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  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) support forum - HPPD, flashbacks, drug-induced visual snow syndrome and depersonalization/derealization.

    Common HPPD symptoms: visual snow, palinopsia (trails/afterimages), increased BFEP, increased floaters, ghosting, halos, starbursts, macropsia/micropsia, geometric hallucinations, closed-eye visuals, flashbacks, depersonalization/derealization, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus.

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    • Thanks. It just seems so frustratingly odd...I developed HPPD almost six years ago to the date. At the beginning I was beside myself in terror-but I was prescribed abilify and an ssri I can't remember and started to habituate. To be honest-maybe the rx at the time did nothing but since I had no dp/dr I just accepted my new normal. I stay on ssri off and on (for long stretches) over the years with no changes and even some anxiety relief. I go off Paxil in February as I feel I no longer need it. Summer was beyond stressful so I decide, quite begrudgingly to go on the 10 mg Paxil again. It's almost like I downregulated too many 5ht2a receptors and now my baseline is this dp state for good. Odd I've often gotten this after falling asleep at least three other times. This time it stuck and I don't know why. Well that's my sob story folks. End.
    • I tend to agree. The limbic system, from what very limited knowledge I have of the brain, makes sense. That said, I don't think we should rule out the cause being our brains attacking themselves in response to the drugs which then caused neurodegeneration. I know for example that after I initially got HPPD I had severe brain fog which Dr. Kharrazian has said is a sign of a cellular cleaning process. I've always thought this could be an indication my brain just kept on attacked itself even long after the acid left my system.  I have psoriasis and possibly an autoimmune thyroid condition as well. My whole family has autoimmunity too. 
    • Then what? What if you drink more? Do they get more frequent permanently?
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    • Cjb007  »  timeframe

      Hey did your hppd go away i have the same symptoms AS you just want to know if it has gone away yet 
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    • Brandon91  »  ghost93

      Does it feel as if you were just looking at life through someone else's eyes ? Not truly feeling your surroundings . Almost as if you were present in body but not actually there? Fuckin sucks.
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    • umit

      What will happen if you don't want to listen booom !!
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