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  1. There was a big thread posted a while back that was similar to this, though I'm not sure how to find it now. I think B-complex vitamins and magnesium have the best track record with HPPD but that's likely because people are just depleted. I also take digestive enzymes, selenium, zinc, sunflower lecithin and fish oil. Time of day matters too. You shouldn't take a lot of minerals at the same time as they can compete with one another. My morning drink consists of tulsi tea, hibiscus tea, passionflower tincture, bacopa tincture, a half teaspoon of turmeric, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and sea salt. It tastes like crap but it's an excellent morning cleanse and gives me a boost mood wise. As for diet, I'd say going gluten free, limiting sugar to only organic produce and taking it easy or eliminating nightshades is the best bet. You can be liberal with what you eat as long as you're eating natural foods that come from the earth.
  2. Yeah, there's a handful of posts on this site where people seem to find significant relief with opioids but as is mentioned above this comes with all sorts of additional health concerns. Perhaps they could offer some form of temporary relief for people who are really struggling.
  3. I only had CEVs for the first few months, if that. It seems they coincided with the worst of my symptoms. As best I can describe CEVs are basically like a very light visual LSD trip when you close your eyes. I see vibrant colors, shapes, patterns, etc. Excess glutamate, caffeine and nightshades can sorta ramp up these symptoms again, but nothing too severe and it always goes back to baseline when I get that stuff out of my system.
  4. Sorta felt like I got sucked to the back of my head, felt very childlike, scared, just wanted to stop tripping, be somewhere safe, etc. Never felt that way before in my entire life and have no idea what it was, but as best I can describe it was basically the beginning of what could have been a bad trip.
  5. That sounds awesome. I did some similar work abroad in Spain a few years back. I think it's a great idea for those with HPPD as it will keep you busy and allow you to try and live a bit. The one thing I'll say about turning your diet around is that it takes time to really feel the effects. A lifetime eating a certain way has your gut biome thriving on specific foods and to completely alter it will take many months. I've been eating healthy for a year now and it's been the most effective treatment for HPPD and my mental health in general, although it's taken a long time for it to really kick in.
  6. I know how it is man. We all have vices. Mine is sugar and sweets. I still struggle with that stuff daily. Again, it's all about making little achievements and goals here or there, baby steps, taking it one day at a time, etc. Like MadDoc said, focus on the progress you have made, be proud of yourself, but at the same time always have goals you're trying to work toward too.
  7. If there's one thing I've learned about HPPD it's that progress is a lot like watching the moon go across the sky at night. You can't see it move no matter how hard you try, but if you glance up every now and then you'll noticed it's not in the same spot as before. Any progress is good with HPPD. It's really about entirely altering your lifestyle, becoming the healthiest person you can imagine and doing a whole bunch of little things each and every day to benefit your health and transform your mind, body and especially your brain. If you keep working at it, then over the course of hundreds and hundreds of days you'll notice a change. It's great you've made the progress you have, but man, smoking is just awful for you. If you could really cut back and then totally eliminate cigarettes and all forms of drugs I really think you'd notice a big difference in your mental and physical health. I know I did when I quit about three years ago. Also, eating healthy is the single most important aspect of altering your brain chemistry. I think I read somewhere recently that 90 percent of neurotransmitters begin their life cycle in the gut. You can't change your brain if you're not giving your body what it needs to work. It's like filling a sports car up with the cheapest form of gasoline -- it'll run, sure, but your not optimizing your output and in the longrun you could totally mess up your engine altogether.
  8. Exactly. This is why people have such up and down days all the time and why they can't seem to get a grip on this condition. I've had no problem eliminating drugs and most of the stress in my life, though some stress is natural and inevitable obviously. The biggest step aside from this has been figuring out which foods make HPPD worse and which don't. Now that I have that mostly figured out I've really had no trouble with my symptoms because I know I'm making progress and even when I eat something that exacerbates them I know what it was and how to get it out of my system and recover by eating properly. I honestly feel like eating right has maybe saved my life.
  9. Didn't make my see things but totally exacerbated my HPPD symptoms just like nutmeg did recently. I think they have the same chemical compound if I remember correctly.
  10. I can definitely relate regarding the car crash analogy. That sums it up pretty well. There was a distinct period, at about a year or so, where my memory just completely shut down and the old memories I had almost didn't seem like mine anymore, like they were from someone else's life. This is a pretty common DP-DR symptom though. I think it's just been a result of living in a certain state for so long. Eventually your memories get coated with DP-DR vision and feeling and whatnot.
  11. I took a sleep aid that made my symptoms much worse, but only for a day. I don't think you can run the risk of permanently worsening symptoms as long as you take small doses and don't overdo it. But that said, I stay away from all that crap. Your body will heal from a common cold if you just drink lots of water and eat right. No need in putting more junk in your system that makes you feel worse.
  12. Same. I get this often when I'm tired and meditating right before bed. I listen to binural beats and sometimes it's like they get amplified in waves. It's difficult to explain I guess. I've also had instances where I'm either asleep or on the verge of being asleep and think I hear something. I imagine this goes hand in hand with the symptoms I have where I think I see things and then I look again and there's nothing there. The sounds, however, could be more linked to brain wave malfunction given the link to epilepsy and the state of consciousness when they occur. Maybe theta?
  13. http://time.com/4841790/exercise-brain/?utm_campaign=time&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=time_socialflow_twitter
  14. Yeah, when I had severe insomnia I swore my symptoms actually improved. Looking back I'm not sure if they actually did or if I just felt like they did because my perception of reality was so messed up.