercises/ stretches to help with the pain and stiffness. My neck is also in pain as well. Any help and advice would be extreamly appreciated
  7. 9 months down the line. Sat in my room with just a dim lamp lighting my room and I can honesty say that nothing is moving, barley any visual snow, at the beginning the snow was bad, very intruding, now I can see all of the minor details of my wall, little cracks, dust, marks etc. with only a light glaze of snow. Feels fantastic that I am beginning to get back to normal. Feel free to ask me any questions, because my experience has been really bad, life altering. all the best guys
  8. It's been almost 7 months now dealing with very mild HPPD. It first I found it unbearable, I was throwing up every morning, terrible stomach cramps, couldn't eat or sleep, severe depression and anxiety which crippled me. Cut to present day, emotionally I'm almost back to normal. Things have stopped moving towards me when I stare at them, carpets don't move any more. Headaches are gone and now I have just a little eye pain to deal with. Visual snow has decreased a bit. Dizziness and unbalance has gone. The only thing I'm left with is slight frame fate issues and mild palinposia. To anyone else this is basically cured. Yet im still struggling to deal with what has happened to me, I still get very preoccupied with my lingering visuals. Sometimes I even feel hopeless. I kept promising myself I'll be fine if this gets better, that gets better etc. when it does get better I'll move on to something else. I'm nervous that these small visual disturbances are going to take over my life.
  9. The reason your symptoms are getting worse is because you continue to do drugs. Dont you hate depersonalisation and derealisation because everyone here on this board hates it, including me. I've build my life though sheer hard work, and the idea of not getting to actually live it kills me inside. The only way you are going to recover is to stop doing drugs.
  10. Has yours gotten better over the years?
  11. Fante, what do you mean by frame frate? Could you explain? Im having trouble with my eye movement, they seen to skip when I'm looking around, I can perceive motion when stationary even in my prefrial vision, but when my eyes move or flicker it's like a set of images lined up, it's not smooth. This is my most annoying symptom, but luckily it's getting better, for the first few months I was very very dizzy and distorted, now I'm able to do everything I used to but it's still annoying, I would be disappointed if it stayed this way but from what I can tell it seems to be healing itself thankgod.
  12. That's rough Boozebome May I ask what led you to relapse? And what the consequences were? Someone I know was smoking a cigarette and I had to get away, I'm so scared of everything now!
  13. I was going to say, if my HPPD/Palinposia decreased by 95% I'd concider myself cured. Im lucky enough that I'm recovering nicely. Physically symptoms are non existent, no headaches, no stomach pain, I tiny amount of pain on my eyes, but compared to 6 months ago when I could barely move them, it's a huge relief. I don't even want to think about where I'd be if I had continued any kind of drug use. And if/when I get back to normality or close enough, the last thing I want to do is drugs, I've cut off my druggie friends so there's not even the slightest possibility of coming into contact with drugs or even alcohol, I'm done with anything harmful to the body. I hate talking about drugs, I hate anyone referencing drugs.
  14. How much MDMA have you done Jay? Before and after HPPD
  15. I thought you said your symptoms decreased by 95%