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    (Edit) I didn't realize the original post was from three years ago. OK, so I'm a bit of a space. There is always hope. I don't think there is an adult alive who hasn't had their heart broken. It can plunge anyone into depression but add hppd symptoms to the mix and it can be rough. There's someone out there for you, you just haven't crossed paths yet. Testimonial time. I'm an older guy who has been on this planet for almost 60 years. Over time, most of my symptoms have gone away. I still live with visuals but they don't bother me much anymore. People with hppd can be successful, happy, raise families, get a higher education, and so forth. We have a disability and like any other person with a disability, we can move forward with life and have a wonderful time doing it. Never give up. There is always hope.
  3. MadDoc

    any advice?

    First off relax and don't focus on the symptoms too much. If you've only smoked weed a few times, things will probably level out given some time. As the previous post said, be patient. It can take a while. Try to stay focused. For me being focused really helps. School, a hobby, reading, etc. Keep the brain engaged. Personally, I can't touch cannabis. It's not for everybody. You've learned that weed isn't for you, and fortunately, you learned this early on. I wish I had done the same with my psychedelic use. Hang in there and take care.
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  5. olivier24445

    Cure for Palinopsia

    Following this , you can say now you don't have visual snow anymore at all ?? This could make sense to me, it's like training the brain again to eliminate the noise. Like all training , it needs practice to work, question is, can you make it definitive.
  6. Jagermeister


    Three years later, I have to say thanks you, Shadowplay. I'm now really good. I feel normal again and visuals have reduced to the point I can't notice them. So, one day 3 years before you gave me hope and today I come here to thank you a lot what you said. I didn't even remember this post. But I'm just reading my old comments, now that I feel good again. Definitely, there is hope after hppd.
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  8. Onemorestep

    Bacopa Brahmi ?

    I’ve taken it for a few weeks. I stopped because it was making me antisocial weirdly enough. Before that happened, I found it quite pleasant. No increase in any symptoms. 😕 alas this is the beast that is hppd—we all react differently to things.
  9. Thank you for the advice, if it gets better I’ll let u know guys
  10. Donovan

    any advice?

  11. Anyone has experience with it ? I tried it and so far I have seen a worsening in my symptoms. I don't know if I should take it longer than a few days to see changes but so far, VS is worse and so does after images etc... So, anyone tried it ?
  12. dayum_son

    any advice?

    I can't say about how long it will last, however what I can say is to not take any drugs, sleep well and try to distract yourself once you start noticing the snow. There is no real way of getting rid of it apart from waiting. The weird dreams are normal I think, I've been having them since HPPD settled in. Weird is one thing but they feel very real. Colors, sounds, smells and touch, I can feel/see all of those in my sleep. Stay strong my friend, it will subside eventually.
  13. I might have inquired about orphenadrine on this site around the year 2012. I had a similar experience as described above, although I stopped taking it merely after one pill. One pill was sufficient to notice a change in the baseline level of my hppd. My visuals were “enhanced “— or more noticeable, and as a result; my dp/dr increased. Thankfully this only lasted for a few weeks, as far as I remember. It was not the worst experience I’ve ever had with medications increasing my visuals, but personally, I would never take it again because there are other muscle relaxers that lack this side effect. In the last 10 years or more, I haven’t been as “affected” by medications as I once was, therefore; I was surprised by this one. Granted, I did no research prior to taking Orphenadrine because other muscle relaxers I’ve previously been rx’d had no adverse effects on my HPPD I logged this upon reading David’s experience in order to compile data for others who might come here wondering how this particular medication affected someone with HPPD. Of course, we know by now that we are all slightly different and like the old saying goes: your mileage may vary.
  14. Onemorestep


    Taurine is actually an inhibitory supplement. I believe people think it’s excititory because it’s commonly found in energy drinks. If I had to guess why they put it in them, it’s to smooth out the jittery ness.
  15. Onemorestep

    Cure for Palinopsia

    That is WILD. i just tried it and while the effect only lasted about 15 seconds, I saw the world without static for the first time in years. It looked so crisp. Thank you you so much for sharing this. I’m going to be honest—I never really thought much about my visual snow when it started a few years ago. I had much more extreme problems to deal with that it seemed a small thought. I’d say that I just got used to it. But seeing the world again like that. As a photography enthusiast, I would love to be able to see the world crisp like that all the time. It would be such a relief... ... now we have to see if I can dedicate that kind of time. have you ever tried setting this up with VR?
  16. Donovan

    any advice?

    Hello, i am just a guy who recently tried weed. i did this about 2 months ago and it was not the best experience, i was very curious about weed and i decided to try it, the first couple times where fun and seemed nice but later on it got intense and i had a couple very bad trips so i decided that weed was not for me and i stopped smoking it. i had depersonalization and anxiety after i stopped. i got over that but i got more intense visual snow (i have had visual snow since i was a kid) and i have the weirdest dreams and i looked up some stuff and found out that i might have hppd. i sometimes get random panic moments and i see weird visual snow patterns forming and i just feel very weird and usually bad, sometimes these expiriences are interesting and fun. i kinda feel that they come and go, sometimes i will go a week feeling normal and good and the next i will have anxiety and intense visual snow. do you guys have any info on how long this last and if i can get rid of it or control it?
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  18. thelostreceptor

    Cure for Palinopsia

    Thanks for posting your findings on these forums. I've actually read your story somewhere else before, and I'm wondering: what was the cause of your VS? Did you experience other symptoms similar or related to HPPD?
  19. Hey, here’s a link to a post outlining how I cured my palinopsia: http://hppdonline.com/topic/5907-cure-for-palinopsia/?tab=comments#comment-37262
  20. jjmcd123

    I'm not sure if this is HPPD?

    Hey, here’s a link to a post outlining how I cured my palinopsia: http://hppdonline.com/topic/5907-cure-for-palinopsia/?tab=comments#comment-37262
  21. Hello guys,PS: this post could be of serious relevance to anyone who has visual snow, palinopsia, migrane aura, or any other related visual condition. Here is a link to the video that I'll be mentioning throughout: I had been suffering from incredibly intense, full-blown palinopsia for 4 years and it finally reached a stage of severity where I was simply unable to cope. So one night I went about my usual bi-annual researching of Googling "how to cure palinopsia" in a desperate attempt to see if there had been any updates or success stories since my last search. I stumbled across this YouTube video called "Visual Snow relief" and so I clicked into it. I saw that it was a pattern of white noise with a bit of oriental music which lasted for five minutes. Seeing as my own visual snow came on at the same time as my palinopsia I thought that having a look at the video was worth a go as there was obviously some connection between the two. I looked at the comments on the video and all of them went something like this: "Tried this and it was great as it "froze" my VS for a minute but it came back again afterwards (sad face)". I stared at the video for its 5 minute duration and had the same experience: my VS was frozen in place for around a minute and then resumed its original intensity after the minute or so had passed. However, what I decided to do differently from the rest of the people who made the comments was to stare at the video for a prolonged period of time. I download the video directly onto my computer and put it on loop on my VLC player and put the laptop right on my chest so it took up all of my visual field. I then proceeded to stare at the pattern of white noise for a full hour. I then looked around my room----My palinopsia had been reduced by over 95%. It was barely noticeable. Also, my VS was frozen and I could see much clearer and my eyes seemed to almost have a higher frames per second and refresh rate (for anyone who knows what I'm talking about). The world seemed very smooth.Now before I continue I don't want to get anyone too over excited about this as I am not a qualified medical professional so THIS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN AS A PRESCRIPTION. I do not know if the nature of your VS and/or palinopsia is the exact same as mine and for all I know staring at the pattern for an extended period of time could have no affect or even make your symptoms worse. You need to have a look at it for 5 minutes first (make sure the video is taking up as much of your vision as possible) and see if that has ANY positive affect. If it does then I have good news for you: you have discovered the cure for your palinopsia and potentially even your VS. I say potentially regarding VS because my VS was not of a huge magnitude to begin with but it has gone down over the months after staring at this pattern as well.And here's the next part. This will take months. And months. And months of continued, repeated use for MULTIPLE HOURS. But if you're serious about helping your visual condition improve then this is the level of dedication you'll have to have.What I decided to do was to treat myself as if I was both a medical professional and patient. I went about documenting the length of time I spent staring at the pattern and the impact it had on my symptoms. These are my exact records dating from April 2017. "VM" stands for visual meditation as that's what I nicknamed it. The way I measured my symptom severity was by turning the lights off in my room and looking back and forth to see how intense the flash of the laptop's screen was. The first two weeks went as follows:April 28th: 9.30pm. 30min VM. Symptom reduction from 9pts to 5pts....10.00pm. 30min VM. Symtpom reduction from 5pts to 3pts....10.35pm. 5min break. Symptom increase from 3pts to 6pts.10.40. 60min VM. Symtom reduction from 6pts to 2pts----April 29th. 10.45pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 8pts to 3pts.....11.50pm. 30min. Symptoms remain at 3pts----April 30th. 10.30pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 8pts to 3pts.....11.30pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 3pts to 2pts. ----May 1st. 10.20pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 7pts to 2pts.....11.20pm. 150min. Symptom reduction from 2pts to 0.5pts.* ----May 2nd. 12.30am. 60min. Symptom reduction from 7pts to 2pts.....01.20am. 40min. Symptom reduction from 2pts to 0.5pts.----May 3rd. 10.15pm. 15min. Symptom reduction from 7pts to 2pts.....11.00pm. 75min. Symptom reduction from 4pts to 1pt (break after 60min). ----May 4th. 11.20pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 7pts to 2pts. ----May 5th. 11.30pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 6pts to 1pt.....1.00am. 30min. Symtom reduction from 1pt to 0.5pt. ----May 6th. 12.20am. 30min. Symptom reduction from 8pts to 1pt**...12.50am. 30min. Symptom remains at 1pt....1.20am. 30min. Symptom reduction from 1pt to 0.5pt----May 7th. N/A (Alcohol drank earlier)----May 8th. 10.45pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 6pts to 1pt----May 9th. N/A----May 10th. 10.45pm. 60min. Symptom reduction from 4pts to 0.5pt....11.45pm. 20min. Symptom remain at 0.5pt----May 11th. N/A----May 12th. 11.45pm. 15min. Symptom reduction from 4pts to 0.5pt....12.00am. 45min. Symptom remain at 0.5ptWhat this data should tell anyone who wants to use this method for tackling either their VS or their palinopsia or any other visual condition linked to VS is:---> A. You will need to spend a lot of time staring at this fixed noise pattern. Especially at the beginning. I did not see any noticeable improvments unless I spent at least a solid hour staring at it. I recommend using that time to listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook. I initially listened to the music that accompanied the video in case the melody had some sort of positive unconscious benefit but after a few months I ditched the audio and the benefits were still there. It's the visual stimulation that works. Also, please note that on May 1st* I spent nearly three and a half hours staring at this pattern and that was when I saw the most substantial drop in the symptoms. If you're dedicated to improvement you will spend this amount of time.--> B. This is your brain and it is not a linear equation. On May 6th** my symptoms were worse than the night before despite no explanatory cause. Also, throughout the months and still even to this day my symptoms are not entirely logical nor are they completely predictable. I could say that on an average day I walk around with my symptoms at 1 or 2 out of 10 and that after a good 45minutes of visual meditation my palinopsia will be at around 0.1/0.05 for the first 10 minutes and then maybe 0.5 for the rest of the evening. This may of course make you realize that technically the title of this post is incorrect: I still have palinopsia, but it is so reduced in its intensity that it feels like a non issue. There are times when I'm tired or been drinking or staring at a computer screen for a long time that the symptoms will ramp up to slightly higher numbers of maybe a 2 or a 3. Not VMing for a few days may also let the symptoms ramp up. But I never let this stress me out as I always know that simply staring at the pattern will reduce the symptoms almost in their entirety and that it can only get better and is under my control. The more time I dedicate to visual meditation then the better my condition will be and that sense of control and optimism and reduced symptoms is, as far as I'm concerned, worth while sharing. I am absolutely blessed to have found a cure. PS: if anyone's wondering why it took me nearly a year to make this post, I wanted to make sure that there were no adverse longterm affects of using this method. It has also been quite a long emotional process to actually fully register and realize the reality that I'm free from my symptoms after all these years. -->. C. Time. Time. And more time. What the data recordings cannot show is the amount of time that I would benefit after visually meditating as well as the improvements on a day to day basis. The only answer to that question is that you need to put in the hours. The more I did it the longer I would benefit from the reduction and the more reduced it would be only a daily basis. Nearly a year on I still have minor symptoms but I know that if I put aside a few nights for a few 3 hour marathons then I would see a daily benefit even now. You need to measure yourself on a monthly basis rather than a weekly or daily and then after perhaps six months of visually meditating for 2 hours every second night or so (more if possible. I would definitely recommend putting in a few 3 hour runs) then you will get to the point where you actually don't even bother staring at the pattern anymore because you don't think about your symptoms as being a problem. I still like to do it now as a means of habit whenever I'm listening to podcasts to keep on top of it as I don't want to take for granted what an unbelievable transformation this has been and let myself get complacent. TECHNICAL NOTES--> During my initial visual meditation sessions and especially throughout my extended sessions I would feel this absolutely sensational sense of relief right behind my eyes. Right directly in behind them. It felt like a sense of decompression/relaxation and even just typing this right now is giving me that feeling strangely enough... but to give more context, when I first got palinopsia I got it around the same time that I got tears in both of my retinas. After multiple eye examinations they concluded there was nothing wrong with my eyes and yet I was feeling this intense pain and pressure right in behind where my retinas are. Upon doing visual meditation for extended periods of time I would feel this pressure lifting and being released in an intensely pleasurable way. My intuition is telling me this probably has something to do with migrane aura. Could this technique be used to relieve people with migrane aura?--> There is 100% a connection between computer use and my "brand" of palinopsia and maybe even palinopsia and VS in general. But not for reasons that have been previously suggested. It clearly has nothing to do with the nature of laptop/pc monitors as it is by starting at a laptop screen that I was cured. However, the origins of my palinopsia also involve my first real prolonged writing sessions. Hours upon hours I would stare at a blank and static microsoft office application or a piece of paper while imagining the intense scenes of my writing. The reason I emphasize static is that the ultimate elevation of my symptoms to insane levels and what caused me to seek out a cure was after I took up a job working in an office. There I spent 8 hours a day staring at a completley and utterly static and blank excel document. The notion of consuming static visual content makes sense for the nature of my palinopsia as it was a static environment that created the initial symptoms and the final escalation, but it was the consumption of extremely fast moving visual content that cured it. I know that there were obviously some other factors invovled as not everyone who inhabits a static environment gets palinopsia but there is without a shadow of a doubt a connection there for any researchers who want to look into this.--> I know that I am not a doctor but I would highly recommend anyone who has just discovered that they have a medical condition like this: do not take drugs to cure it. Again, I'm speaking from intution and experience here and not a position of medical authority, but I truly feel that methods like this are the way forward. I would only recommend trying the medication route if you are unable to function.PERSONAL NOTEI was just about to type "I honestly never thought I'd find a cure" but then I stopped myself. That's wrong. I always knew that there was potential to find a cure. I had read books on how the brain was like plastic and I always had a ray of hope in me that knew that if something could get worse then it could always get better. I always had fantasies about going off to Tibet for a few months to meditate with the monks or pay an army of neuroscientists to research palinopsia to see if there was some way to improve the condition. And even if there was no cure then I always reminded myself that there are millions of people out there right now that can't even see, and I'm there complaining that I can see too much! Don't get me wrong I had my dark days and whenever life would get me down then the palinopsia always seemed ten thousand times more horrible than ever so I'm not underestimating what its like to have a condition like VS and palinopsia.What I'd like to say to anyone who has palinopsia and this doesn't work for is that the way I got through the hard years with it was to just accept that this was the way that I saw the world and that having the condition forever was not going to get in the way of leading a happy and succesful life. I tried to imagine how I'd feel if everyone else saw the world through a palinoptic lens and how I wouldn't think anything of it as it'd be a normal way of seeing. I'd just accept it as a fact of life and move on. And so that's what I did. I let go of my desire to control what I saw and just accepted that I was grateful for the ability to see. Period. I also reminded myself that some of the most exciting times I had in my life (I got palinopsia when I was 19 and had it all through college) were when I had full blown palinopsia and that my depressing childhood/teen years were without palinopsia yet I was way more miserable back then!! All of the great, great times I had for those four years were when my whole field of my vision was flashing like mad and the lights were flying all over the place and everything was trailling - but what I always remembered was to be thankful for the life that I had been given and to remember all the other people across the world who suffer from absolutely horrific medical conditions. All of us have our crosses to bear and that's what helped me get through the anxiety and depression that having a condition like palinopsia brought. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be rid of it for a million reasons, and I hope that even if this doesn't work for you that you'll always keep that spark of hope at the back of your mind that there could be a way to cure your visual ailments in the future and that the plasticity of the brain knows no bounds. I suggest reading a book by Norman Doidge called "The Brain that Changes Itself". That book gave me hope on the staggering transformations that the mind is capable of. That your mind is capable of.If a problem can be made, then it can be also unmade. Never forget that, and never give up hope.Thank you for reading and I really hope this method helps you guys. Please let me know if it does and be sure to share this with as many people as possible who could potentially benefit from this.Yours sincerely,James McDonagh
  22. As Jay1 said. Stay away from all kinda of drugs, and see what happens. Good luck mate.
  23. The best thing to do is stop all drug use (including weed), stop caffeine and nicotine (if possible), try to remove stress from your life. Eat healthy and exercise. Try to do things that distract your mind from it. There is a very good chance this will go away. If it does, please use this as your body's warning not to do any more drugs. If it is still here after 3-4 months, come back and then maybe start looking into the next steps, medication etc.
  24. First I wanna introduce myself, my name is Lucas I’m from Brazil, my English is not that good so, I got my visual snow from abuse of MDMA and it’s being weird cause my visual I don’t see just static, when I focus on the wall I lightly see spinners spinning, even with my eyes opened or closed, and if I focus on it it becomes worse so I try to don’t focus on it cause I’m afraid to it get worse. I don’t know if it can go away or I’ll stay forever with it, is there anything that I can do? Thank you guys
  25. Please don't post the same topic twice, it's annoying.
  26. It will get better eventually, you must just not expect it to get better very fast. HPPD healing is a slow process that requires mental strength and patience. It might not heal like for most of us, but it will get better to a bearable level. As with any HPPD sufferer, recommendations are always the same : No drugs (especially weed), no stimulants in general and get as much sleep as possible. And try to distract yourself from the visuals. Try to do something as soon as you start noticing them again and thinking about them. Give it time, but it will at least get to a bearable level.
  27. Ive been accidently dosed like 8 tabs of liquid acid, and stupidly continued "tripping," even after that. So I started noticing a static over my vision, and I thought nothing of it at first. It has gotten much worse, and I haven't taken L.S.D in over a month. It especially gets worse if I'm smoking weed, it literally makes me have acid like visuals. Even without weed I get, tracers, halos around light, I get the pattern formation that forms when you take L, everything looks like it's shifting and melting, my anxiety has gotten progressively worse, I get visual snow, and I have pain behind my eyes sometimes, like a pressure almost, I have really bad after images, pretty much on anything bright, or lit up. Today for example I was driving, and looked at a stop sign when I looked down I saw the stop sign in my vision with my eyes open or closed. Does it ever get better, and is does it mean your brain is ruined?
  28. @hppdvictim92 Ive told my mom about it, yes, but, i wouldnt say its psychosis, as psychosis is complete loss of reality, if ive read up on it, properly. TBH, what i think is happening is DPDR related, the DPDR being where the deja vu comes from, and the derealization being where me having thoughts of this being fake, and still being in my 1st trip, it could have something to do with PTSD as well, im not sure, but i dont think its psychosis
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