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  • DSM IV HPPD (diagnostic criteria)
    DSM IV HPPD (diagnostic criteria)
    damn it I cannot read the second one. ):
  • Signs_Ghosted_800.jpg
    Hello David, hopefully everything´s going well for you?.... first off thanks for all your help in this forum, i really appriciate....the reason i´m writing to you is that i wanted to make...
  • Old Stone Gate En
    Old Stone Gate En
    I do see movement similar to this, but not quit as drastic.
  • WavesInPeripheralVision.swf
    So this is how i see when i start the flash, combine this with http://hppdonline.com/index.php?/gallery/image/8-demonstrationg-image/ and you know exactly what goes on when i trip my FB :D
  • Visualsnow 80
    Visualsnow 80
    i recognize this aswell

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