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  2. Alright thanks, definitely will be giving those a try. Appreciate everyone im glad to see there's alot of advice and support on here.
  3. I find that any more than 2 beers gives me a spike in symptoms the next day... If i get properly drunk that can last for 3-4 days. I allow myself 3-4 pints on a thursday, then take 1mg of clonazepam the next day and all is fine. I do get drunk occasionally, and clonazepam to the rescue again (1.5mg). Not the most sensible advice, but we are probably due a break , here and there. (note - don;t take clonazepam and alcohol at the same time, unless you like prolonged black outs).
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  5. I enjoy it every once in a while, but more often, I am bothered by the symptoms. Take Saturday night, for example. I was completely sober, aside for a little too much caffeine, at an EDM show. At one point in the show, my hallucinations got so intense that the people in the crowd around me took on a zombie-like appearance. Their faces were crawling and moving. It took me a few minutes to calm myself, and I won't soon repeat that experiment. It was extremely disconcerting.
  6. Yes, you have HPPD. Benzos can be a temporary fix, but in my experience, they listened in effectiveness the more that I took them. I often have trouble focusing, so yes, blurry vision as well. Exercising and meditation is a great addition to any life, and it does help our condition. I highly suggest giving it a try.
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  8. i have a lot of the same symptoms you do, it sucks. i get the blue dots that vanish, i get the static that forms into shapes at night, i get the words in my head when i try to sleep, i get bad starbursts, i get the numb feeling in my hands all the time. light sensitivity and after images. i have everything, just not too bad, so it's manageable. i've been managing in my junior year pretty fine so far, i don't notice it too much in school, at night and at home is when i notice it the most
  9. I know I'm a little late, but I have/had the exact same symptoms as you have. After about a year it has gotten a lot better concerning the anxiety/DP-DR aspects, so there definitely is hope in an "almost" recovery. The only thing that hasn't gone away at all is the visual snow, which can be really annoying at times, but you'll get used to it. Anyway, I can say that my anxiety almost and my depression definitely went away. That may also be, because I'm studying at a uni now instead of going to school, but I can definitely say it has improved.
  10. Hey guys, I thought I would introduce myself and post my own testimony of how I acquired HPPD, and also ask a few specific questions, maybe to provide some solidarity for others, and also seek some advice. I acquired this disorder following consuming MDMA on a number of instances: June 2015; October 2015; June 2016; and September 2016. I consumed cannabis on the majority of these instances as well. In hindsight, I had extremely minor symptoms from the first three instances of MDMA consumption, and it was primarily the final instance which triggered the disorder and the visual and cognitive symptoms it presents with. From September 2016, I began to noticeably experience: headaches; depersonalisation; pallinopsia in the form of primarily negative after images but also positive after images, especially of words from screens or pages when reading and screens, although they appear to be progressing to affecting all perceptual stimuli generally; trails and tracers, such as car lights or even my hands in bright environments; visual snow and static, evident mostly in dark environments but present when concentrating on certain spots; flashes of light in peripheral vision; Blue field entoptic phenomenon; cognitive impairment such as memory issues, difficulty with mental visualisation and forming sentences; perceptual difficulties with depth and difficulty with the process of reading (the process itself doesn't seem to be fluent or automatic like it was prior to consumption) which probably coincides with the cognitive impairment which worsens the issues with reading. The prior instances of consumption from June 2015 - June 2016 in hindsight had resulted in milder headaches and some limited visual and cognitive dysfunction, but I had associated this with a co-existing health issue which was diagnosed by a Neurologist at the time (Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity; imagine Coeliac disease but exclusively affecting your nervous system). Following the final instance in September 2016, I eliminated all substances from my lifestyle, including caffeine and alcohol. I saw no real improvements, and attempted drinking for a period between January 2017 to March 2017 before eliminating it again from my diet, although I began to drink tea and coffee again, which I've maintained thus far - there appears to be no acute exasperation of my symptoms following the consumption of caffeine. My symptoms - apart from the depersonalisation, which resolved after a few months, and the cognitive impairment which has remained the same - have gradually worsened as time has progressed. I'm currently in my third year of University, and attempting to instigate a healthier lifestyle in relation to exercise, with hope that it may still improve and make my final year of University easier. I desired to make a few general enquiries to any of you in similar situations: 1) How does condition respond to stimulants such as caffeine? Do you believe it temporarily or permanently worsens your symptoms? Or perhaps impairs the recovery process? My concern is whether caffeine in my situation has caused chronic exasperation of my symptoms despite the absence of an acute exasperation. 2) Is alcohol likewise a problematic substance in regards to the chances of recovery? 3) Have any of you been in the same situation, with your symptoms worsening a year or so onwards prior to their improvement? 4) is there any particular advice you could offer, or perhaps your own anecdotal experience? 5) Have any of you experienced the cognitive and mechanical dysfunction I've described with reading? And if so have you saw any improvements? As I previously mentioned I do possess some accompanying health issues such as Non-coeliac Gluten Sensitivity which manifests itself with neurological symptoms such as mild Neuromyotonia - minor myoclonic jerks and tremors. I have also attempted the anti-convulsant Keppra or Levetiracetam, but ceased its implementation due to the negative effects outweighing the mild positive effects it provided for visual symptoms. No doubt I have failed to disclose some information concerning my own experiences, but if you have any questions then feel free to enquire, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Floaters literally have zero to do with hppd... nothing, nada. The only thing that is happening is that you are freaking out about this hppd thing you've heard of, and are scanning your visual field far more than you used to. It's that simple.
  12. Dude, don't take acid again while you have hppd (even if it has subsided). You don't want to end up in hell do you? It's fine if you smoke when everything has gotten better, but stronger psychedelics are out of the question. Main reason why I don't enjoy weed is due to my psychedelic binge.
  13. i have hppd too
  14. Also can hppd cause blurry vision?
  15. Alright thank you, some people say Klonopin and some other meds help immensely? If after giving it a good while and symptoms don't recede is there anything worth trying or should I just stick to more natural methods like meditation and exercise in hope that will help after awhile
  16. Be patient and give yourself some time. As others have posted, stay clear of psychoactive substances. You haven't dosed excessively so chances are good your symptoms will start to moderate. For me, getting and staying focused helped a great deal. School, work, hobbies, exercise routines, etc. For anxiety, daily meditation practice has been a life saver.
  17. Hey so yes I've stopped smoking been off it for probably a little more than three weeks and have noticed some slight positive changes since. And same! If I'm even around my friends who smoke I start to notice negative side effects just from that as well. Any tips on how to get feeling better ?
  18. Has anyone tried nefiracetam? I searched the whole hppd forums and never found anything on it.
  19. Well, one floater isn't hppd, sure. But when the brain suddenly starts to observe 5-10 floaters, it is a sign that the brain is being stimulated/hyperactive. If you have trails and floaters, I could only based on that say that you have hppd, the severity is up to you to decide. But if you have one tiny floater, then no hppd.
  20. Definitely hppd bud. Are you still smoking daily? That needs to stop! If I so much as inhale a whiff of passive smoke it'll have negative effects.
  21. Yea, i can get rare enjoyment from it... If I am alone at the beach, out in the waves... I feel an immense connection with nature that seems to stem from the dp/dr and general trippy feeling. Also, after sex! Lie back and watch the light show while the endorphins kick in.
  22. Yea, that doesn't sound like hppd, which is good news... There are easier ways to treat anxiety than hppd. Try to wear sunglasses as much as possible for the light sensitivity. I cured mine by wearing sunglasses all the time for a few months (even indoors).
  23. Most of the time the visuals, head pressure, dpdr and other psychological symptoms are literally torturing me. Sometimes, like <1-2% of the time, I can "enjoy" the symptoms. Neon lights look great at night as well as lights overall on a night walk for example. Sometimes I also enjoy sunset, the colors are more intense and everything looks a bit mystic, like in a movie. But as I said, these are very rare moments. I had it for 1,5 years now.
  24. Please keep us updated on how the trip was going and the aftermath. I'm interested!
  25. You're gonna end up fucked dude, god speed to you
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