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  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) support forum - HPPD, flashbacks, drug-induced visual snow syndrome and depersonalization/derealization.

    Common HPPD symptoms: visual snow, palinopsia (trails/afterimages), increased BFEP, increased floaters, ghosting, halos, starbursts, macropsia/micropsia, geometric hallucinations, closed-eye visuals, flashbacks, depersonalization/derealization, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus.

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    • It has been my own experience, having HPPD for 48 years now, that there are long stretches of time when the symptoms seem not so strong or not obvious enough to notice. Then, a time of stress, or perhaps sleep deprivation, or for no such reason at all the symptoms will come again more pronounced. The most unsettling of these symptoms is the feeling that I just arrived on the scene while I've actually been there all along doing whatever Im doing. It is like a second me awakens. I do think this must be what is called de-realization or de-personalization. That particular symptom was what I did not like while on LSD in 1969-70 and what really makes me feel 'spacey'.( 48 years later!)  I stay away from situations and places that seem to heighten these symptoms, for instance noisy places with lots of people. Places with alot of electric lights and tech. These sorts of environs seem to trigger symptoms in my case. By the way, one of my biggest fears when I first experienced HPPD at the age of 12 years old was whether or not I would ever get AS high as on a full blown LSD trip! I never had that happen. I suppose it still could happen though.
    • U can compare it to the placebo effect. Our mind is DAMN powerful!!! You can heal everything, even cancer.  There are books by Émile Coué (the Doc behind this). Just read it, follow his instructions and get your life back <3 It worked for me and it will work for you.      
    • I have stomach problems similar to GERD. I basically have to follow all the same protocol. Best thing that's helped me is cutting back drastically on fat, citrus, spicy foods -- anything that will irritate your insides. However the best thing I've found is balancing my stomach PH by eating alkaline foods which are basically just green veggies. I make a smoothie in the morning that's mostly spinach, chard, dandelion greens, parsley, cucumber and then a little non-alkaline fruit like banana and blueberry and man it makes me feel great.  All that said, I've had the roughest stretch of my life outside of two years ago when my entire life collapsed about six months after getting HPPD. I have a thyroid issue, gastrointestinal problems, HPPD, broken bones in my foot, a pulled muscle in my abdomen, I've run through all my savings and can honestly barely make it through the day sometimes. One thing HPPD has taught me is to just keep going no matter how painful everything is on a daily basis. I feel I've damn near perfected the craft of living is absolute misery 24-7. I'm just happy I've made enough progress on the HPPD front to see the light at the end of the tunnel -- even though it's still far away. 
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