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  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) support forum - HPPD, flashbacks, drug-induced visual snow syndrome and¬†depersonalization/derealization.

    Common HPPD symptoms: visual snow, palinopsia (trails/afterimages), increased BFEP, increased floaters, ghosting, halos, starbursts, macropsia/micropsia, geometric hallucinations, closed-eye visuals, flashbacks, depersonalization/derealization, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus.

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    • With all the hype about CBD oil, has anyone tried it? It's not supposed to get you high but I'm to chicken! Thoughts?
    • My hppd sounds a similar level and still is after 20 years, but don't panic. I carried on drug use for years after a severe trip on a microdot that first took me to this level of hppd... You have done the right thing and stopped now, so you have a far better chance of recovering. Just do everything you can to avoid stress, if you have to quit work/college or whatever for a while, do it. If you are a strong minded individual, I would probably recommend getting some benzos to give yourself a break 2-3 days a week.... This will also help you get a sleep rythmn back, which will help your recovery (maybe get some melatonin too). Be sure to fully research benzo use though, it will seem like a magic bullet and is all too easy to start using everyday. Having an addiction and withdrawals along with severe hppd is probably a living hell though. Plenty of horror stories on here, be sure to read them, if you do go down this route.
    • Thanks for the replies. Not been on for a while but great/sad to hear other people paying the price like myself. I contacted a Doctor M. Arif at Leicester NHS from something I read on here (i think) and they emailed to see if i wanted assessing for HPPD so I called them and they said they would be in touch. That was back in October and I still haven't heard anything. Has anyone else heard about this doctor doing research into HPPD? I'm on 10mg of citalopram at present and doing them every other day. Studying my level 4 in counselling which is great for personal development but the focussing on the client can be challenging when I become aware of my HPPD. I'm great at being the client but haven't shared my HPPD as yet with my class mates who we have to do skills practice with. I might do this tonight. ¬†
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