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  2. Maybe someone tried Electroconvulsive therapy? Heard that it helps for others
  3. Even before I had HPPD I was able to see patterned surfaces morph and swirl just by staring at them for a few seconds. I don't think the power of the mind can be understated -- if you're consciously looking for visuals, you'll often end up finding them (or synthesizing them subconsciously). My advice to you would be to try to break the habit of "testing" your vision and to stay away from HPPD forums. Reading about other people's symptoms and over-analyzing is a vicious cycle.
  4. Quick update, I've been taking cbd the last couple days, came off lithium which I started taking a little over a month ago, and had a 22oz beer and the visuals were completely gone. I stared at the wood grain table at outback and normally the dark parts of the grain would move a little side to side but it didn't no matter how long I stared. Weird but awesome. I'll take it
  5. Last week
  6. I was diagnosed with mild nystagmus which I know wasn't something I had before the trip. It's kind of just the natural outlines of the pattern already on the texture comes out and lightly moves side to side for a couple seconds then stops. Definitely have to stare my way into a little trance tho lol for it to happen. If it's a ceiling with paint dots on it no pattern comes out the dots just move a little side to side. If I stare at the oven or my phone it doesn't happen ever. Just stuff with distinctive patterns, also a granite counter top I think does it slightly too
  7. Hard to say. I'd suggest just staying clean for a while to see if it improves. Not too much time has elapsed since your last dose. Give your head some time to bounce back. Also, getting an eye exam is never a bad idea. Are you just seeing some motion or are patterns forming? When I look at a surface designs, shapes, patterns start to form out of nothing. That's me though, we're all different.
  8. ... I'm really recovered, and take the risk again of try any drug, is the last thing I would do. I tryed once, gave me months of rellapse, so, no, definitely not
  9. ive heard of people getting hppd and then using drugs again one it went away have u guys ever heard of anyone smoking weed again that all i want tnh
  10. Hey I'm new here, just signed up a couple weeks ago. I had a really bad trip on what I think was acid, liquid dropped from the vile on sour patch kids, didn't taste anything except the sour patch kids. It's been about 3 months since then and the first couple days afterward I felt intensely spiritually connected/enlightened and if I tried to drink alcohol it gave me intense anxiety. A little over a month ago drinking was fine again and if anything helped my symptom. I don't have visual snow or any of that, my only symptom is if I stare for 5-10 seconds at a carpet or ceiling or tile floor with simple patterns or just dots on it it will start to move left then right then left again then stop or if I readjust my eyes it stops. It only happens if I look for it. Wondering if this is hppd or anxiety or normal visual disturbance that I'm now noticing because I know wat to look for. I have complex ptsd and the previous trips up until that one were decently positive. Thanks in advance!
  11. dooo i have a chance of getting better if i go healthy and stop smoking
  12. has anyone ever gotten 100% better without hhaving to stop smoke ive had it for a month wake up with static vision and miving ceiling and curtins any one help me please
  13. Same friend, I have trouble retaining information while I'm reading, I can read it, if I'm not paying attention I won't know what I read. I have to really close read to get a full understanding of what I read.
  14. I've heard of some people having head tremors and legs, I've even read of some people having seizures because of it, but yeah good idea I've been thinking about seeing a doctor about it.
  15. ive had hppd for about a month weed use still and id like to know what supplements i should get or if i should stop smoking weed and cigarettes will i ever be brtter? symptoms: headaches moving objects halos on lightse etc
  16. ive had hppd for about a month now weed use continued but idk i want to know if i should stop smokin weed and is there any supplements the promoe brain function or w.e? symptoms: halos on lights moving objects etc
  17. I see. Have you or anyone else experienced flashing within letters themselves; for example, if you stare at the letter ‘o’ and see flashing inside the inner area of the letter? I’ve been experiencing such flashing.
  18. database

    So which scan should you do if you have HPPD, and why?
  19. Hey all, 6 months ago I came to the forum in need of guidance and reassurance that my life wasn't over, it happened in the summer. Now I'm recovering very well, I see floaters, imprints, small dp, halos, cevs are gone and night visuals are gone by like 50%. Everything I was dealing with 6 months ago are slowly going away. Only thing that was never really relevant in my life before hppd was anxiety. I get anxiety over small things, trivial things. Life has been okay, just a big routine of wake up, school, home and games, go to sleep and repeat. Went on a date with a girl and Friday and it was super refreshing, was genuinely happy the entire time on the date, the feeling I was yearning for. Thank you all for reading. Much love, Originally
  20. hey man, how you doing?

    I've seen that you continue to use drugs after the hppd.

    What are your syntoms, do you thing it go worse with the continue use? 

    I really want to smoke some weed, but I`am afraid that my hppd gets worse

  21. You are right. The best thing is to take a break. Even with cannabis didn't start my anxiety or my hppd, I am pretty sure it started after my bad trip of lsd 5 months ago. Hope the visuals improve and after a while I can smoke weed again. Miss the feeling of being relaxed, eat the munchies, everything was good for me with cannabis. Before the bad trip and the hppd I had been smoking every day all day long for 3 years. The worse part as well is that all my friends smoke pot, and this makes me remember my good times with it
  22. I didn't quit cannabis, it quit me. I used to smoke every day all day long. Very suddenly it started giving me panic attacks. I also stopped dosing around the same time because I knew something was wrong. You may be having a similar reaction. What if you took a break for a while? You might find that your visuals and anxiety improve. Cannabis induced anxiety is quite common. I've smoked roughly 10 times (roughly) since I quit. I always have a bad reaction. Recreational cannabis will soon be legal where I live. I couldn't care less. It's not for me. I use meditation to deal with anxiety and stress. Great medicine for a hectic world.
  23. Thanks for the help @MadDoc! I will continue with the therapy and try to enter in some meditation group, it looks to help people here. I probably need to do more exercise, I am a kind of lazy person rsrs Did you stop to smoke weed since the syntoms had appeared ?? It's kind silly, but as I was a daily cannabis user, I am sad that maybe I will never smoke again
  24. Welcome. For some people the symptoms go away, for others they don't. In my case they didn't go away completely but they've significantly improved over the years. It's only been five months since your last experience. Give yourself some time to bounce back. I believe the single best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from psychoactive substances including cannabis. Exercise, a good diet, staying focused, and a positive attitude can also be very helpful. Even if your symptoms don't go away you can pursue your dreams and it doesn't necessarily mean that your intellectual abilities have been comprised. Testimonial: I dosed heavily for over 6 years. I don't know how many times I dosed but it was a lot. I ended up with visuals that I have almost 40 years later and will probably have for the rest of my life. I managed to get an advanced degree, get married, raised some amazing kids, and have had a happy life. I'm nobody special and I'm not saying this to sound like a big shot. What I'm trying to say is having hppd doesn't necessarily mean you can't move forward with your life. The fact that you're getting help with anxiety and that you're doing so well is an excellent sign. Anxiety, for many, can be one of the more debilitating symptoms of hppd. As for the visuals, chances are that those will improve over time if you stay clean. While I still have visuals they have significant improved. I used to have intense closed eye visuals and those are almost completely gone. I would take some time to read through some of the threads here. There are some bright people who post and there is some really good advise. Doing so helped me understand where I was on the "hppd spectrum" and helped me realize that this condition wasn't unique to me. Hang in there and take care.
  25. Hi folks, I found this website and hope someone could help me. I was a daily cannabis user until my hppd start. It all began with a bad trip of 100 ug of pure acid. Before that I've tried something around 15x of acid in 1 year. During my bad trip I felt a really intense sensation in my head, like a punch. It hapenned when it reached 3 hours of the trip. After that, I felt not so good, was really scared of this sensation come back, but nothing else happened. I was just very scary, which was not good rsrs for the rest of the trip. After this experience I've got panic attacks and anxiety with some hppd syntoms: visual snow, photo sensibility (the light looks brighter, especially in white walls), distortions (especially in granite floors ), tracers. I`m going to a therapist, who is helping me a lot with the anxiety, I feel almost completely recovery about it. I am as well taking 75mg of lyric as medication. It's been 5 months since the bad trip. My question is when these hppd syntoms usually go away? Does the visual snow go away? Do the distortions go away? Does the photo sensibility go away? The only syntom that is healed for me so far are the tracers. Please friends, I need some support. Tell me about your experience, or of some friend, I need some relief rsrs. I was planning to be a laywer. I am almost finishing my University and I am afraid that this condition will disturb me. Sorry about my english, I am a Brasilien.
  26. If you're having tremors, it might not be a bad idea to go to the doctor especially if they persist. I've never heard of hppd causing tremors but anxiety can produce a whole host of issues.
  27. Klonopin works for my visuals... Unfortunately, Keppra and Lamictal did nothing. Worth a try though. Klonopin works in a very different way to the other two, as it binds to the gabaA receptor.
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