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    Please stop smoking weed.
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    Your story follows a very common theme here, as has been pointed out by above members of this site. I too had symptoms of HPPD from the time I was about 15 until 20. I did a lot of drugs in high school and at some point ended up with visual snow, depersonalization and slight afterimages, all of which are standard HPPD symptoms. After I graduated high school I actually took it easy on drugs my freshman year of college and within a few years I was symptom free. I took a few hallucinogens here and there but was always careful in never taking too much. Well, six years later all it took was a single tab of acid and I was thrown into a world and experience I wouldn't wish on anybody ever in the history of man. It's really clear that you're in a position we all were at one time and ignored. Don't be like us and ignore what your brain is telling you. Drugs don't work for you and your body type. If you keep doing them you'll regret it -- guaranteed. And not only that, you'll regret ever being born. Life on this planet is the greatest gift imaginable. Don't take it for granted. Doing drugs isn't worth it.
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    Even thinking about smoking weed makes me anxious, nothing worse for me than to be high
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    Some people here can have a beer on the weekends and be fine. Some people can't. There's a certain sensitivity with hppd and the spectrum is vast. Psychedelics may have helped you at one time but I'm in agreement with Fante that hppd is some kind of cerebral injury. You have been mildly injured by psychedelics, and you're at a higher propensity for becoming more injured the more you do. I did drugs for the better part of a decade. I continued to use years after I got hppd. I'm slowly recovering from my last major flare up but why would I put myself through that again just to gain a little insight? Not worth it to me. You couldn't PAY me to do drugs again.
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    You may as well ask "if i play russian roulette, will I die?"... None of us know for sure... Yet we can all tell you that it's a stupid idea. I might offend some people saying this, but mild hppd is a walk in the park... Something you can easily live with for the rest of your life. Severe hppd is one of the worst things you can ever experience. Is an 6 hour high worth that risk?
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    I'm so glad I didn't make any rash decisions. I feel about 90-95% recovered and that's without meds. I don't know how to explain it because I'm eating better but not consistently. It must have just been time. It feels like my nervous system is resetting back to normal. Give it time and yours will too.
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    I can understand asking this question with mild hppd. Some of us have it pretty severe and the idea of even touching a drug makes us cringe. If you want it to become severe...sure, go ahead and use drugs. If you want a full recovery, abstain.
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    Just wanted to update that this symptom has basically disappeared by now.
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    It was induced by the same trip on LSD that induced mine, however I had a 2 hour long panic attack, whereas she played with the concept of ego death, but the same as me, didn't go through with it. Hers was less severe because she didn't freak out and just went with it, but as I stated, didn't finalize it. Again "my" theory is confirmed that this is about psychological trauma. 300+ ug LSD caused, 90+ ug resolved it. Her trip was going great until she started looping like crazy. I realized what was going on and that the only way out is 'letting go'. I pumped her full of xanax and told her to lie down and not fight it. Of course she/her ego fought it with numerous questions about reality, identity, the whole shebang of fears that comes with ego death. I drilled her into accepting and letting go. She meditated for 30+ mins and then finally went to sleep. 2 days going strong now: no visuals at all, no dissociation, etc... Of course she's changed, but in a good way. She later told me that the old trip that caused all this came back during this trip. It makes me sad to listen to all Your theories how You've damaged your brains, etc... When the fact is that if you were a normal person before, your brain should reach homeostasis after quitting drugs in 6-12 months tops. Whatever happened to You guys during Your trip, I think you're lying to yourself about the psychological impact it has had, basically sticking to Your old ego which is stuck in the ego-dissolving or ego-death experience trip that messed You up. To sum this up, I basically agree with the theory from that guy on YT. I'll be going the same way, but with mushrooms when I gather the balls and advance in my meditational practice. Hopefully that report will be my last visit to this website.
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    I used to be so passionate about my smoke, that really killed me when I realized I wouldn't be able to enjoy it again.
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    Come on man, drink alcohol and slowly poison yourself like the rest of the population. Drugs are wack, they'll do nothing but slowly change you for who you are, anxiety will pop up here and there where it previously wasn't, your memory will slowly get worse, and 5/10 years down the line you'll be a different person begging to get back to your original self. Life can be amazing all by itself, you don't need drugs, it's taken me a year to get to my old self after a few uses, I appreciate life now, without drugs and alcohol. I know my vision may never be 100% like it was, but it's 50% better now and so greatful.
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    I would lay off the drugs completely. If you keep doing them, even weed, you will eventually develop chronic hppd and it could turn severe. And believe me, that's the last thing you want in this world. I realized 2 years ago after having hppd for 6 years (at that point, 8 now) that I would have to retain a sober lifestyle for the rest of my life.
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    I'd wait a bit longer than 2 days before claiming cures and dismissing other people's opinions on this (including Dr Abraham, who has proved neurological changes via qEEG). I have done drugs, post hppd, and had a glow that lasted upto a week where I felt better, before crashing even further down than before. Proceed with caution. At the end of the day, this is a 3rd hand report.
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    Im an example of someone that mdma helped a lot, before i got hppd. My hppd was getting better, i got it from lsd no dpdr no anxiety just mild vs and ghosting And some patterning and my cevs were basically gone. So i thought maybe im in the clear? I was wrong. I did the mdma felt the anxiety pile on, i was extremely itchy. Flash forward to now, i now have tracers longer afterimages, ghosting is worse and vs is worse. Im glad i did it now tho, because i was mentally addicted to it, before i did it and worsened my hppd i kept saying i cant wait to do molly again. Well guess what? Never again will i touch it. Just my personal experience. I likely wouldve been free of hppd by month 8. Now i dont know if itll ever go away.
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    It's anxiety. That's been the key to my recovery. Lower anxiety = lessening of symptoms overall.
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    Yes completely. I know my DP/DR was entirely anxiety induced, and throughout my recovery I have gone through cycles where I feel intense dp/dr for a week, followed by a week of high anxiety and panic attacks, which then seems to receed into a state of dp/dr. My conclusion is that the anxiety is ever-present, but, as you stated above, you feel more disconnected from it when you are experiencing full blown depersonalization symptoms. Makes sense, considering dp/dr is a self protection mechanism; essentially your brain protecting you from your own anxiety.
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    Meh. Eastern spirituality and mysticism never did anything for me. I call it the rabbit hole of enlightenment. I was a practicing Tibetan buddhist for 5 years. I'll stick with Christ. But to each their own.
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    No one can answer those follow up questions either, unfortunately... hppd is not a linear, easy to determine condition. You might take 10 tabs, be fine... then take the 11th and be put into hell for decades. My advice is, be thankful for what you have learnt with pyschs and that you have come out fairly unscathed. Stay away from mdma too, fucking devil's drug for hppd sufferers. I'd say a bit of alcohol every now and again wont hurt you much... but again, what works for me could be bad for you... go easy, learn your limits.
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    Yea, i have 1 bitcoin (and now 1 bitcoin cash)... I have 100 IOTA coins, 10 litecoins and 1 Ethereum. Unless something drastic happens, I plan to sit on them all for the next 5-10 years or so and see what happens. I bought the bitcoin when it was $150 and is now around $2700.... Hope that trend continues
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    My guess is that 10 years from now your desire to try psychedelics again will be almost nonexistent. There's a reason people quit doing drugs as they age. Getting short bursts of dopamine might make you feel good for a few hours but that's no recipe for real happiness.
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    For me, I think it was cumulative. I noticed something after my first dose but if I had stopped there I think it would have cleared up. Even in the first few years it didn't seem bad. But when I stopped after 6 years, I realized I had a real problem. Also, with the analog chemicals not much is known. Be careful out there. There are times I imagine what it would be like to dose again. The required materials are certainly available. I've just found that I'm really happy being sober. I'm not f*cking with the flow.
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    I just explained 100 times to dont search hope in meds buth everybody wants go the easy way its normal buth isnt if you focus on more naturaly way like exercise,sport maybe you was after 7 years walking with a smile your recovery proces should be like a full time job, you only can make change nobody cant for you. you are your own doctor.
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    Good news. It's all about baby steps and moving in the right direction. You can't jump from suicidal to healthy and happy in a week. That takes many, many months and often times years. It's just about moving that general direction, even if you take a few steps back or sideways every once in a while. Keep up the healthy lifestyle, especially the eating, and see where you're at in another few months. I bet you'll feel even better.
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    I get this sometimes. I think its just another manifestation of visual snow.
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    Thank u for your response Jay1. This was also my original plan, to atleast wait 1 year Before trying any meds. by the looks of it, I will probably do it if my condition doesn't get much worse over a long period of time. I can feel that the recovery is not a straight line , but a continous wave up and down. I once had my best day, almost feeling completely back to normal, just the day after having a total breakdown cause the symptoms were taking over. Good vibes to you and everyone else!
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    If you are improving, i would stay away from meds.... At least get to the 12 month point.
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    Yeah. Diphenhydramine (benadryl) is an antihistamine, that has been used for many many years. The issue with HPPD is everything will seemingly make you trip more. Foods, OTC drugs, stress, etc.
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    Maybe you did have them before? There is a much, much bigger chance that you had them, but filtered them out of your vision. Drugs and medications have no researched link to floaters. Research them. they are perfectly natural. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floater Literally all that is happening is you see hppd visuals, starting scanning your vision every day and start noticing totally natural shit in your vision that you would never normally notice. Unfortunately, once you start noticing them, it is hard to stop.
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    Hey Originally, My name is Boneless Pizza and I think that you should start finding new ways to entertain yourself, such as finding new hobbies and activities that you enjoy and maybe try doing them with friends who encourage you on a new healthy and positive lifestyle, I hope you the best for you as you seem determined to change. -Boneless Pizza <3
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    Welcome back mate... glad you seem better. Not point sweating over if it will get worse... As long as your avoid drugs, stress etc... I can see zero reason it will get worse