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    I hate when they say that trying to minimize or negate your experiences. Maybe they have some small distortions like most people do (floaters or something) and they say.. "yeah, I have that too". Fuck off!
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    Do you guys also hate when people say "you seem fine to me" kindof a tangent but thats what friends and girls say to me when I tell them.
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    Seems to me like the male to female ratio of hppd sufferers would leave most of us guys lonely even if there is a hppd tinder or even a mental illness dating service. Not sure I could handle the bipolar chicks in my state, God bless em.
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    I think you're being completely unfair there. I say well done to those of have learnt from their past mistakes and now are being very careful what they put into their body in case they make things worse, either temporarily, or permanently. I also salute those who are willing to take a few risks for the benefit of the community. There are are also limiting factors such as access to open doctors and financial constraints. There is no right or wrong way to tackle this disorder. Everyone makes their own decisions and different things will work for different people.
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    This is the general idea about the mechanism behind HPPD, yes. But wouldnt it be simple just try an antagonist in, let say, five people? We would know instantly if this is the way. It should have a profound effect on HPPD if the theory that everything starts with 5-HTP2A and is the cause of most of the symptoms. As dr A said, the most probably way to find a cure is for people on this board trying new meds, backed by different theories about the cause of HPPD to give some credit in what to try. So, i believe the progress in search of a cure or symptom relief is up to ourselves. Thats why it so important to post about what we try and why in the pharm section. Imo, we need more Guinea pigs. There is too much talk and to little trials.
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