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  2. Greetings ZenLoops My Apologies for the intrusion of being late. I will go straight at it, and say that I honor you for your great achievement, because what is your true purpose in life? If you cant attract meaning in your life. And here I am with "lucky coincidences, right" with a thought that maybe there a post about a guy who found out to morph their "HPPD" into a powerful tool to reduce/kill their ego/or most of it. They can finally act freely without being restricting by the control rod of the ego. If a person learns to gain control over their wild running -toolkit(HPPD) or should I call it Pandora's box? Go dawn the Rabbit Hole. You will know fear at first. And sometimes starring long enough behind our eyelids, if we become aware enough, when we will know, it will begin to stare back at us. What is this? IS IT REALLY happening? With a SINISTER feeling ..the true meaning of fear, the unknown. And also a feeling of being curious. I had a strong attachment and a both polarities of feeling towards it(what i think I am seeing) Without knowing what I am seeing or believing it is - Brain damage lol this is overclocking the brain being awake lucid dreaming aka. WILDs -- with a strange sensations of Attraction/aversion. This is something else. An inner world - inner universe. Some doors do not automatically shut, especially when one is a natural born adept. The echo’s in my mind, reminds me of a bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind? But everything is strange... indeed. Never thought this would have such a big impact on my being, if I never experienced I wouldnt be the person i am today - I am grateful and embrace it - True knowledge lies hidden, just waiting to be found within oneself. Dawn the Rabbit hole. The place between thoughts. What is the true purpose of being if you're not extracting meaning from your path from your experience deriving meaning from it in creating expression the expression would always be the symbolic (shh) Occult things going on.. more like esoteric knowledge that can become wisdom in time, if we allow ourselves to transform and transcend our own normal thinking about what we think, we know. Those who open up to this will know in time. Or be scared just as dying, sadly. It's not their fault. I survived alone and learned we can do the impossible to possible. Fear kills us. Our thought arent really thought, but rather deep rooted rot that needs cleaning after confronting the shadow.. the lower ego. A monster? It was a mask? what.. It's face is mine?? Everything came clear, i was running from a dark part of myself. And if I ever screw up - I hope I will never see that mask again. But I accept it as part of me, i created it. What fun Digging in ourselves in the unknown alienated roads to go. Shhh you will find something - you will need to combat in trial. Rewards? You will see. You know nothing in how we infect our minds with the ego in control. It takes roots. You're not in Control. Who are in Control? Me I am in Control now after changing thought patterns. I am me, but the old me is broken with silly program scripts we allows, kind of sad. It's not our fault, if we dont know any better. You speak true and I can remind you that I have been through a very similar path - But my path was lonely. I learned to embrace my "HPPD" before i knew, it truly was a thing online. I learned all this by myself, because I learned to see no fear - And I was deep in my inner world - when one overcome the fear of the unknown. Weird things happens in life. It can be very rewarding to oneself - and I believe that what makes us true to ourselves and gives us meaning, if one person can learn to overcome the limits & restrictions we're believed to think. It's Not Your Fault, Reader. I just followed all the breadcrumbs that were already lay You are special, but sadly a lot of people will have a hard time to fully understand what you went through. It's not their fault. You Know When You Know. It will be hard to tell about this to people, since People can only look at you. Speechless, because they lack so much. It's not their fault. How do you know? You can tell it with so many gaps people normally lack to understand what i think, i know. They lack so much, but it's not their fault. If i am Insane. It's not my fault. But i rate it 10/10- would do again. Fear of the unknown is a very hard thing to do. I've been there. I was all alone - didnt even know, what I experienced, but I was afraid. The thing with "HPPD" is: it can represent Pandora's box. If you open the box - And look enough in it. You will understand at first. You decides next whats next. I knew what i had too. I had to die to this, if it wanted me. In that instance of training myself over a long period of time. I know what I know. I bow down and humbly bow down to the true you. The true you that's inside this body. The true essence of your atman, your true self. I bow down and I honor that. And as I look at this thread, I see that true you through your eyes into your soul and I let you see me. It's Namaste. Well I'll leave this to you. You know, when you know. We have experienced similar encounters and even transformed ourselves like a snake, who leaves its old self back. All answers can be found in us - we just need enough time - and courage to keep believing in ourselves. Or else You will die - if fear demands one to run away, but how can you run away from a chance inside of you. You run to it. Embrace and accept even the dark, this is where the light transforms. This is the true way to truly understand oneself. I guess I would fit better in some-kind of ancient civilization thousand years ago. They digged this stuff too much.. too much.. why? Who are in Control. You? Me? I am `? You? I AM IN CONTROL. NOW I AM IN CONTROL. WHo AM AGAIN? NOW I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE: WHO AM I????????????? Thanks for reading. Hope you found it interesting - There isnt a simple conclusion on this. You will pinpoint a board with thousand of connections&experiences - until that moment. You know, when you know. - But no one will never ever and ever understand this - but I am true to myself - more true than a person ever will admit there true to oneself. It's not my fault. And it's not your fault. Follow The Breadcrumbs. You will know, if you know. As I am in the known. After all. Life is the perfect manuscript -- so deep and rich in all ways. You will learn to view it. Step careful ahead. You might not like, what you will see.... shhhhh... We are all alone in this. The Greatest Gift shh.... Row Row Row your Boat gently down the Stream. Merrily Merrily merrily Merrily Life is But a Dream... Move long, nothing to see
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  4. How did hppd make your feel?
  5. The answer you're going to get from this forum is to stop doing drugs.
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  7. Yeah @TheMythos the title is like, "shooms cured my hppd"
  8. Also, I attribute 90% of my hppd to mdma use, which has no real ego loss, mind loops etc. If anything, it helps you work through your emotions. I went through a phase of trying to fight fire with fire... I've done lsd, mdma, salvia and ketamine post hppd and they've all fucked me up further.... and i consider myself a strong minded tripper who knows how to navigate that world... with 100s of trips under my belt, pre-hppd. No bad trips and dealt with even the strongest shroom and microdot trips.
  9. Not gone, but I convinced myself that they were getting better for a week or more. Then crash. I hope for your girlfriend's sake that is not the case... But you need to stop speaking like what you are saying is fact, not opinion... There are susceptible people here and taking LSD could ruin their lives. You are putting up 3rd hand info.... At least give us some info about your girlfriend's symptoms, previous to this. Or better yet, get her to post.
  10. It's the chicken or the egg. Brain chemistry influencing mental conditions and vice versa. Same shit, basically.
  11. Were Your visuals gone during the glow?
  12. Why because it was fun,felt good, legal, and safe.
  13. I would lay off the drugs completely. If you keep doing them, even weed, you will eventually develop chronic hppd and it could turn severe. And believe me, that's the last thing you want in this world. I realized 2 years ago after having hppd for 6 years (at that point, 8 now) that I would have to retain a sober lifestyle for the rest of my life.
  14. No one can really answer that question. It may exacerbate it. It may not. There's no way of knowing for sure.
  15. btw - even if you believe in this theory... You are still playing Russian roulette. If LSD fucked you in the first place, another trip could send you even further into hppd.
  16. I'd wait a bit longer than 2 days before claiming cures and dismissing other people's opinions on this (including Dr Abraham, who has proved neurological changes via qEEG). I have done drugs, post hppd, and had a glow that lasted upto a week where I felt better, before crashing even further down than before. Proceed with caution. At the end of the day, this is a 3rd hand report.
  17. No one can ever answer whether you will be able to smoke weed again. If you got hppd from weed, why would you want to go back there anyway?
  18. Anyone else got it from weed could we swap stories, have you recovered? Symptons
  19. Got hppd from weed a month back, mild case. It was bad for two weeks but then it got better. However i still feel it and it reacts to caffine and nicotine ect. Its not so bad but still anoying. Im doing everything im supposed to for recovery including exercise, positive thinking, no drugs ect. Will i ever be at 100%?will this ever go away? Will i ever be able to smoke weed or drink without a reaction? Has anyone out there been able to kick their hppd and move on? Im hoping that due to the fact that i got it from weed which is a weak substance compared to most substances that cause hppd and that i recovered to a comfortable level in two weeks that my chances for 100% recovery are high. Am I right or just full of shit on this? (Sorry for the shitty writing/spelling, this was dictated)
  20. Its likely hppd, just abstain from drugs and eat healthy. At the very least youll begin to feel better within 2 months
  21. What's up y'all, so I've been into psychedelics until april after a shroom trip. The trip was good, however I got really sick the day after (may of not been induced by the shrooms) and was caughing up phlem that had blood in it. So I needed to call a doctor after this situation occurred. On the other hand, the hppd didn't set off until I went to a festival and had a joint to myself. I had a major anxiety attack after smoking it, and my vision was not 100% while it happened. I knew deep down that I was fine, just had a major trip out. But after the festival, I was feeling extremely depressed and later noticed a slight bit of visual snow. After this occurred, I decided to be sober for the remainder of the semester. But the vision problems persisted. Ever since I've been feeling this way, I was not fully functional either. My vision consists of afterimages when I see a bright light, eye floaters, and mild visual snow. Additionally, I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at a young age. But from what I know, psychedelics have been studied to help people with this condition. I'm fine with being autistic, but having vision that's not 100% feels very uncomfortable. Mostly because I'm worried that it won't be the same again. Past drug use consisted of antidepressants (zoloft), daily cannabis for three years. And in a period of 6 months I had two trips of acid (two tabs for both times), three salvia trips (worst trip ever), three shroom trips (which were all amazing). And ever since the last shroom trip, weed has never felt the same again. My weed highs consist of the same dysphoria as salvia, almost like a bad shroom trip. And my visual snow feels worse, on the other hand I don't always feel worse when I smoke. However, I'm taking a long break from weed until my minor hppd is entirely better. Unless this situation is chronic. I stopped taking anti-depressants, and am taking 5-htps, st-johns wort just recently, and omega-3s. Along with a near daily workout. However, I drink fairly often so this will most likely slow my recovery. On the other hand my symptoms don't get worse when I drink. Just recently, I went to see an optometrist and he said my eyes were fine. So therefore I'm aware that the pathways of my visual processing have been fucked up. Just wanted to vent this because it's been bothering me these past couple of months. My symptoms have not been getting better, and it's possible that medication also plays a role in this situation
  22. It was about 4 months ago I think
  23. Who else has adhd? Got perscribed vyvanse not sure if i should take it yet, got hppd from weed (mild case)so i have no negitive visual symptons that could worsen. Any advice? Any adhd medications that is best for people with hppd. Is it risky to even try it even once?
  24. I smoked weed for 9 years and in the last couple of years of smoking, euphoria and bliss turned into anxiety and paranoia. I can't touch the stuff anymore. I'm not a drinker but I'd rather have a beer than touch a joint.
  25. I will concede that I believe hppd is 50/50. 50% psychological and 50% brain alteration to some degree. A lot of symptoms clear up and people tend to recover from getting a grip on their anxiety. I've always maintained that this is some kind of anxiety disorder. But even neuronal changes happen with anxiety and depression, excess glutamate and other factors. That doesnt mean theyre 100% psychological though.
  26. It means I was talking to a stupid bitch.
  27. Ok wise master. You know it all. Of course, we'll just ignore people with Visual Snow Syndrome who have these exact same symptoms but have never touched a drug in their lives. MadDoc who has constant visuals but, according to him, lives a pretty good life and has no real psychological hangups. He sees all those patterns every day because he just couldn't handle his trip, mannnn. Speak for yourself. Just because you couldnt handle your shit doesnt mean the same thing happened to the rest of us. Piss on your "theory".
  28. How long ago did you dose? Psychedelics can have residual effects that last a few days. For some, longer. Give yourself some time and see if the symptoms moderate. As for weed becoming uncomfortable ... that was one of the first signs I had that something was very wrong. I'd take a sober break to see how you're feeling. It might not be hppd at all. Perhaps just a little lingering *space*.
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