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  1. drinking is the only thing i do, except now it is not fun all the time, i have to be in the right environment. kind of like how smoking is for most people. but i can't drink too much because my dr kicks in, but at the same time i don't care about it as much because it's like, hey you're drunk, whateverr. one thing i do not like to do is drink before bed, harder to sleep!
  2. did your parents have too take care of you for your first few months at all too, following that first week? i'm feeling very needy..
  3. what are some of your experiences with breaking the news to your parents? how do you tell them? how have they reacted? i know i have to tell them at some point but don't know what to expect or what a good way to say it would be... :/
  4. i was wondering if you guys could share some tips on how to get through the mornings everyday? i've noticed when i sleep in late it's nothing but bad news
  5. i think people are in empty cars sometimes
  6. yes, unfortunately, it is. i was going to visit my boyfriend early in the morning to make breakfast with him. i had left my orange juice in his fridge over night in a thermis, so i finished it. even after he saw me drink it he didn't tell me he put something in there so i could have at least mentally prepared for it. turns out it was some reeeaallly bad acid.. :'( it's not fair but what can i do now? i'm a good person that didn't deserve this
  7. let's do it!
  8. anyone else develop hppd because someone dosed you without you knowing? also, how long after your last trip did you develop it?
  9. i would cry and go fall in love with the world again and laugh and cry some more i' m 19 and have this because my boyfriend dosed me, i don't deserve this. noone does.