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  2. Ya true that its anecdotal, but it all stayed with them after the afterglow. Who knows :/
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  4. damn, 1100$ a month is nuts, but they'll definitely pay for it
  5. Zero evidence for this, as far as I know. The idea that it could actually undo neurological damage seems even more remote. I'm not completely dismissing the idea, it is just very, very risky and is based on anecdotal evidence from people on the internet. When I took drugs, post hppd, I would sometimes get an afterglow for a while, then crash even further down. Maybe they posted their anecdote during one of the afterglow periods.
  6. Why would it though? Each trip rewires Your brain on a neurological level. Psychology and neurology affect on another, no?
  7. My genetic test came back and im a low metaboliser of folic acid and need supplementation. Not sure if it has anything to do with symptoms but I just want to put it on the record for the wider community.
  8. Yeah antidepressants and me are a no go but I felt fine on Abilify. Was actually working 12 hours a day on a side business when I was on it. Its getting off of them thats the problem. I just picked up a sample pack of Rexulti so im optimistic. My insurance is trying not to pay for it because the shits $1100 a month but they'll concede.
  9. Apparently im low in folic acid and need supplementation asap. Ill post the rest of the results later.
  10. Success here I'm used to it I cope using natural herbal remedies. -marijuana (to go bAck into the trip and resolve ptsd)[makes visuals way worse] -ginkgo biloba for anxiety and depression [makes visuals worse] -green tea to help with anxiety And then I take my meds -risperidol -depakote (I'm schizo-affective) 3 years hppd/dp here message me if u wanna talk about anything or need help with anything. Hppd/dp is more like a lifestyle than a disorder to me now
  11. being a human is suffering, as quoted from my favorite show, "Life gives you shit regularly, gotta take it up the ass and march on soldier" Far easier said than done, we're here for you my guy
  12. Did anything major happen in your life to bring on the recent increase in your symptoms. Stress (losing job, someone dying etc) is usually the cause of these spikes.
  13. Thanks, did you do anything to speed up recovery (meds, changing your way of life) or did it naturally go away? Hope you recover again soon
  14. I've had mild hppd because of SSRI and used to smoke weed for 15 years before, I recovered in 10 months at 90-95 %. But I relapsed on caffeine and afterimages, trails and general vision are worse than the first time now. But I will recover again.
  15. Gonna comment on this now, 2-3 weeks in on hppd, you've read my story jay so you know what happened. My symptoms are slight, and if my hppd subsides within 3 months time i'll be sure to let you know the journey.
  16. since i'm only maybe a few weeks in, (i don't know exactly when i noticed my symptoms) i'm not considering trying medication yet cause my visuals are slight, and i feel a little more sad than i did before. The feeling people describe as being sedated by these meds isn't appealing, sounds terrifying. Not being able to think, be creative or be human just isn't a road i want to go down. but it's weird how different every med is for people, some say they get better, some say they get worse. Life is suffering lol
  17. I'm actually thinking about getting back on it, or trying Rexulti or Vraylar. Abilify was the only thing I found that reduced my constant CEVs (which I have with my eyes open). I would use any benzo very sparingly. I'm prescribed Klonopin and take one when I just can't handle it anymore.
  18. do you think after a certain point people should try certain benzos? or other medications? Also do you regret taking abilify?
  19. My symptoms got worse getting off abilify. On abilify they were fine. When I discontinued, all my symptoms got worse.
  20. Update: things are good currently, symptom update: Imprints Shadow over texts with high contrast back grounds (W/B) Static in dark, looking at black in general I get slight static Trails of lights and my hands in the dark When I fall asleep, if I wake up in the night my symptoms are more pronounced, probably from fatigue. Feels like minor dp. Random floaters, discoloration, small circles appear in the dark. Honestly, I'm just so happy my symptoms are minor. Some people's symptoms sound like Fucking nightmares. Also some dude said Zoloft fucked him over, what are medications that could make your hppd worse? Forgot to put in CEVS
  21. Those are called flare ups. I remember times years ago my vision would get wonky for a day or two and then go back to normal. You just gotta ride it out and try not to obsess on it.
  22. I'm doing the diet thing. I've never really took it seriously but I want to see how I am a month from now. Whenever I get cravings I just smoke a cig lol but I need to cut that out too. One thing at a time.
  23. I want to word this carefully, as I don;t want to seem like I am trying to minimise the suffering of anyone here with weed induced hppd or milder symptoms. I just have a question that could help calm some of the people that are arriving at the site. Is there anyone here that came to the site with weed induced hppd or milder symptoms from lsd/mdma etc, and are still suffering the same amount after 1) More than 6 months 2) More than a year 3) More than 3 yearrs I get alot of PMs from people who are new to the forum who want to know if people recover and how long it takes. My guess is that alot of people arrive here, get better and leave, so I can;t ask them any questions, unfortunately.... But I can at least flip it the other way and see if there are long term sufferers who got it from weed or had/have milder symptoms. PS - If you do get better, please remember to leave a story in the "Success stories" thread.
  24. I don;t think we will ever know... So probably better to not even think about it! There are people here who have had hppd since the 60s and have shown no signs of this, so it's unlikely.
  25. That would suggest that hppd is purely psychological, which qEEG tests have shown to be false. I have tripped after getting hppd and it only made things worse.
  26. What interests me mostly are the stories of people reversing it with another positive trip, where they face their struggles. Seems like high risk / high reward, though. But I don't have the balls tbh, since the thoughts that mostly "torture" me are psychotic-like existential thoughts and I fear risking psychosis. I even forgot if it is possible to stay rational and objective/realistic during a trip.
  27. All of the above. Worse? I don't know about worse. But if you have this mysterious 'HPPD', it is fairly close to schizophrenia, in my own opinion. I can't speak for others' opinions. I don't mean to stir up fear. But I'm gonna call a spade a spade.
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