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    Everything in our universe is quite simple, Push/pull concept, up down black white red blue north pole south pole day night sun black hole etc etc etc... well with our receptors its the same concept, agonist inverse agonist, I was thinking that maybe these very potent agonist of the 5ht2a receptors cause such an extreme push that things become out of balance, just like if you decreased suns gravity the earth would fall away, maybe we can utilize inverse 5ht2a agonists to accomplish the rebalancing of our receptors. unfortunately these dont exist that are on the market today, only in clinical trials, for the treatment of insomnia. Anyone have any ideas? Update: Full documentation of this disease can be found on page 24 post #478
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    recovery is subjective.. i mean physically we can never be the person we were before becoming the way we are. just by virtue of the constant changing off the cells/particles/memories/stomach contents/brain chemistry/synaptic connections/environmental factors.... the me of this second is never going to be the same as the me of even 5 minutes ago. I'd count a full recovery for myself is being able to perceive the color black again. to not know what it means to see the colors redblue and greenorange and cosmic purple all the time. (if you know what i mean then you know... you know...) everything else i take as consequence for my actions and are part of who i am today whether i like it or not. at least if i could see black again and not have a 100% always on electric current running through my visual field... maybe i could sleep.. maybe i wouldnt suffer as many headaches.. maybe my stress levels would decrease and my stomach would calm down.... so if i can recover black at least.. i could call myself a success story
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    Good one. Although my response would have been slightly different to Jay's edited post. That's also a strange comment from someone who just wants supportive comments on this thread. It doesn't add to the debate, either. You're just try to goad me.
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    Couldn't agree more. It's ruining several otherwise helpful threads. All I'm advocating - and have been advocating all along - is that everyone: refrains from belittling the symptoms of others refrains from derailing threads by posting utter nonsense. Maybe I could have been more diplomatic, but I do admit that it gets on my nerves. This forum is a veritable goldmine - interesting thoughts and ideas are posted here every day. To see thread after thread derailed by the same person(s) is quite frustrating!
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    Hi Annie, The very best thing my wife does for me is to allow me space if I am quiet and to understand that it is not her fault in any way when I am distant. Sometimes small talk is hellish, even with the people we love. You probably know this feeling from suffering with anxiety yourself.
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    Welcome. I know that feeling as I had it with DP-DR when I first discovered that was a real condition. It's quite a liberating feeling and at the same time comforting to know you're not alone. There's all sorts of great information on this site so I'd encourage you to read up!
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    Is someone blogging about structured water the best you can do? Maybe their argument was or wasn't flawed but what does that prove? Same for the other studies. And if you are going to continue to search out bloggers to discredit rather than actual 'sceptical' scientific studies themselves can you at least try someone like Ben Goldacre and stick to energy healing for the time being? If you think the placebo effect can be the only problem with these studies then you can't have read the whole thing, or have chosen to ignore that which may be troubling. "Also, I can experience and quantify energy medicine in real time by tracking my heart rate variability. All I have to do is simply look at something, say a picture, and there is a distinct and lasting effect. I can think of something, then the same thing occurs." - Seriously? Is some kind of 'energy' the only explanation for this? I honestly don't know how you can offer up a subjective experience like that and expect it to prove anything. It's barely even an anecdote. And of course, I don't take any of this personally nor should anything I say be taken personally; I enjoy a spirited debate- even at one in the morning after several glasses of wine.
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    There is not much that I know of, these are two links I had stored: http://amrglobal.powweb.com/category/hppd https://www.theravive.com/therapedia/hallucinogen-persisting-perception-disorder-dsm--5-292.89-(f16.983)
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    Don;t let doctors dictate your condition... If you think you have hppd, keep changing doctors until you find one that believe you and is willing to learn about it. Doctors will often say you are psycotic or depressed, it is easier for them to understand and "treat" (even if it makes you worse)
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    Does she know you are going through this? Just let her know that if you are ever distant and unresponsive, it is not due to her, it's just an unfortunate part of the condition ... Generally though, just carry on with normal life as much as possible, you do learn to cope, even with dpdr
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    Impossible to say, i'm afraid. My personal view is stress is probably responsible for belated symptoms, which will tie in with anxiety too.
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    Welcome. Agreed. Stay away drugs including weed. Because you haven't dosed too many times chances are good that you'll see improvement over time. For many the anxiety is the hardest thing to deal with. Address that sooner than later. Try to stay focused and keep moving with life. I don't know enough about your situation to answer your question about DP/DR. Nor am i really qualified. That being said, anxiety can do a lot of strange things both physical and mental. Good luck!
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    Yes, if you are getting VS after drug use, that is very likely to be a form of hppd. Usual advice applies... stay away from all drugs (inc weed)... avoid caffeine and alcohol, where possible, minimise stress, eat healthy, do some excerise, do things that will take your mind of the symptoms. All the best, Jay
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    I don't get it. If it cured you in 2012 why are you just posting now?
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    Yes. However, It always gave me an uneasy feeling knowing that stuff was tampering with my dreams. Dreaming is an essential part of our mental maintenance and disrupting it never felt right. I could only sleep on a very purified acid taken in rather low doses. The dreams were strange .... very strange. Personally, I'd just go for a clean and sober sleep. You'll be happier in the morning.
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    So about a month ago I found out my family friend met the head of Neurology at columbia presbyterian in NYC at a party; his name is Dr. Fink. He has 75 neurologists working under him and is going to assign two of them to me. I meet with him on Jan 10th so hopefully I'll get some good news. At least I can maybe I can garner some interest in the disorder.
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    Help The NNRF By Donating To HPPD Research! The Neurosensory Neuroregenerative Research Foundation (NNRF) is please to announced that is now officially an non profit 501c3 entity and can receive tax deductible donations to fund research into Hallucinogen Persistent Perception Disorder (HPPD) and Visual Snow (VS), disorders that historically have been grossly understudied and go under diagnosed. Our work is twofold; awarness & research. The NNRF currentlly has a donor who will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $100,000 for HPPD research. Research proposals and recruitment information will be posted in the first quarter of 2018 and will involve utilizing state of the art neuroimaging and genomic testing modalities. The planned sites are multinational with three in the United States, one in the United Kingdom and one in Australia. Such a collaborative effort to study HPPD has never happend which means your contribution will help tremendously in fully elucidating the neurobiological underpinnigs of HPPD which we hope will lead to a cure so if you, someone you love, a family member or friend has HPPD, please help donate and spread the word. This research will save lives and one day prevent psychedelic drug users the horror of EVER having to experience HPPD. Please Donate Today Thank You! *We are still working on developing a research team for Visual Snow so stay tuned for updates and fundraising information. http://www.neurogroup.org/donate/
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    The non profit is up and running. Starting a seperate post with clinical tirals and donate information. Took me long enough but I'm a persistent bastard. www.neurogroup.org
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    You sent me a PM but I like to reply to people in public for others who come searching for the same answer you are looking for. One should treat HPPD as if you have a concussion---don't drink or use drugs while recovering. It will only delay your recovery or possibly make your state permanent. It sucks but your future self will thank you I find full spectrum CBD used in a vape is helpful as an alternative to pot and can help ween oneself off chronic smoking. I can't say whether all ppl with hppd will have this same reaction since everyones etiologies can be so varied but i thought i should put it out there.
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    Hello Everyone! Wow! I have only recently discovered that continuous flashbacks have a label! I have had HPPD since I was 12 years old. Now I am 60. I spent the school year dropping LSD, Psycibin, Mescaline, and Marijuana. One time I simply never came down. It intensified soon soon after. I knew of no one else who had this like I did! I was simply terrified! I only told my brother, not my parents. My biggest fear was that I would get uncontrollably higher. I had every symptom but the very worst was the feeling of not being fully present. The experience was like just arriving in my own body but realizing I had already been doing whatever it was, but not with full presence. Maybe this is "de-personalization"? I would explain it to various Doctors and Opthalmologists through the years and all I got was "hmm....."! So, I finally just learned to cope. Then about a year ago I found the name HPPD. The casebook description of symptoms were as if they had read my secret diary! I know that I was never diagnosed or believed, but I know what drugs I used and when the HPPD started. Now it has been 48 years! Definitely some of the symtoms are not as vivid as in the beginning, however, if I get tired or in a conglomerated atmosphere there they are. I also think after so many years these just become part of your normal perception. For me, HPPD did not go away. How did I cope until now? I definitely quit any drug use immediately. I gravitated toward a simple Christian way of life, actually living with Old Order Amish at times, where I was not bombarded by electric stuff. I think those who have HPPD will seriously have to deal with sensory overload and seek out a peaceful existence on many levels. Live your life anyway. I raised 7 children, grandchildren and life goes on, just looking through Kaliedoscope eyes! Be healthy! Be smart and realize sometimes one stupid mistake done in youth can change your life forever! In my case, I just wanted to be cool in 1969! I really didn't realize the risks. How true it is that we reap what we so! I want to cry...that I lived my whole life with this and never found anyone else with this or knew even that it was recognized! The only report on flashbacks I ever heard of said that they think LSD creates new neural pathways in the brain.That was maybe 30 yrs ago! Wow! I am truly impressed at my own survival! Trails, pulsating breathing walls, tinnitus, time slowing down, colors, everything. Even dialated pupils. Sigh. How exhausting at times! It has helped me just to keep in mind that my own perception has been tweeked.My chemistry was altered. I would not wish this on anyone! But, if you have it, just live your life as peaceful as you can. Do everything you normally would do because your heightened perception maybe can be helpful in other unexpected ways. Don't do anymore drugs. Dont tell others who may not understand. We've been tricked by the devil's potions! God bless us all!
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    I felt the same way when I found this site. I had no idea the disorder I had lived with for over 40 years had a name. I felt like I was the only being on this planet that had my brain rewired by psychedelics. I'd had this malady all of my adult life ( I'm 58 now). I dosed very heavily from 1973 to 1980 when I quit using. I've had visuals my entire adult life. I managed to raise a family, get an advanced degree, and have a profession. I think us old folks have a message that hppd isn't the end. Life continues and it can be a wonderful life. Welcome!
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    "even Jay" I've never banned anyone, never moderated anyone (the fact this post still exists should be testament to that) and, more to the point, I'm in no way against LSD/Shrooms... We just got unlucky, but I still think they are beautiful molecules that have great lessons to teach.... they just have a big risk factor that shouldn't be ignored. If anyone else wants to take over running this site (and paying for it)... step forward, It's no easy work, especially the PMs when someone is about to take their life. I have no fixation to be some kind of leader of the people, i'm probably one of the most flawed people here .
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    In the first 3 months, which is what we are discussing here, avoiding stress is the absolute key... If that is going out in nature, do it.. If that is going to the gym for 6 hours a day, do it... If that is watching tv all day, do it. Get through those early months and then start rebuilding... There is no pressure to start challenging hppd in those early months. This is all my opinion, of course, as with all of us. Just listen to your body.
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    Check my posts out dude. I was bugging exactly like you, except my symptoms were much worse and I was going to college. Now, whenever I move somewhere, or turn my head, the object in my peripheral vision looks like it's moving towards me (i.e. a wall, ceiling, etc.), I have floaters a ton, blue entoptic not only when looking at a blue sky, but at a white sky, computer screen, white sheet of paper, white wall, etc. Even still, outside does not feel the same, and it feels almost like a movie with the lighting and colors and all, all after one tab of acid. Do I wish this shit was gone? Of course! Did I have suicidal thoughts when I had never even thought of such a thing beforehand? Yes. But either way, you have to be mentally strong and push through, while also stopping drug usage. This sounds like a shitty answer, but it's true. You need to do shit and get outside, and keep living. I actually disagree that you should just watch TV because it makes you feel comfortable. Only in cases of extreme anxiety should you consider such a thing, but asides from that, put the pressure on yourself. I have ADHD, and used to be a huge procrastinator, and this disease has forced me to get my work habits up without relying on a binge on adderall the night before an exam. Get better, and you'll be better.
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    Yea, that doesn't sound like hppd, which is good news... There are easier ways to treat anxiety than hppd. Try to wear sunglasses as much as possible for the light sensitivity. I cured mine by wearing sunglasses all the time for a few months (even indoors).
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    Bacopa has so many neuroprotectant, antioxidant, and neurogenesis effects its unbelievable. https://selfhacked.com/blog/bacopa-monnieri-4/ It also increases blood flow to the brain.
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    HPPD is different for everyone on some levels. In my opinion, you don't need to meet most of the requisites for HPPD, to have it. I Had odd fucked up symptoms that were not on the basic HPPD checklist and although i never sought any professional diagnosis, am convinced I had HPPD. Mine did go away, well, 95% at any rate with no medication of any sort. It is impossible to set a time frame on this, it will differ from individual to individual. Seing as HPPD is a perceptive/cognitive disorder, i don't see why one persons HPPD couldn't end up being based mostly on their motor skills, IE, being dizzy and feeling unbalanced. It's very possible you developed HPPD. I may not be the most well versed person in the field of brain mechanics or anything of the sort, i'm just a commoner soldier. I never spent my time engorging myself on self help pages and reading every damn wiki article on HPPD and cognitive disorders i could find. I just tried my hardest to live life forgetting about what was going on in my head. It helped, immensely. If you ever want to talk, I'm here. Might not be able to give lots of technical info, but I can help to inspire hope, hopefully
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    Yeah, if unrelated claims from some nutty broad in a tabloid newspaper don't prove the usefulness of meditation with regards to HPPD I don't know what will.
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    I'm just going off what you said. The highlights: "Ive tried to be positive with you and ignore your blatantly shitty attitude multiple times, but seriously? Its no wonder you havent recovered." "It just saddens me to see that this condition has made you such a bitter person." Possibly the worst, and insulting to many people other than myself: "I dont mean to sound rude, but how the hell did it take you 10 fucking years to figure this out? I had this figured out within a week and knew what was going on with me. I figured most people had the sense enough to look on the internet and at least try to figure out what was wrong." - Again, how can you reread this and say I am the one with a higher than thou attitude? Feel free to quote any instances where I was similarly insulting. I reacted angrily, especially initially, to your insults, but essentially continued to try and debate the matter at hand - something I hope we can stick to if this must continue.