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  1. Here is my initial thought. Gabapentin is sort of more towards a supplement-ish. Just slowly minimize Gabapentin throughout a month's time. 1mg of Ativan is a fairly low dose. So unless you are getting headaches or something, might as well stay at 1mg for now. Firstly, consult your doctor! I think Ativan is in and out of system in about 5 days. But you only feel the anti-anxiety effect for like 5 hrs.
  2. "This is for you out there, guys.....At least it doesn't block your NMDA receptor.....Now for my next song.....another 45 minutes of shitty music."
  3. The drug Minipress (prazosin), i know for a fact we have discussed. But it keeps coming up in things/researches I have been doing. Kind of interesting. NEJM group reference:
  4. I don't know for sure. Ask Qaiphix(disitmane). I would say that it is often thought that the ht2a receptor is responsible for delusions in psychotic patients. That's why we had initially started talking about ht2a inverse agonists which are in a weird way sort of like an antagonist. I don't know for sure.
  5. An appointment for what exactly? And why is that day a judgement day?
  6. Cannabis is basically a low level hallucinogen. There are so many strains of the stuff with different ratios of the chemicals that it seems like a bad idea to take/smoke (completely in an uncontrolled environment and often bought as a street drug or these supposed expert growers). Also i have contacted a marijuana specialist who is actually a biologist and i believe he still smokes. But he has told me that there are very little medicinal qualities as compared to what people are saying who whole-heartedly advise its use. He even said that about CBD! And obviously THC. My opinion would be to avoid it.
  7. Super!!!! I hope it damn-well helps. Because based on the technicals it looks very promising. Keep us up to date on the progress if you get the script!
  8. Suicide is an option but it is good to leave options OPEN; once you are dead you have no options. Most of us (especially those who have been on this site for many years) have been through several, several, many, many bouts of suicidal ideation. I am thinking your life is worth living because you have many people you can help. And if you are no longer here on earth, you won't be able to help. People need you. And it is your duty to make the effort (however hard it is) to help and to walk others along with you and for them to walk with you. This is not a place for the weak: this world. But show those fuckers you are not weak and persevere!!!! Grab the bull by the balls and throw 'em at your adversaries. Get tired of those wishy-washy, indifferent, cold-hearted people; and form your own reality. And beat the fuck out of this disease!!! Good Luck!!! i mean in 100% sincerity ...and Stay up. Because life depends on it. Because we fknn care about you!!!!!!
  9. Super find by one of our members!!!!
  10. Sounds like a great drug potentially. Is it on the market? I am going to like this thread to my favorite other thread. Great find.
  11. The doctorofmind channel on YT is currently defunct. It is videos made By Dr. Mark Viner. This has really made me quite upset. And i want them back on YT ASAP. GDI !!!!!! There are 3 or 4 videos i really would like to have. What a fkn shame!!!!! uggggghhhhh.
  12. Supposedly it has some good effects for the thyroid somehow (apart from the usual iodine).
  13. The thread name is fine. Lamictal is a SCB, sodium channel blocker, i think. They use that for seizure activity too, i also think.