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  2. So im 17 and summer is coming up in one week. I've had pretty minor hppd for about 8 months, and I just want this to go away. All my friends smoke weed and I feel so left out not smoking with them. This leaves me pondering a crucial question: should I just say fuck it and start blazing again or should I dedicate this summer to recovery and mental growth to see if I can still recover? I just miss smoking so much but if I knew for a fact that I would fully recover in a year I would be willing to not drink or do drugs until months after I am fully recovered. What should I do it's killing me? My symptoms are: visual snow floaters slight trails in some lighting walls breathing if I pay attention color enhancement brain fog
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  4. AFAIK, I've never noticed any change in my pupils, even when I was in the worst months of this. So no, never been a problem for me.
  5. Thanks David learned something new .
  6. This is great news ! what did u do to improve ur symptoms?
  7. "... There's also the science of coming out of unconsciousness to consider. A new study shows it's not simply a matter of the anesthetic "wearing off." Researchers from UCLA say the return of conscious brain activity occurs in discrete clumps, or clusters — and that the brain does not jump between all of the clusters uniformly. In fact, some of these activity patterns serve as "hubs" on the way back to consciousness. "Recovery from anesthesia, is not simply the result of the anesthetic 'wearing off' but also of the brain finding its way back through a maze of possible activity states to those that allow conscious experience," noted researcher Andrew Hudson in a statement. "Put simply, the brain reboots itself." Relatedly, a separate study from 2012 suggested that post-surgery confusion is the brain reverting to a more primitive evolutionary state as it goes through the "boot-up" process....." from suggests hppd may be failure to reboot. ".....Researchers discovered that when LSD latches onto the brain cell’s serotonin receptor, part of the receptor folds over the drug molecule like a lid, locking it in place. “We think this lid is likely why the effects of LSD can last so long,” said Roth, who also works at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. But, while lengthy, acid trips aren’t forever. Some LSD molecules pop off their receptors as the “lid” part moves around. And brain cells eventually respond to the drug molecule by pulling in its serotonin receptor, along with the drug, where the drug is then degraded or disassembled....." from suggests hppd may be some disruption of this mechanism, perhaps a constant recycling of the drug at the receptor?
  8. when i first discovered nac it was a revelation. Never had the sense of vertigo/anxiety or brain fog that i used to have. Improved further with vit b and d.
  9. Okay so I don't have any personal experience with HPPD as I've never taken hallucinagenics before, but before you detest my advice I have suffered quite a bit from depersonalization and panic attacks in general. first off the foggy feeling is just Depersonalization, which, goes away if you're capable of calming down. Chances are the panic attacks stopped cause you went into the state of dissociation. My advice, try to meditate everyday using a thing called hemisync (do research on it), this will help you learn how to call down. Also try some ADHD medicine like vyvanse if you can, I'd be interested to see if that helps with the fog as it helps me. youll be fine don't worry, live and learn. Just use this as a chance to push yourself to get the psychiatric help I'm sure you needed before it started anyways. also, the fact that it didn't happen directly after a trip leads me to believe you just developed dissociation (DP/DR) by consequence of being too stressed, then had the drugs to blame it on so then created a self perpetuating spiral. I would recommend you go to a therapist and psychiatrist and get tested asap. other than that, just try to not think about how you feel (I realize it's near impossible), do literally anything it takes, preferably find something that's productive and maintable... but if you can't handle it and need some coke... I mean whatever keeps you going. please note I'm not a doctor and would highly recommend you go to one. But I do promise it gets better and can be completely overcome from my experience, don't give up hope and never stop fighting
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  11. Immediate stoppage of Xanax (alprazolam) is HIGHLY dangerous. It may cause a seizure. This is given alprazolam's very short half-life. ------------------------------ Note: Ativan IV (lorazepam intravenous) is used for emergency room treatment of Grand Mal seizure.
  12. From the notepad of Samuel Roth: Factors influencing: 1. DNA variants toward slow metabolism via cytochrome p450 (abberations) 2. Drugs such as Phenytoin etc. 3. P-Glycoprotein inducers and antagonists Serum levels of Clonazepam metabolites are more of an issue for the HPPD sufferer as they tend to have a greater sensitivity to compounds. Nevertheless, the subsequent hours or days after the initial onset of the compound, the perceived effects of Benzodiazepines and its metabolites are often not felt or observed by the patient (perhaps if it does, only as it applies to withdrawal, and the body's habit of having it in its system). ~Serum levels per individual is debatable. Xanax will have zero level in serum at 3 day. Ativan= 5-6 days Klonopin=16 days These subsequent numbers can be influenced physiologically by the three (3) aforementioned factors: Exact numbers are as such: 1. Xanax is fully out of your system after 56 hr. 2. Ativan: 50-100hrs. 3. Clonazepam: 90-250hrs. Serum levels and level of withdrawal symptoms may not be proportional. Often, they are not proportional at all; insofar, as to say, duration of time which has passed since the initial ingestion of the compound may not correspond to the moderate-to-high serum level of that same compound and its metabolites, observed through blood-tests days later (especially as it applies to Benzodiazepines such as Librium, Diazepam, Clonazepam).
  13. As, GS stated above and to further add that visual processing goes through multiple stages. The retina is the only part of your brain that you can see. Also, the retinal cells work backwards and are constantly firing and stop firing when activated by a photon. Just adding my two cents that case studies are the lowest form of convincing research publications. They are helpful and can inform further ideas for controlled research.
  14. Fantastic to hear. People do have symptoms go away. Lowered anxiety can reduce symptom severity by reducing activity in the theorized GABAergic disinhibition system. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I had a serious leg injury and was on 10mg Oxycontin every 4-6 hours plus Morphine IV prn. I was fine. Honestly, I take Excedrine for headaches. Excedrine would stop headaches caused from MDMA abuse, Opiate induced headaches, Alcohol Hangover, Tension Headaches and Migraine. I know and worked with sufferers of Cluster Headache. One of the substances that is added to a compound thay works is Caffeine. Excedrine has Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Caffeine. It is more effective than Morphine for headaches for me.
  16. Thanks jay1. The omega3,valerian is good choice for hppd? I had a mild hppd..
  17. As i've discussed several times before, I use a 4 days on, 3 days off benzo treatment with 10 days off every 2-3 months to further clean the system. It has worked for 7 years now, without any sign of tolerance or withdrawal. I tweak "the recipe" a fair bit, this is my current system: Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Thursday 6pm Clonazepam (1mg) - Friday 9am Clonazepam (1mg) - Saturday 9am Lorazepam (2.5mg) - Sunday 9am
  18. INTRODUCTION TO PHARMOKINETICS (With Specifics for the United States FDA rules and regulations) The half-life of Klonopin averages 40hrs. So, on day 4 you still have 50% of the dose you took 2 days prior in your system. 80% of the day prior. The value obtained with humans for available active clonazepam is a 3.3 fold increase from your daily dose. So, if you are taking 1mg/daily you achieve a steady state dose of 3.30mg. If you are taking 4mg/daily you reach 13.2mg. If you are taking .5mg a day, the steady dose = 1.65mg I created a calculator you can enter in a dose and it will calculate your body dose equivalency for 7 days. It is a google doc, I am pretty sure I locked the formulas, so only change the one value and press enter and it will change automatically for you. Another very simple way to achieve the same thing is to take your daily dose and multiply by 3.3 or even more quickly by 3. This is a quick way to see why recommendations are for lower dose ranges. Dose Daily Effective Dose Potency at 7 Days 0.25 0.83 0.5 1.65 0.75 2.58 1 3.3 1.5 4.95 2 6.6 2.5 8.25 3 9.9 3.5 11.55 4 13.2 6 19.8 10 33 15 49.5 20 66 Typically, these are measured in nanograms per milliliter. This is only for clonazepam, and the half-life of a 2mg dose in a 2003 study was approximately 39 hour +/- 9 hours. Use of antacids can affect this number, liver function, kidney function and food. The average difference in C(max) and AUC between generic and innovator products was 4.35% and 3.56%, respectively. In addition, in nearly 98% of the bioequivalence studies conducted during this period, the generic product AUC differed from that of the innovator product by less than 10%. It also explains why having a day or so lapses in a Klonopin script are infinitely easier to handle than a Xanax script. Because the drop in concentration takes the same reduction, but Xanax half life is 11.2 hours. Klonopin Dose Calculations (Rough Estimations) I would discuss these with your doctor, and I also call them rough because other medications can potentiate the level or medications or supplements may occupy the enzyme in the liver that break down Klonopin, so it stays in the system longer. There are many variables, but this is a good general demonstration. .
  19. I totally agree Jay. I want to sort of describe it as like a binary thing. Like either it is 1 for On-Klonopin, 0 for Not-On-Benzos. When HPPD is really bad, sometimes 1/2 of mg of Klonopin is too much. So in the midst of bad HPPD I think one tends to keep benzos on the lowest possible dose of Klonopin. So when in the midst of HPPD, man, the sensitivity to drugs is potentiated. So yes, I totally do agree. I have gone through times in my life where I went from 3 or 4mg to zero. So I went from around 4mg/day for 30 days and then nothing. That was hell. What I think I am trying to say is what he is doing is a good idea. And should be manageable. All things considered, I think that reducing Klonopin from 1mg to nothing is doable, especially the way he is going about it. Also things like generics vs. other generics are also things to consider. I have found some generics to be much more withdrawal causing than other generics.
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  21. Some people say nac is great deal with hppd!...
  22. Valerian just makes me sleepy. What's NAC?
  23. I've always noticed my pupils have been constantly dilated since getting HPPD but as my symptoms have improved they've shrunk correspondingly, so that essentially the worse my symptoms the more dilated my pupils are. So my question is: Does anybody have HPPD -- specifically more severe symptoms like morphing, DP-DR, long streamers, etc. -- and not have dilated pupils?
  24. Valerian made some of my symptoms worse so I don't know that I'd recommend it. Others may feel differently though. I haven't tried NAC.
  25. I was recommended nac. This is very helpful in hppd. So i'll stop clonazepam and thake this nac. I intake only 0.75 clonazepam now. And vitamin b, omega 3 ,valeria root. Nac is nice choice? (And sorry english is not my word)
  26. Also nac is good choice for me?
  27. Just short term is it ok????
  28. Thanks! And valerian is good for me???
  29. mgrade, 1mg of klono is easily enough to get withdrawals.
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