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  2. Do you still have anxiety every day?
  3. Hey @Rossss It's better, I forget things easily that are important. Like when I'm going to the gym I'll forget me wallet and actual pass to go in. Little things like that, go somewhere in the house and forget my original purpose, do something else in that place, go back to my room and remember my original goal. I've always done it but it feels more prevalent nowadays. So I do feel better, just different
  4. Lyme has been linked to a lot of cases of vs. If you test positive, you should be relieved.
  5. I found it to be the most useless supplement yet. Im done with that garbage.
  6. Panic attack I'm thinking. Same thing happens to me at work every single day.
  7. I'm so glad I read this. I feel exactly the same way. I have head pressure all the time, especially in the middle of the day when I come home from work. I have severe tinnitus and I see after images and trails all day long. My dream job is suppose to start in January but I'm suicidal right now because of this so I think I'm going to have to turn the job offer down. Everyday I feel like I'm being tortured, no one deserves this. The only reason I haven't killed myself is because of my mom. I can't do that to her. It would be like killing her too. I hope one day God will give me answers when I ask him why he did this to me. I hope you feel better soon
  8. Yup, when I go to the doctor. It's not so much social anxiety but instead more of a reality anxiety. I realize that sounds strange but I don't know how else to describe it.
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  10. It purportedly doesn't cross the blood brain barrier. But you got gaba receptors all over your body. Could calm the cns. Raises testosterone apparently too. I've tried it a few times with good effects but can't remove placebo so idk. 99 percent sure it won't hurt but always be cautious.
  11. I'm still here. I haven't died lol I am definitely glad I'm not as panicked anymore. But honestly I still have all of those symptoms. I guess I have just gotten used to them.
  12. The majority of my hppd came on after a wonderful trip! No problems with ego death at all. Some lsd analogue idk what it was xD. Had a beautiful time up in the mountains of Virginia. So eh who the hell knows
  13. I believe so, I get panic attacks whenever I smoke ganj. But I don't have ootb experiences, just immense discomfort. I'm fine, I just don't want to live with static vision, afterimages and floaters for the rest of my life. There's gotta be a way to resolve that, because I'm tired of the lack of awareness on hppd. If only there was a cure. On the other hand I'm gonna see a neurologist sometime soon to determine what's going on.
  14. Anyone have experience with doxycycline? Doctor thinks I have lymes disease. Pretty positive test. Very worried about this... if anyone has input please let me know >_<
  15. as was mentioned before its active metabolite is mcpp. They used to put that shit in ecstasy way back when. Ive taken trazadone a lot in my life and didn't notice the effect of the mcpp. Maybe because I was generally taking 50mg. Perhaps the mcpp was being metabolized fast enough to not make much of a difference. Who knows.
  16. it was quite large, id say 2 years. I actually suspect that all of this has more to do with protracted benzo withdrawal. I really appreciate your response. I have had no visuals what so ever. Heck it could even be a combination of traumatic trips, various other drugs in the past (not heavy or often at all) as well as coming off the benzos. I don't think we realise at all how the mind / nervous system can be damaged by our young fun days I guess.
  17. Maybe something like ptsd, if you have no visuals it might be your bad experience traumatized your brain. What was the time lapse between those two trips?
  18. Hi Chris, Did your HPPD ever go away?
  19. Did anyone hear from Chris again? Did he recover? Kind regards, Ross
  20. Kellen did yours eventually go away completely?
  21. Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has recovered from Hppd. I am not sure I have it but I go through waves (every 8 months roughly) where I start getting extreme anxiety, head pressure and severe derealization or brain fog to the extent that I stay at home. This could be related to something else but I have had two bad shroom experiences (4 grams the one time and 3 the other). What I am wondering is if that might have triggered this? Are these high enough doses, it sure felt terrible, and I regret it. the head pressure and detachment / derealiztion is unbearable. I have no visual symptoms like trails or lights etc, at all. I actually felt perfect for the last 9 months, better than ever, no anxiety nothing. also bear in mind that I had no ill effects right after the bad trips, only months later. Is this typical of Hppd? I have also come off of benzodiazepines (11 months ago) and I attribute a lot of how I feel to that, but I would like to know if it could be from the shroom and if it could possibly heal over time. Also for those who have had such symptoms and it does happen to be hppd, is there any hope of recovery. I don't mean just living with it but I mean it going away. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Id love to hear from a few different people to hear how they progressed. Again, I havent lived with derealiztion every single day for the last 11 months, I have essentially had two 4 week bouts of it in the last year. Other than that I have had pretty much full clarity for the last 10 months up to now.I hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance, and I hope you are all well and recovering.
  22. Hi Originally, did your head fog ever go away?
  23. If it helps, my mdma depression did pass... Took a couple of years, though I was a very heavy user...
  24. My dude, life is full of shit. You're young, we're young. Take some time for yourself dude, if you're in school take a year off. Try to take out as much stress as you can. Everyone here has felt the same as you, varying degrees obviously. One thing that ducks people over is lack of research. My sister does everything, coke, Molly, shrooms, lean. She is angry all the time, never seems happy. She ducked up her brain, you're still salvageable. Stop all substances, do some Exercise. I haven't changed my diet but it helps for other people. Keep yourself busy. Much love Originally
  25. I feel like the replies he wanted weren't the ones he got, he was expecting sympathy but got advice. I feel you dude and if you read this, just know when I don't sleep, I imagine noises when I try to sleep. So visual to auditory, big difference but I relate.
  26. Exercise helps me, I love going to the gym and hitting the bags. Gets frustration out and it feels good. If you don't have the money for a membership try cardio. Both great for the mind and body
  27. So I took acid twice like 4 months before school was over, I had no residual effects and lived my life as normal. On June 2nd I went to a friend's house, it was his birthday. We all brought weed, I brought 2g's my friend did the same. We smoked a duck ton, around 6 grams. That whole time I didn't have visuals, I was chilling. This was like a month after taking lsd, no visuals in that time frame. After that night I woke up, grabbed the bubbler and smoked 2 bowls. I went home and that day was weird. I felt it the whole day, 8am to 1am. I was on my computer for a few hours that day, when I got off I had a massive black rectangle in my vision. Black as hell, I didn't know what was happening. I didn't know what it was. I think I got hppd from weed and not lsd. Now my symptoms are better, I notice them like 3-5 times a day. Things are good, just don't feel like myself, cloudy brain. Thanks for reading, I just had a massive realisation. Replies much appreciated
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