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  1. I took this prn for several years. I found I have a very naturally high tolelance for the stuff. Pretty benign though. Dont take if you have a family history of Peyronie's disease. Don't take at the same time with cialis or viagra, or other pde5 inhibitors (you'll probably pass out).
  2. For those of you interested here is some some information about the antihyperalgesic effect of keppra. Seems to involve many systems. Activation of these systems may allude to why it benefits people with hppd psychologically. "the results of the present study show that levetiracetam induces antihyperalgesia in an inflammatory model of pain and that this effect is at least in part, mediated by α2-adrenoceptors, GABAA, opioid and 5-HT receptors."!po=61.3208 -oms
  3. Honestly I'm unsure what else to try. Unless I'm on Keppra, I am sensitive to most medications. Keppra has a lot of mechanisms but some primary ones involve gabergic modulation. That inhibitory action allows me to tolerate more meds/supplements. For instance while off it it I can't even really take B vitamins. They increase my methylation processes and that ramps me up too much. In the past I've tried lamotrigne, depekote, sinemet (gave me a rash (not the lethal one) that never went away on my face. Thank God for facial hair), ssris, Wellbutrin....honestly a huge score of meds. Some of them were before the hppd got really bad though. For some reason racetams really are able modulate my brain function more than any other drug. Unfortunately they seem to have side effects that aren't too great. oxiracetam improved things immensely. My visuals almost completely went away. 95 percent reduction. But I think screwed up my hypothalamus with it. After I stopped I Lost the ability to have sex for six months. Had no hunger or thirst response either. It was nuttts. Immense anxiety etc. this may have been caused by abrupt cessation though. Who knows. When i get the nerve I'll start the low dose Keppra. At least I know that after a certain number of months off it I'll return to normal if I find it isn't working. I just want to be able to have interests again haha
  4. Hey guys! So I'm thinking of giving keppra another go. It really kicked my physics pain that's been around since getting hppd in the butt and did wonders for reducing DP and bringing back my cognitive abilities. I could enjoy music again on it! Really was able to find serenity. However.... side effect i am worried about is I noticed I became sort of sociopathic when I was on it? I seemed unable to put myself in other people's shoes as well. It really tore up a year long friendship and romantic relationship I had. Took about 6 months being off of it for my morals to come back. I was very technically ethical when I was on it. Hard to describe. Spocklike. It felt a little bit like there was a barrier between me and acknowledging that other people had emotions and feelings too. Has anyone else experienced this? I think going back into it if I keep that in mind I'll make better decisions. Plus I plan to just take between 10-50mg instead of the 1500 I was on. I read about a guy on here who did that and recovered a lot even though it took some months. I find this low dose pretty good at reducing my physical symptoms too. hope everyone is well! -oms
  5. I've done the keto diet on and off the last four year-- one on, two off, and one on. I find it's a great diet for energy, mental clarity, anti inflamitory support, and self esteem (you're gonna lose a lot of weight. I also eat no gluten (there just isn't much you can eat with gluten that doesn't also have carbs). For emotional support, it is great at reducing anxiety. Also without the insulin dips and spikes from eating carbs ones mood is more stable. in terms of weight loss, I went from 215 down to 164 where I am stable (I'm 6ft). It definitely made me feel better about myself! Just be prepared for a bit of the keto flu. You're going to crave carbs like no other. In fact you won't feel hungry for anything else. This will last 1-2 weeks and then your taste buds will change. I sometimes eat straight butter at restaurants because it tastes so good to me haha. if you want to get into ketosis FAST there are some thugs that will help: exercise and no cheating. Keep caloric intake at about 1600 calories. You can also spend 3-5 days eating one stick of cream cheese a day and only that haha. I did that for two days; this wasn't as bad as one would think. I've heard dairy ain't great for you but can someone school me as to why? I've never really looked because it's a huge part of me keeping my sanity not eating carbs. I could live on Brie hahah. hope it goes well for you! Just stick it out through the cravings and low energy and I promise you'll feel better soon
  6. WOOOOOO BOY HOWDY THIS IS SOME INTENSE STUFF. Withdrawals are nooo jokeeee. Although I've done an incredibly fast taper which I'm sure has made things more rough. I started on the 31st and now on the 11th I've cut my dosage beyond half. starting dose: .5mg Ativan twice daily 300mg gabapentin twice daily i cut the morning Ativan dose off the bat and waited a week and now I'm shaving around 20 percent a day off the remaining .5mg. Currently at around .25mg at night now the gabapentin I just tapered down by 20-50mg a day. Now I'm at about 60mg in the morning and 150 mg at night. its hell but getting through it! luckily I was only on them for about 8 months at a fairly low dose and not years.
  7. Glad to hear you're feeling more with it! Yea wish we had better drug education in school. Had I known about what hallucinogens and drugs in general could do to me my life may have turned out differently. ...but then again I was a defiant one back in the day haha.
  8. I'm finding that the more I withdraw from these downers the more these vitamins make the panic worse. Discontinued today and feel a lot better. Once I've stabilized I'll re enstate them and see how I do. B vitamins are just a bit too stimulating right now!
  9. Like a lot of nootropic blends on the market you can just get the ingredients to these and do this yourself. Usually for a fraction of the cost. ^if you have bipolar polar IT IS seriously recommended you speak to your doctor before supplementing with acetyl-l-carnitine. It can induce psychosis.
  10. Just wanted to say if you have bipolar, inositol will probably send you into mania. I do not know if I have bipolar but signs point to yes. When I was on keppra I could handle inositol okay but since coming off if I take it I get crippling anxiety but also feelings of serenity and closeness to family and friends along with a strange urge to dance xD the dancing thing is the most interesting. I don't really like to dance. I don't get the feeling of fluidity I think other people do. But on inositol I feel that fluidity. I'll be doing ballet in my living room haha..... sounds kinda like mania.
  11. So still doing well on a few of these guys. 25 mg b6 P-5-P form 2000 mcg hydroxo b12 10,000 mcg biotin 500mg vitamin C 600 mg NAC 3x daily some over the counter GABA (unsure if this does anything tbh) optimal liposomal glutathione (400mg phosphatydilcholine, glutathione) 30 mcg methylfolate (working my way up very slowly on this to prevent inflammation) After researching Gabapentin I came across some information that it can reduce levels of folate which would put stress on the methylation cycle. I already have many folate methylation gene mutations. interestingly enough about 2 days ago I experienced a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the pain I've been experiencing from Peyronie's disease. Whether this is from coming off the gabapentin and benzos or because I'm replenishing my b levels and stabilizing the methylation process I do not know. Or perhaps the increased glutathion is aiding in inflammation reduction. Regardless I'm happy with the results. i recommend anyone who is taking anticonvulsants (this includes benzos) to get their biotin, calcium, b12, b6, and folate levels checked.
  12. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering well i dont know much about antipsychotic withdrawals but i I imagine your brain has compensated in some way for them over time and now needs to adjust back. in terms of the depekote it's not 100 percent certain how that works but scientists think it does increase GABA. Usually gaba is inhibitory and would contribute to brain fog etc but if you look at the withdrawal symptoms for drugs that increase gaba confusion and cognitive problems are on the list. The gaba system is pretty sensitive and it can take time for things to return to normal (I'm acutely aware of this as I'm currently withdrawing from gabapentin and attivan). I wouldn't worry too much. Just try and get adequate sleep, food, and relaxation.
  13. I just started taking some krill oil and I went to the beach today for some good old vitamin D you know interestingly enough I've been craving fish a lot recently. Odd because I've always disliked fish! Also in terms of the hair loss... it actually might be gabapentin causing it. I've been off keppra for months now and the loss has only gotten worse so I googled a bit and there seems to be quite. A few people saying they're having hair issues on gabapentin. But you know it's the internet so who knows.
  14. Also since taking keppra my hair has been falling out and I would like to figure out why... I'm hoping folate zinc selenium and molybdenum willl help.
  15. I think I'll try a few. I'm mostly concerned with my antioxidant capabilities being impaired and high levels of ammonia. And superoxides. I do wish they had a section for WHY they think these are good supplements though. I should eat healthier. I'm on a keto diet and it treats me well so I eat a lot of salad but sometimes I fall into just eating too much sausages and cheese ;p