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  1. hppd

    My hppd sounds a similar level and still is after 20 years, but don't panic. I carried on drug use for years after a severe trip on a microdot that first took me to this level of hppd... You have done the right thing and stopped now, so you have a far better chance of recovering. Just do everything you can to avoid stress, if you have to quit work/college or whatever for a while, do it. If you are a strong minded individual, I would probably recommend getting some benzos to give yourself a break 2-3 days a week.... This will also help you get a sleep rythmn back, which will help your recovery (maybe get some melatonin too). Be sure to fully research benzo use though, it will seem like a magic bullet and is all too easy to start using everyday. Having an addiction and withdrawals along with severe hppd is probably a living hell though. Plenty of horror stories on here, be sure to read them, if you do go down this route.
  2. Hard to answer that question, but you recovered once before.. So I think it can happen again, probably take a similar amount of time, maybe less. Don't beat yourself up over it, this happens to most everyone on here. Just make sure to learn from this set back.... Your brain/body is telling you that you are not built for drug taking, it's gonna be difficult saying no... But trust me, that difficulty is nothing compared to a life of madness that hppd brings. There is plenty of fun still to be had... You can enjoy some beers, get laid, go travelling etc etc ... meditation/yoga if you feel a spiritual void is lacking when you stop the drugs. Hell, in a few years you might even be able to light up a mild joint without any problems. Good luck, Jay
  3. Klonopin is pretty much the only thing that helps me, med wise. It is highly addictive and tolerance building though, so you will need a plan of action. I take it 4 days a week and then 3 days off, with a 10 day break every 2 months... This has worked for me for 6-7 years now, no tolerance, no withdrawals. 1.5mg reduces my symptoms by about 60%, maybe 70%... It means I can get out there and get stuff done. Neither Keppra or Sinemet didn't work for me, but has helped other... Certainly worth a try. Keep on fighting... PM me if you need anything.
  4. Hopefully the fact that you managed to more or less overcome it once means your body/brain or whatever can do it again. One thing to make sure not to do is to beat yourself up about falling back into drugs again... That just adds an extra layer of stress... Its' done... Learn from it, but don't over analyse it. good luck mate
  5. We have updated the forum to 4.0 .... hopefully this has solved alot of the issues we were having
  6. 2016 has been the same as 2006 and 1996... a tripped out year with some ups and downs, some screw ups and some betterment of myself! I'm happy that I have a new neurologist in the UK and he has been great, very compassionate and helped. Awaiting EEG and MRI results, so hopefully 2017 brings some answers. On a less personal note, 2016 can fucking do one.... Trump, Brexit, right wing idealogies, disgusting fake wars, ISIS, terror, media hate mongering, russian airstrikes, trucks mowing down families and a steady march towards the end of the world Happy Holidays!
  7. my new year's resolution is to get a better grip on my drinking.... I'm not gonna quit, as i feel i deserve some fun in my life, but want to try really hard to stop getting drunk to the point where I am blacking out or doing things that i regret. As we all know though, once you have had a few, it becomes hard to stay rational!
  8. congrats man, glad to hear you are doing well
  9. I will ask my neuro when I go up to discuss the results (no date yet) I have had an MRI since having hppd, but that was for a head injury, so maybe they were not looking for the right specifics. I expect it to come back clear though. btw - your profile pic always makes me laugh
  10. No idea why it is so quiet, I guess it is one of those things where people post less articles, so people make less posts and it just gets quieter and quieter. I've been going through a rough time... Out of work with an injured arm (RSI) and might have to change career... Also a friend killed herself. On a positive note, i have found a neurologist here in the uk who has been great... I have been for an EEG and MRI scan, waiting for results... He has also agreed to my continued use of klonopin on a 3-4 days per week basis.
  11. I've drank alot since hppd.... It makes me feel pretty good at the time, gets rid of my anxiety and makes me have fun again... I feel like my pre-hppd self.... The next day is hell though, massive anxiety. My recomendation is to get a benzo for the hangover. Have a good time on your stag do though.... I don't remember much us mine and woke up in a skip
  12. sure, hit me up on skype
  13. yea... daytime, night time, eyes open, eyes closed. No escape! avoid mdma at all costs....
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/aug/08/visual-snow-debilitating-eye-condition-doesnt-exist?CMP=fb_gu
  15. My whole visual fields is a great swath of blue/green shapes. Dots, streaks, lines....it is my worst symptom and something that got progressively worse with MDMA use. Possibly your recent dabble with the cough medicine does something similar to MDMA, chemically.