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  1. Ive had it for uhh lets see like 2.5 years. I dont think the HPPD ever goes away. i think its a form of PTSD so if we cure the PTSD i guess we can actually cure the DP
  2. yeah NotMyself i see faces everywhere its scary sometimes
  3. sorry, but theres hope i actually like my life now.
  4. im too high and shit to read it but im moving to cali soon lol. yeah my DP still is here and it makes me depressed at times Just remembered to log onto hppd online i havent logged in in a while lol
  5. tbh i love the HPPD now and the tinnitus feels like im rocking out
  6. i think it goes away with a LOT of meditation/spirituality/yoga etc..
  7. was in jail for 10 months. it was total hell lol esp. with DP . anyways my DP is FINALLY, I barely ever think about it anymore. took a lot of time and I tripped on a lil dmt hit which worked for me
  8. youll be fine brah XD
  9. yeah perma fry. ur subconscious traumas are unlocked so now u gotta learn to face them. look up Teal Swan, Grounding techniques
  10. it makes me appreciate life more and be more humble and stronger but only if i give into the thoughts
  11. yup ^ dont listen when people say "your life is ruined"
  12. same exact thing here. im getting better everyday. not much of a problem for me anymore
  13. yup. Weve all been thru it i just made a post, i think u should read it. "Main and General Forum"