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  1. Yeah. When you eat weed, the normal sort of reaction for people like us is a cold sweat plus a major bug-out. And it lasts longer than smoking it. You need to be sober is the only answer. The best you can do is not do any more street drugs. Some of us were psychotic or drug-related psychotic for many years. If you look at any serious psychiatric issue, it usually involves the baseline of 2-3 symptoms: 1. Anxiety/Panic 2. Depression and/or 3. Memory/Attention/Cognition issues Just remember whatever it is you have, all you can do is treat the symptoms.
  2. I want to get on the board! Message me, please. I want to talk about interviews.
  3. Good job Hope! I would love to interview everyone and have a video/audio account of everyone. One day do a documentary on HPPD. I talked to Dr. A about it and he felt like it may not be worth it but I still would like to do it.
  4. Certainly, you are right KB. They are fad-like these diets. When I was exploring Ketones, I remember it being linked to the Kreb's Cycle. [I know a bit about stuff after 10 years of study but I got a C- in chemistry in HS]. If I remember correctly what exactly I was studying was adipose fat and Ketones and the Kreb's cycle and hormones and diabetes. [What is interesting is short-to-medium chain fatty acids seem to cross the BBB. Making some fatty acids psychotropic. Which is a tad scary]. Sugars and Carbs are the first things burned off. Bottom line if you are burning off things at a decent rate daily in the way of locomotion, your diet will factor less. Won't necessarily help HPPD but your body will seem to a doctor to be of health, generally. If you are sedentary then you have to sort of rethink some things: a. being your DNA disposition to metabolism b. how reactions to external forces affect physiology. Historically, people had thought [in the 1950s or so] that stomach ulcers were caused by stress. But it was found that ulcers were caused by the h. pylori bacteria. Nevertheless, I think that digestion can be upset by external stressors. ie- diarrhea and GERD.
  5. Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder
  6. Consider eating eggs with peppers, tomatoes or potatoes because foods in the nightshade family may be anticholinergic. The acetylcholine receptors tend to be competitive, so I figure adding eggs which is full of choline is not a terrible idea. Physostigmine is the antidote for acute nightshade poisoning.
  7. Tomatoes and Eggplants and Potatoes are all from the nightshade family. The Jimson weed or Datura plant, mandrake, belladonna, tobacco, angel/devil's trumpet, I believe are all a part of that family. Largely, it means that they may contain poisonous alkaloids, much in the plant itself, seeds and roots. Drugs like scopolamine and atropine can be found in these plants. One was used a lot in eye science and the other in emergency rooms, respectively. These are both very important drugs ....BUT.... Be careful! I also proposed the idea of perhaps a distillation of Jimson Weed would be an interesting plant to look into mainly for the photophobic effects it manifests. So when you are off the drug after, you will not be so photophobic. Having read Carlos Castenada as a young adult, I thought it was an interesting thought. I am sure it will be investigated in the future. Right now I sort of fear the mishandling of these plants as has been the case in some S. American countries. Certainly, a large amount of these plants can kill you or cause lasting effects such as that of HPPD. So be careful with these plants and never be around people who would use these plants for harm.
  8. Immediate stoppage of Xanax (alprazolam) is HIGHLY dangerous. It may cause a seizure. This is given alprazolam's very short half-life. ------------------------------ Note: Ativan IV (lorazepam intravenous) is used for emergency room treatment of Grand Mal seizure.
  9. From the notepad of Samuel Roth: Factors influencing: 1. DNA variants toward slow metabolism via cytochrome p450 (abberations) 2. Drugs such as Phenytoin etc. 3. P-Glycoprotein inducers and antagonists Serum levels of Clonazepam metabolites are more of an issue for the HPPD sufferer as they tend to have a greater sensitivity to compounds. Nevertheless, the subsequent hours or days after the initial onset of the compound, the perceived effects of Benzodiazepines and its metabolites are often not felt or observed by the patient (perhaps if it does, only as it applies to withdrawal, and the body's habit of having it in its system). ~Serum levels per individual is debatable. Xanax will have zero level in serum at 3 day. Ativan= 5-6 days Klonopin=16 days These subsequent numbers can be influenced physiologically by the three (3) aforementioned factors: Exact numbers are as such: 1. Xanax is fully out of your system after 56 hr. 2. Ativan: 50-100hrs. 3. Clonazepam: 90-250hrs. Serum levels and level of withdrawal symptoms may not be proportional. Often, they are not proportional at all; insofar, as to say, duration of time which has passed since the initial ingestion of the compound may not correspond to the moderate-to-high serum level of that same compound and its metabolites, observed through blood-tests days later (especially as it applies to Benzodiazepines such as Librium, Diazepam, Clonazepam).
  10. I totally agree Jay. I want to sort of describe it as like a binary thing. Like either it is 1 for On-Klonopin, 0 for Not-On-Benzos. When HPPD is really bad, sometimes 1/2 of mg of Klonopin is too much. So in the midst of bad HPPD I think one tends to keep benzos on the lowest possible dose of Klonopin. So when in the midst of HPPD, man, the sensitivity to drugs is potentiated. So yes, I totally do agree. I have gone through times in my life where I went from 3 or 4mg to zero. So I went from around 4mg/day for 30 days and then nothing. That was hell. What I think I am trying to say is what he is doing is a good idea. And should be manageable. All things considered, I think that reducing Klonopin from 1mg to nothing is doable, especially the way he is going about it. Also things like generics vs. other generics are also things to consider. I have found some generics to be much more withdrawal causing than other generics.
  11. You are on such homeopathic doses that withdrawing from the highest dose you were on should never be an issue. But potentially you may need a Benzo. After 9 + 1/2 years of hearing people's stories, I have learned about the doctor's (of the UK) general reluctance to maintain a prescription for Clonazepam. The issue with Klonopin is a heaviness in the form of dullness and mild sedation and a mild tranquilizer hangover, possibly because of its half-life; also another issue is a delayed onset of action. Certainly, low-level Lorazepam is a better fit perhaps, given its immediate effect upon ingestion [as is the case with Valium (but with Lorazepam, a much shorter half-life)], and concerning the inherent obstinance of the doctors in your neck of the woods (certainly, at least, as it pertains to Clonazepam). This is obviously a new disorder, for you; you have basically diagnosed yourself. There really are no panaceas to this disorder. Sail smooth.
  12. Sorry. Watching too much CNN. I am surrounding by Trump haters and they love to blast CNN. And complain and complain. At this point I don't know what to believe I am so confused and jaded. I've been here a long time. I usually help. Sorry. I am here to help. I believe i can help a bit. Sorry if you took offense, it was not meant to be offensive. Seriously, the craziness that is going on here in the USA, is driving everyone including me nuts. I didn't mean any harm. There is this weird air lurking just beneath (semi-latently) the surface of the Liberal state that I am in in the USA. There is really a feeling of fear, confusion, and loathing going on in the public. Weird. Yes. Most people can attest that I am weird. Contemptuous or insulting is not really my style at all. This is just a symptom of my severe panic. I am sorry if it seemed insulting. That is not my intent in the slightest. My intent is pure and from love.
  13. I hate to say this don't seem real.
  14. Cross hairs... like a gun scope?
  15. I understand when HPPD is bad that one becomes very sensitive to medicines and seems like nothing seems to help. I know. But how can you measure a cut 1mg pill to 0.875mg? Do you have a special scale? You seem way more organized than me. You must be cutting it in quarters and then cut that in half. I always just cut it in chips. so in other words you are down to 7/8 mg. Ideally, you should be on an 1/8 once or twice a day. (not in the weening process) But how they had prescribed it. With HPPD, the line between too little and too much is paper thin: sort of like Oliver Sachs and finding the right dosage for the L-Dopa trials. Do your doctors even know what HPPD is?