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  1. Where is my childhood do we have regret from mistakes, I even cant feel I have regret buth I do, everything in the past is gone out of memory and there is no past or dreams, only instinct has left running with a autopilot, after realizing never wil be the same like before and be happy what we achieved and even if we cant feel it.
  2. What will happen if you don't want to listen booom !!


  3. The pleasure to be alone and only is god 

  4. I thought I wil be fine alone and I dont need nobody I should be strong alone after long year's I see how much I lost because I needed I guide and some one to talk and share  

  5. Go with good people and leave the bad hart people behind

  6. I have this problem for more then 4 years my hppd started frist with head presure before I start notice first symptoms of hppd, and I use painkillers to threat this issue There is a natural painkiller named PEA-supplement and I using this for 10 days worth a try for a solution in longterm
  7. Its true that's the brain can heal its self or rewire if some one is disciplined and do lot of healty things in life he can be sure take big steps to recover faster then you can imagine Easy said then done master your mind and everthing wil be easy, we have to aim for this And I want to say after 6 months of klonopin use I stopt cold turkey, it was stupid buth still feel the damage of benzo use
  8. Yes man its true I look also drugs as a big harm for my self when I look back what it did to me and worry about people using while they healty and dont know what it can cause if its go wrong And I geth scare from people lose control when they using drugs The story of drugs use is also over for me and look healty ways to enjoy life And yes best way stay out of drugs is cut out this friends, no money no gold can be compared with your health
  9. Gman still try to use drugs and want to enjoy while on hppd I think he want to say my hppd increased by 95 % Gman your doing a good job making your hppd worse
  10. I want letter a logical explanation I learned from my religion that some people try to make something hard to understand and try to make profit to go there way and make profit from them When you learn to think logically you can resolve a lot problems for your self buth exactly they dont want it. Like if you.ask to a doctor will sport exercise help me ? They will say yes it is good for you buth they dont want to say if its enough to feel good, why? Because they cant offer or sell medication to the meds industry and he cant offer a good service to earn there money And if you dont ask anything what can help me they.puth you directly on medication why they dont ask do you have good cardiovascular condition? Can you run 100 metres? Can you climb 2 floors ? They dont want to know then you will start a medication trial before you know are you in good cardiovascular condition, and this is the basic to feel good and you just hope and wait you feel better buth it that day will noth come easly and you will loose energy and hope Logically if you geth first your cardiovascular condition beter with time and you feel fine and take some medication well then its fine, at the end your body create enough endorfines to treat your condition Mostly its isnt so hard to find some solutions for our problems buth we overwhelm our self Sharing my experience and lost a lot of time and hope and dont talk about all health professionals and dont blame them buth about the industry profit organizations
  11. Everthing what you learn in your teen age this is your main skills for life, after this period its wil be hard.

  12. Its look like going worse buth going up and down like waves in the beach once you reach the peak of your hppd Is there a way to cure hppd ? Yes of course how much? Depends on your body and hard work. 1 stop feeding hppd by oberserving it 2 stop having regret feelings 3 change to healty life style 4 puth a lot exercise in your life if its posible puth all your energy here first 5 dont waste to much time to search how to cure, you can only help your self 6 sometime things arent to difficult like we think the are Point 4 wil help dealing a lot of your problems now your in begin in your hppd condition so how faster you take action how faster you can minimize your damage
  13. Yea man this why we all here seeking for help buth the world alrdy fucked pretty hard where there is littel or no help for some people is struggling and need to find you own way out this where we geth stuck because we fucked our body all rdy and we cant think with a clear mind. I just know my body if i eat something unhealty for me or try to push my self to hard my body give me a sign with more tinitus.
  14. Hi Dukkha I am struggling with brainfog this is my one of my main issue i loose to much energy and time with this and trying for 2 month to geth it any better All food is just like industrial junk you cant escape from it and isnt so much left what should be naturel or tho choose everthing has poisoned and made only for the gain money and every body know that. I noticed how less i eat how les i have brainfog and more energy. For sensetieve people its a big issue. In my recovery years from hppd, i had more energy then at the moment its just insane. We just have to be happy thats everthing can be worse and look postieve to the future. We need somtimes experience guid form friends to help us out from something even for hppd, going to a doctor 2 times in a month would do so much they just sitting in there warm office and we espect they can help us realy out from your problems. Your effort is your future.