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    I'd say you have what I refer to as pre-hppd... If you have to force it on, then it is in a mild form and will very likely go completely if you stay sober, get healthy, eat well etc. At the very worst, you will just stop looking for it (I have a feeling alot of these visual issues were always there, we just filter them out perfectly, pre-drugs) I went through this stage and ignored it (this was before the internet!)... It can become hellish, but only by pouring fuel on the fire... No point getting stressed about it now though, I'd suggest not even bothering reading further until you try the sober/healthy approach and see what is really going on... but the most important thing is to stay sober. Your body/mind is ringing out alarm bells, you have to listen.
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    I considered lamictal and keppra but they can both cause dangerous rash and I have a history of getting nasty rashes and allergies plus success rate with lamictal is extremely low . Dutch prof Michel Ferrari had tried with his vs patients without any success . keppra has higher success rates in general. I am hoping that this drug will work for vs :http://www.1storderpharma.com/pipeline/ if it ends up working for tinnitus we might have a chance as well and since it's an improved version of an old anti-epilepsy drug I am hoping that it will be available within 5 years instead of 10 . Although... I donno if I can live with vs for a whole year so leave alone 5 years or more ...
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    It's going to be hard in your early 20s but you should probably stop all drug use. It could lead you down a path of suffering that you don't want to go down. It sounds like a mild case of hppd. Anxiety is probably your biggest problem right now though. Visual snow was my first symptom in 2009 after taking mushrooms and its still there but I don't notice it anymore. My brain has filtered it out from my existence as being a problem. The visuals don't bother me at all anymore. Just give it time abstain from all drug use and you'll get better.
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    I honestly don't know . I'm not qualified to answer these questions but maybe benzo's , ssri's , lsd , xct ect all mess up with our receptors , synapses ect which damages the neurons or changes the way they function. Even so , our genes allow this damage/change . Majority of ppl don't end up in this mess . Hppd/vs is extremely rare or else it would have had attention from many academics ages ago. I think those who get it after heavy drug use probably have stronger genes but not strong/correct enough which eventually leads to damage/change(or death) in neuronal function . Whatever it is there probably is a common pathway and genetics play a huge role so we might need a combination of drug and gene therapy to reverse the visuals or a combination of gene and stem cell therapy. If the visual symptoms totally disappear dp/dr will go away too . But I don't know how or why some ppl have dp/dr without visual snow. I guess their case is more psychiatric and not neurological. Whereas in our case the psychological problems are brought on by the visual disturbances. I've never had dp/dr but vs is making me miserable. I had never experienced depression or anxiety until I got this horrible disease. Looking back I really regret that I took ssri's simply because I was down due to a messy relationship. I thought I was depressed but now I know I wasn't. It was just a normal phase . I really believe that if hppd and visual snow patients unite and start making monthly donations we will understand this disease and get closer to finding a cure . Dividing into different groups isn't a good idea at this stage . Usually researchers start with a common definition and after that they divide them into sub groups such as in epilepsy. A cure will only come if we fight together and get this disease officially recognised!
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