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  1. I have tried it... Did seem to boost my mood a bit, but you need alot, like 10g per day. I'm not really sure how meds or supplements solve an issue like this though. I think something like CBT or meditation would be much more helpful. I would keep any kind of med or supplement as a last resort, not a first resort.
  2. Actually, I said you have pre-hppd because you need to think about them before seeing them. Not because you only have VS. As I said on the other thread... Your best bet is something like CBT to stop the obsessive thinking.
  3. I've made this post sticky... Sounds like great work, so far. Let's all get donating! If you need anyone from the UK for the test, i'm happy to do it... My VS is more like a blizzard
  4. You are obsessing, no doubt about it. The likelihood of it getting worse, without any additional drugs, is slim to none. If you are staying away from drugs, then there are only a few things that could make your hppd worse.... SSRIs, heavy amounts of alcohol and stress. Avoid the first two and limit the last and you will not get worse. I would possibly look into CBT or something to try and get past the obsessive thoughts. and no need to apologise about anything... The forum is here to support, not judge.
  5. It's definitely interesting for our group... If we can start to pinpoint areas of overactivity, we can then look to target them with meds, magnets, electrics etc
  6. Here is the science article that led to the story https://www.nature.com/articles/srep46421
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum. As a fellow long termer, I know the feeling of finally finding out about HPPD and having a name for the disorder... It's quite liberating. I'm sure you've built up a good set of coping mechanisms of your own, but a few things you might not be aware of: Avoid caffeine, avoid SSRIs and anti psycotic meds (doctors are quick to hand these), avoid fast/junk food, try to exercise, clonazepam is the most used treatment here (though treat with caution, additive), other meds that have worked for some - keppra, lamitcal re: doctors - this is a good starting place for literature - https://www.theravive.com/therapedia/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-dsm--5-292.89-(f16.983) All the best, Jay
  8. I'd say you have what I refer to as pre-hppd... If you have to force it on, then it is in a mild form and will very likely go completely if you stay sober, get healthy, eat well etc. At the very worst, you will just stop looking for it (I have a feeling alot of these visual issues were always there, we just filter them out perfectly, pre-drugs) I went through this stage and ignored it (this was before the internet!)... It can become hellish, but only by pouring fuel on the fire... No point getting stressed about it now though, I'd suggest not even bothering reading further until you try the sober/healthy approach and see what is really going on... but the most important thing is to stay sober. Your body/mind is ringing out alarm bells, you have to listen.
  9. As there is currently no success stories section, I will pin this and all success stories can go here.
  10. Yea, caffiene kills me... Massive, massive anxiety from even small amounts (though never experienced a reaction from dark chocolate, maybe the brand I buy doesn;t have caffeine)
  11. Everything's tied in... When you see less visuals you feel less trippy, which further helps lower the anxiety, imho.
  12. Yep... You've recovered before, so i am sure you will again. I would possibly do a 2-3 week course of klonopin to ease the stress and anxiety. This could speed up recovery time (but make sure not to stay on it too long)
  13. helps me massively with anxiety, lowers the trippy feeling and at 1.5mg or above, reduces my visuals alot too (2mg reduces my visuals by about 70%!) re: concentration, at higher doses, it is hard to stay awake, some times. The first few weeks, you will struggle a bit to concentrate and even form memories (at higher doses).... This seems to pass once you get used to it though.
  14. Yea, that's pretty much it... I mix it up a bit... some weeks i'll not have any on thursday or friday... Some weeks i'll maybe need 2mg on sunday etc... or might need a tuesday dose for a meeting or something I think the key is to have those 3 and 1/2 days totally clean though, at minimum, before the next round... the more clean days, the less chance of risk. (I always go 10 days clean 4 times a year, to make sure i'm not getting addicted or building tolerance). I've been on this "plan" for about 7 years now, maybe 8. Complete life saver, it has changed how I approach life in such a massive, positive way! Good luck
  15. I wouldn;t call it a stoned felling... More like the last hour or two of a strong LSD trip... Where things are starting to get back to normal, but your vision and thinking are still a bit trippy.
  16. MDMA is my only regret really... At least LSD helped shaped me as a person.... MDMA gave me nothing other than pain.
  17. I still get this feeling now, i think it is linked with dp/dr Klonopin and alcohol are the only things that help.
  18. No need to quit, but just moderate it. Glad to hear you are veg... i'm vegan (I still eat doritos and oreos here and there though)
  19. Yes, my doctor prescribes Clonazepam. It works well for me, but note that I only take it 1-4 days per week, always with at least 3 days in a row without taking any, to clean out my system... This seems to stop any tolerance and addiction.
  20. Bad food, eg, alot of junk food, processed garbage with too much sugar and salt. I found that fixing the things i could, like my physical health, helped me to start fixing some parts of my mental health too...
  21. It sounds like you are doing alot of things right... Going sober is 100% the way to go and telling your mum was a smart move, even if she is having a hard time understanding... At least she knows if you want to start heading down the medication route. Have you tried cutting other things out, like caffeine? bad food? anything else causing you stress? have you tried exercise? How did you get hppd?
  22. I had a phone call last night with the head of a clinic called www.brainworksneurotherapy.com They specialise in qEEG and neuro feedback to treat various disorders. They have already had some success with cases of hppd, including what sounded like a pretty severe case that had been going on for 4 years (LSD/MDMA induced). He had also treated DMT induced and cannabis induced hppd (interestingly, the qEEG for cannabis induced hppd was significantly different to the serotogenic drugs). They were very interested in our situation (and drug induced disorders in general) and were confident they could help us with a medical trial. I asked what they could provide and what the costs are, so that we can try and raise the funds. There are two ways to do this: The cases he discussed above were individuals treated over 2 weeks in their London based clinic. The cost is prohibitive for us to conduct a 10+ person trail, at £2000 per person. This included 12-20 sessions, with the support of a specialised doctor to process the qEEG and Neuro Feedback. The second option, which he seemed excited about, was that at the start of next year, they are bringing in mobile qEEG units that can be shipped around the globe, plugged into the internet and done remotely. This would work out to around £250 per person and would include a specialised doctor to process the qEEG and Neuro Feedback, write up the results of the trial and provide us with documentation to publish here and take to our doctors/neuros. He said that to get the best results, we need to have 10+ people who are willing to go med/supplement free during the duration of the trial. This is very important, so please consider this if you want to get involved. Other than that caveat, it can be any type of hppd sufferer, mild/severe, long term/new etc ... The device can be posted to most locations, but he suggested that a European test would be quickest, though I don't want to rule anyone out who wants to get involved... With the relatively low pricing, we could possibly even think about 2-3 group trails.. Euro based, USA based etc... Even Cannabis induced / serotonin induced groups. He said that he thought February 2016 was a good target to aim for. What do you reckon? Does anyone have any experience with NeuroFeedback? I think a group qEEG trial is worth the money alone, but if the feedback treatment helps in any way, that is a huge bonus!
  23. 1000 mics, damn! I think 350 was about my highest dose and that was insane (though I was at Glastonbury festival, so the insanity was intensified quite a bit!) I did have 900 of our UK magic mushrooms once though, which I can only imagine the comparable LSD dose must be in the 1000s... That was the only time I really had a complete ego loss (salvia aside) and not something I would equate to fun or in anyway insightful... Just way, way too strange!
  24. It takes a hell of alot for someone to notice if another person has a mental disorder... When it is something like psychosis, it can be easy enough to spot, but depression, anxiety, even tripping out with hppd... unless you are speaking crazy nonsense, people just don;t notice.. They might think you are shy maybe... but probably not even that. People have their own shit going on and just don;t notice. It's a bit of a relief once it clicks... I really thought that people must be able to see it in my eyes, which would then make my social anxiety even worse. Now I get that people are not gonna be looking for problems when I am chatting to them, it chills me out. I even have people commenting how relaxed I always am, easy to talk to... Makes me laugh, as inside i am a wreck! and yea, I am sure alot of shit is being sold as LSD these days... I tried LSA once and it was much dirtier and felt toxic. These research chems must be a fucking minefield.
  25. I was watching a documentary this weekend about the makers of the orange sunshine LSD, sounds like the doses were very strong back then. (that was the late 60s, of course, but I am sure the strength was similar). One of the guys accidentally dosed himself with 2000 micro grammes... What a trip! I remember when I first started taking LSD, the urban myth was that you could get a permatrip, which I am sure must be related to people getting hppd, much like the phrase acid burnout was. It is surprising that so few people seem to report the hppd symptoms from the 60s/70s. I wonder, was LSD use spread out more? I also guess that the doctors back then would have very little sympathy for anyone coming in with problems caused by lsd... Probably, like yourself, alot of people had to just dig deep and get on with their life. I still have an affinity for LSD, I think it was my soul drug. Alot of people here understandably hate it (I have a similar hatred for mdma), but I can only imagine how transcending and groundbreaking it must have felt back in the late 60s, early 70s.