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  1. Yeah caffeine fucks me over. One day I had Starbucks, when I got out I could see 3-4 layers of the street one over the other along with the street lights. It really freaked me out. Drinking coke, Pepsi etc also increases my symtoms and like Mad doc it puts me to sleep too. But at lower dosages it increases the symptoms very slightly - which is why I am able to drink green tea. I wonder if caffeine at low dosages too might be hindering the recovery process?
  2. Just meditate and exercise everyday, and keep yourself busy. These things are basic, and they'll reduce all your symptoms. Maybe fish oil and vitamin b complex will help too. There will be bad and depressive days, but keep yourself distracted and try not to think about it. I've realised keeping myself busy has helped me the most. It's somewhat like a break up, man. The less you think think of it, the faster you can 'get over' it and realise life can still be good.
  3. Thanks a lot bro. Really needed this sort of motivation. Yeah I'm gonna stay away from all kinds of drugs and alcohol.
  4. I'm a 20 year old guy. I popped LSD like two times with a gap of 6 months in between. Third time, which was like december and 3 months after the previous hit, it wasn't lsd, it felt like 2CB but i have no way to know for sure. I've had mild HPPD ever since, like i see rays from light sources at night and some times double images and my head feels funny. I quit all kind of drugs since then, until a few days ago i decided to get drunk. This has like fucked up everything for me. I had mad headaches and crazy visuals. I hate going outside at night. Has this happened with anyone else? Like does getting drunk permanently fuck you up? And secondly Id recently applied for this course which requires a lot of memorisation, has anyone else on here pulled through a hard course while dealing with hppd? Fuck this shit has made me feel really low will it ever go away?