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  1. My neurologist was fine with it, in fact he commended me on my 3 day plan. I have had normal doctors say no though... I just change doctors until I find one that says yes. (in the uk, we have free health care)
  2. Yes, so they are addictive. Heroin isn't addictive if you only take it once a week either. I'm an advocate of beznos a few days a week, but I do that because of their insanely addictive nature. 3 months ago I chanced my luck by going from 3 days on/4 days off to 4 days on/3 days off and, after a month, realised I was getting withdrawals on day 3 of the off days... First time I ever had withdrawals and proof that these pills need constant monitoring and attention. Dosage also plays a big role, due to the large half life. If you take 4mg every other day, you'd soon be addicted. This is my regime now: Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Thursday 6pm Clonazepam (1mg) - Friday 9am Clonazepam (1mg) - Saturday 9am
  3. While I feel your pain and went through a similar thing when I was young, I do have some empathy for them. It is a VERY rare disorder, there is no cure and next to no real research to look through. Better to channel your energy into trying to make people aware of the illness and push for the medical community to do more clinical tests, rather than being resentful because doctors have to take guesses. btw - having no previous addiction history means absolutely nothing about whether benzos are addictive... they are, massively.
  4. Yes, I agree with the above. This is different to hppd, get him to a psychiatrist or neurologist and see what they suggest.
  5. If 4mg doesn;t work, klonopin isn;t for you. 4mg would put me to sleep too.
  6. I'm alot worse when I don't sleep. dp/dr through the roof. HPPD is a messed up disorder. None of us are the same.
  7. Maybe you did have them before? There is a much, much bigger chance that you had them, but filtered them out of your vision. Drugs and medications have no researched link to floaters. Research them. they are perfectly natural. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floater Literally all that is happening is you see hppd visuals, starting scanning your vision every day and start noticing totally natural shit in your vision that you would never normally notice. Unfortunately, once you start noticing them, it is hard to stop.
  8. It could be completely unrelated... We live in a very chaotic world that demands questioning. You might just be a smart, empathetic person that needs to try and work out the world you live in. Chances are you would have these thoughts without drugs/hppd. I would try and turn it into a positive.... You are not just some reality tv addicted, media led fool who goes through life with their head in the sand.
  9. I'm kind of torn on this... I agree that a positive mindset is very helpful, and self blame/ self loathing are useless.... But I completely disagree that dp/dr and anxiety are emotional responses and not, at least in some part, neurological. I couldn't care less about my visuals anymore, but dp/dr is hell on earth and no amount of positivity and peace can stop it from being there. It's almost like a physical pain.
  10. I never had a bad trip... I had some very strange trips, but could always stay calm.
  11. floaters are 100% nothing to do with hppd.... zero. I had them when i was 5 years old. The only reason you are noticing floaters more is that you are constantly scanning your visual field looking for symptoms.
  12. Almost certain.... Not certain. The reason I think you will recover is that your symptoms are very mild and, in 10+ years here, I have never seen someone with mild symptoms stay more than a year. They either fully recover or start to ignore the symptoms and carry on with their life as normal.
  13. An alternative to look into is inositol. It noticeably boosted my mood with no effects on hppd. Everyone is different, so gradually increase dosing, if you do try it.
  14. Prozac made my visuals worse, but made my anxiety spike to levels i've never know before or since. I'd rather take acid again than that poison.
  15. Zero evidence for this, as far as I know. The idea that it could actually undo neurological damage seems even more remote. I'm not completely dismissing the idea, it is just very, very risky and is based on anecdotal evidence from people on the internet. When I took drugs, post hppd, I would sometimes get an afterglow for a while, then crash even further down. Maybe they posted their anecdote during one of the afterglow periods.