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  2. Yea I can't handle the brightness as much. Tbh idk I'm in the same situation as you lol 9 months in. I do feel way better than at first. Except I still have my days like right now everything feels so surreal and TOO 3D and vivid lol but I'm just dealing with it.
  3. Seems like this site is more active after a period of latency with a lot of newer members, unfortunately. I thought it might be a good idea to cull some of the more comprehensive and informative threads into one place so people can browse them for information as needed. I'd suggest people add to this thread as they see fit. "Bit of an idea for possible CURE. Has some weight to it." "Finding the cause. To find the cure we need to know the cause." A follow up to the above thread. "'THE HPPD Stack' - let's create one" "Medication Trial: Dr. Abraham" "Why NMDA antagonism?" "Dear Readers from the Dana Foundation Story:" "Has anyone tried Coluracetm" "Comprehensive Bibliography I am using" "The thread about dopamine agonists and supportive agents (e.g. levodopa and reuptake inhibitors)" "History of HPPD: Section 2 of 5. Available in PDF" "What specifically caused your issues??" "RELEASED: Initial Results of COMT-inhibition Study conducted by Dr. Abraham" "dna methylation/epigenetics" "telling parents" "AGGRESIVE ADVOCACY" "Success Stories" "Hey! so who all has speech problems due to their HPPD" "before/after HPPD" MASSIVE HPPD ARTICLE DOWNLOAD ACCESS (30 MOST IMPORTANT FREE) "Alcohol's effect on hppd" "Movement" "Can't feel pleasure. Dopamine receptors destroyed?" "Klonopin vs. Xanax vs. Valium - how do they compare?" "My profound experience with levodopa/carbidopa (Sinemet)" "The big 'if': Coluracetam trial" "Thiamine Cocarboxylase" "people's benzo experiences" "CBD Strains of Marijuana" "Keppra vs. Clonazepam" Benzo wd syndrome -- psych questioning its validity"
  4. Yes and it's worse in brighter lighting. So how would I make this go away, just abstain from drugs for a while? Cause I wanna get back to my normal self
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  6. I can relate in that "surreal" feeling , and that something just feels "off" about everything around me. Not sure if it's DR/DP either or something else . I feel like it's a low version of DR
  7. I really think a lot more people totally recover than what's perceived. It just often takes a really long time and it goes away so slowly that people leave these boards when they're feeling halfway decent and never return to share their success stories. Still there are plenty around and many of the members here are making headway in their recovery even if they're not totally healed yet.
  8. I'm not going to comment on the rest of the thread, but I'd just like to fact-check comments made on this thread and other threads pertaining to neurogenesis, as it's a reasonably objective topic due to the nature of the research published. The research findings are commonly misinterpreted in various corners of the interwebs. In the adult human brain, the evidence so far suggests neurogenesis appears to occur only in two distinct regions. 1. The dentate gyrus (part of the hippocampus); 2. the striatum (part of the basal ganglia). From a neuroscientific perspective, the latter is particularly interesting as it may be uniquely human. In most mammals, neuroblasts in the subventricular zone migrate to the olfactory bulb, where neurogenesis has been confirmed. In humans, these appear to instead migrate to the striatum, though there may be a role for the formation from local astrocytes as well. Note: this is relatively new research - the breakthrough paper relating to the striatum was released only in 2014. Techniques used to confirm adult human neurogenesis are quite remarkable as well. For fantastic summaries, I recommend reading: - ERNST, A. & FRIS√ČN, J. 2015. Adult Neurogenesis in Humans- Common and Unique Traits in Mammals. PLoS Biology, 13, e1002045. - INTA, D., CAMERON, H. A. & GASS, P. 2015. New neurons in the adult striatum: from rodents to humans. Trends in Neurosciences, 38, 517-523. So although it's correct to say that neurogenesis does indeed occur in the adult human brain, it would not be correct to assume that widespread neurogenesis occurs in the adult human brain outside of the distinct regions named above.
  9. I'm really happy to hear that ur symptoms have improved. Hopefully they will go away completely and never come back . Ur improvements give me some hope:)
  10. I really hope that visual snow is reversible without the need for stem cell therapy but it is indeed something that we all need to bear in mind . Scientists are considering stem cell therapy in epilepsy patients since their interneurons are dead/dysfunctional. maybe its the same in hppd or visual snow . That would explain why keppra seems to reduce the visual disturbances in some hppd/vs patients. @K.B.Fante Btw do u know when neurogroup will start the hppd research ? The visual snow research at Kings College is taking ages due to lack of funding:( . Dr Goadsby and his team did a PET scan in 2014 and they're planning on doing Fmri scans in April, hopefully this will give us more insight into this horrible condition .
  11. Yes, I have visual snow. It was really bad at first but it's gotten a lot better over the course of two years. I still have it at night and when I look into the sky but it's improved so much that it doesn't bother me anymore really. Same goes for many of my other visual symptoms. I still have them but they've finally decreased enough to where they don't bother me that much day to day. When I'm driving it's probably the worst as cars still blur when I pass them and my eyes can't shift fast enough to focus on everything that's passing by but again, it's a small part of my day that doesn't drive me nuts anymore. I'm very thankful to even be in this position as I had really severe HPPD and DP for a while. You can grow new brain cells. A lot of the foods above help, same with exercise. Perhaps try eating healthier and exercising more and see how it makes you feel, but be sure to give yourself enough time. Healing doesn't happen overnight!
  12. I think Sara is right in that there could be different levels of symptoms affecting different regions of the brain and different neurons. Visual snow might not be a result of neurodegeneration. It could instead be a result of a chemical imbalance only. And yet, if there's neuronal die off then there will of course be an imbalance that follows which will trigger visual snow. I'm just theorizing here but I think the idea this is multifaceted is certainly one to consider. The bottom line, however, is that visual snow and palinopsia seem to be inextricably linked to HPPD, so whatever is happening in the brain to cause other HPPD symptoms is clearly very related to whatever is causing visual snow and palinopsia. If you find the cause of one you will likely find the cause of the other. Let's remember though, HPPD stands for Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, meaning HPPD technically applies more so to those who've taken hallucinogens and ended up with lasting visual and perceptual disturbances afterwords. Though many people come here without having taken hallucinogens they still have similar symptoms (some without having have taken any drugs at all!), so there's clearly a variety of differing ways people end up with similar symptoms. For me, I took a hit of acid two years ago and have never been the same. I was on top of the world, happier than I'd ever been in my life, and went abruptly into a living hell and altered reality after the drug. So for me, the drug was clearly the main culprit in my condition. I was "normal" before and very much not normal afterwords. However, I've steadily progressed at a minute rate consistently since that time because I haven't taken anymore drugs and I've lived a healthy lifestyle. Even when I didn't sleep for three months my condition didn't worsen. I've also thrown a million different supplements and herbs at my brain hoping at least one would give me immediate improvements and nothing really worked that way -- and yet I still kept steadily improving. This, to me, is the pattern of growth: steady, slow, long lasting improvement of symptoms over the course of years. This is the same pattern of improvement for most brain injuries. There is normalcy, an incident that damages the brain and a resulting period of years where the brain slowly but steadily heals. If I strictly had a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters then surely one of the hundreds of supplements and medications I've taken would have made an immediate difference in my condition, but that was never the case. The only slight improvement I had was with benzos, but it was very subtle and nothing close to what people would refer to as "cured." My visual disturbances were all still very much there, hardly affected at all, front and center. Additionally, my brain fog was very telling. Brain fog is a broad term but I'm confident the type I had was caused by microglia cells which are basically the brain's first responders against damaging agents. I had severe brain fog for the first year or so but after I totally cleaned up my diet and introduced many different anti-inflammatory foods and herbs my brain fog essentially disappeared completely -- the only one of my symptoms to have abruptly ended in such extreme fashion. Microglia cells get turned on and stay turned on throughout the course of their lifetime until something acts to signal them they're not needed anymore, which I think is exactly what happened with my diet. There was damage inside my brain, microglia were going nuts, and only after I reduced my brain inflammation through healthy eating did they die off. Obviously if you suffer a brain injury you're going to have inflammation, but if you can counter that with a healthy anti-inflammatory diet then you will of course reduce that inflammation and therefore the microglia cells, which is what I think happened in my case. As for neurodegeneration, it can be reversed. For a long time it was believed humans only had a certain number of brain cells and that they would die off as we aged, but this has been proven incorrect. This video is a great introduction to this concept:
  13. Like I said, it's crazy how many supplements that are supposed to be good for you can really mess with those who have HPPD. I think you might be on to something about it being a stimulant. So many herbs have stimulant qualities and we all know people with HPPD don't handle them well. The key is to really microdose. I take stuff that's stimulating, especially in large amounts, but I just take very very small doses of it. If you're still into the brain-boosting mushroom thing you might try reishi mushrooms. I'm currently taking them and I think they're helping quite a bit.
  14. Today I got a prescription for Trimipramine. Is this worth a shot? I asked for something that I could take to kill panic/ anxiety attacks and she gave me that. But apparently she might also prescribe me Lorazepam if this doesn't work. Also how helpful are tricyclic antidepressants in general? I am only 4,5 months into HPPD, so I do not plan to take synthetic medicine regularly as long as it might heal naturally. But I am curious and maybe I would take it under moments of extreme anxiety but I will try to avoid it.
  15. I don't know exactly how it is to experience visual snow, I had it for a short time and very mildly, but weird enough it faded away.
  16. Hmmm, it's just a theory, I also hope it's wrong haha. But the aeropsia/visual snow can also accompany tinnitus, couldn't that mean that it's more of a registration/filter issue rather then a issue in the visual cortex. It just seems like it's very heigthened brain activity in some way, but the cause or what is keeping it in full motion isn't clear. I am not very familiar with neurological science sorry haha, I'm just basing this on things I've read and some theories.
  17. This article shows that stem cell therapy can fix the visual cortex but it's still in its infancy. But I read something weird on Wikipedia about vs ( on the hppd Wikipedia part ) 'As for root cause of visual snow, some theories suggest that it is the result of thermal noise in the visual cortex or in the 'Optic Pathway' (encompassing photoreceptor cells on the retina, the optic nerve, and the optic chiasm." This was the reference on Wikipedia for this theory. If it's related to retina neurons it will be even more difficult to fix coz that area is so small. I really hope this theory about vs is wrong .
  18. Hey long time lurker here. I know your posts from the time you were active. Just like you I have really bad floaters. I remember you were the person who was thinking about a FOV, floater vitrectomy. You didnt do it right? And you really dont care that much about your floaters now?
  19. I think you're right. That would also explain why benzos affect the intensity for some people, and for some people not. The brain is possible to recover from a chemical imbalance, but not from neurodegeneration (maybe in a few years with very advanced technology). A chemical imbalance isn't considered as damage I believe. This would be way easier to resolve. I'm trying a lot of things to get my dopamine levels up and cortisol levels down. I feel it's improving significantly, which could conclude (not 100% sure) it's a chemical imbalance, behold in MY case, don't know if this is the case for everyone. It would be a very logical conclusion because benzos can also cause it, and benzos aren't known for inserting brain damage. It truly differs from person to person. It's just a question how to get everything back in order, and that's why you really have to help your brain a lot to do so. If people can recover from strokes/benzo withdrawals with the exact same symptoms/lyme disease and some other cases, like in your case SSRI's makes me believe that HPPD can also be cured 100%! (Not sure if that's the case in every case). Remember, the brain is a very complicated organ, like I saw on some forum, the brain is a big lump of meat with electricity running through it which can be shook up real bad. But it can also be trained and altered. If these distortions can happen, there is also a way to make them reverse in some way, maybe time i guess, or a pill that we just haven't found yet. My guess is that time is the healer, and for a lot of people it really was. There are not a lot of succes stories on HPPDonline because this is a support forum rather then a forum to post succes stories. If you look around on the bluelight forum you'll find a lot more succes stories, really a LOT. But they just didn't need support forums like this or maybe left after a while. I saw a post yesterday on the bluelight forum with someone who recovered and stating the exact same thing. "Once my visual disturbances were gone I just felt normal, I completely forgot about HPPD, it's like a trauma that you don't want to look back to. But after a few years I got remembered by a friend of mine, and I thought about how I felt back then. But I'm here for you guys to show that it can happen, and I'm very happy in life. Never forget where you came from!" He wanted to help people who are suffering from it now, but that shows that even if you recovered, you just want to let it behind you. We'll find a way! keep your hopes up guys...
  20. Yes I was exaggerating with 100% recovery, I just meant that my progress over the recent weeks made me optimistic and I thought LMM will make me feel even better. So it is kind of a disappointment that it actually makes me feel worse. BTW in this discussion several people mentioned that LMM also increased anxiety for them so it might be a common issue: On other sites I read that it can have a stimulating efffect and one user even claimed that it has some effects similar to DMT lol but not sure if that is correct.
  21. Thanks, I currently think about how I can make my diet more healthy. I have always just stuffed every food inside of me that I felt a desire for, so changing my diet feels like one of the trickier challenges. I might use your post as a basis for my future diet.
  22. could it be that those who get fully cured of vs or hppd are dealing with some sort of chemical imbalance and those who are stuck with vs and/or hppd are suffering from neurodegeneration? I'm no expert what so ever but after reading these posts and articles I'm starting to think that maybe various things can cause/trigger vs/hppd just like in Tinnitus. Some ppl get it after hearing loss some ppl get it after a stressful event . I personally got vs and palinopsia after ssri withdrawal . I've never used any illicit drug but xtc , lsd and SSRI's are all serotonin related that's why vs due to SSRI withdrawal might be caused in the same way as hppd rather that idiopathic vs .
  23. I read ur other post where u said that hppd is caused by neurodegeneration . If that's the case nothing can heal or cure us except for stem cell therapy? Or do u mean mentally healing ? Have u been cured of any hppd visual disturbances ? Is or was one of ur symptoms vs ?
  24. I think you could be on to something.. I noted earlier I am only taking small amounts of xanax right now but during December I was using xanax and vodka 4mgs aday and I quit that for some months... and during this time after I developed photopsia at night for awhile. I quit using vodka and xanax one night when I experienced full closed visuals from vodka+xanax+benadryl
  25. A resident neuro at USC told me that she thought I had been exposed to chemicals/toxic encephalopathy. Another disorder that occurs due to organic brain damage. This is annecdotal, and there are plenty of other anecdotal accounts of this phenomena with people on MDMA, but after I had taken Eth-lad, I did lose my sense of smell, taste, and experienced aphasia, which are also symptoms found in people who have suffered strokes. The glutamate release and GABAergic inhibition also is an important mechanism of action in Ketamine , which is also known to induce HPPD. And then there's all that research showing a link between brain inflammation and anxiety states/induction of schizophrenic states - There's a section here that outlines excess glutamate in its relation to anxiety and depression. - Impaired Olfactory and Taste function in Chronic stroke patients But is it all glutamate mediated neurotoxicity? 5HT Receptors do have some pretty gnarly effects on temperature regulation as well. I wonder if hyperthermia plays a role as well, in regards to inducing apoptosis in the cerebellum? If I recall, the purkinje cells are particularly susceptible to heat, and die off pretty rapidly when temperatures exceed 40 degrees Centigrade.
  26. I have took Benzos over a lengthly time (on and off for over a year now)and have HPPD and have noticed brain zips which are visual disturbances and also noticed it had an impact on my memory. I noticed brain zaps but also the swirls sometimes i get in the dark before bed... like light orbs all seemed to be correlated when i am on xanax. Further more I noticed muscle weakness also. Recently i have been testing them in very low amounts of xanax and still getting huge disturbances from the medicine which i find strange.
  27. So I just searched "glutamate" on this site an about 150 different results popped up. Datismane's "CURE" thread is by far the most scientifically introspective on the topic of what causes HPPD and I think everyone here should try and read through it at some point. He suggested a link to glutamate excitotoxicity four years ago (three posts from the top):
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