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  2. Hi , Thanks I have both an eeg (which of course is as good as nothing in this case) and an MRI (also normal). To be honest it’s hard to gauge where I am at the moment as far as how dp’d I am. The modafinil definitely caused me panic/hyper awareness but as I calmed down-I realized I could still work and socialize almost just as well as I could before. Maybe the initial heaviness in my legs (day when I run) is me being more grounded in a body I’ve been “out of” for almost seven months. I don’t feel that trippy feeling as strongly unless I focus on it. My cognition is shit and has been since the HPPD and as for the “timeless” feeling-well since the ssri flare up I had to force myself into a strict schedule-when things were mild my life was a bit more fly by night. The feeling less “locked in” also happened on Sinemet and also gave me the body coordination stuff but it also gave me this warm feelings to be annoyingly vague. I don’t know where I am on the spectrum or how far away I am from my baseline (past still seems fake) but as of now I’m doing okay. Maybe forcing my interests is taking me out of them. thanks for your replies and advice
  3. Wh.... what?
  4. So I started to feel pretty uneasy on this stuff. Had horrible sleep. Kept waking up with physical anxiety. I’m discontinuing the trial—it doesn’t feel good or safe to me and has put me back several steps in my recovery for the time being. Hopefully the reaction finds equilibrium soon.
  5. All the members know you and the rest of your idiot fake medicines have infiltrated the forum. This forum is dead, no traffic anymore and invaded by super-liars.
  6. Started taking during the day before the gym. Works well. Can’t say how much it’s impacting my sleep. I guess I’ll know when I stop taking it in a month or two. Will report back with any side effects otherwise I’ll write a end report after ceccasion.
  7. Still going strong. It seems with every few days on this I become more human again. I’ve had bursts of enjoying music. Feeling like life is beautiful again. Some anxiety that I’ve wasted so much time being sick... but hey what are you going to do? still highly recommend the use of this peptide.
  8. Whelp I took the plunge. Didn’t notice really any effects. I felt a little uncomfortable physically later in the evening. I think I’ll do 500mg twice daily and see how that goes. Apparently this stuff helps repair dysfunctional nmda receptors and that’s what I’m looking for as I believe oxiracetam really did a number on mine. i read one report on here about a user having a bad reaction. Jess I think. She also got relief from keppra. Since Sarcosine definitely impact ampa function, and I’ve noticed those who benefit from keppra are those with SEVERELY hyperactive ampa receptor functioning, I believe this explains her reaction. I have no way to tell for sure if Jess was suffering from increased ampa atomization, but the majority of my hppd was caused of overuse of coluracetam which is a highly poten ampa receptor HACUe. My symptoms were 100 percent in line with every keppra success story in terms of the symptoms they were suffering from (it’s a very distinct kind of hopelessness one learns to identify). These people tend to have those life changing moments on keppra without the typical side effects one would expect from a med like that. I’ve tried keppra twice—once with very high cholinergic functioning that was causing crippling depression and suicidal ideation. It worked like a charm. Cognition improves along with mood. Then I tried it again when I had normal/sub par cholinergic functioning. Side effects. Depression. Lethargy. Memory issues. Interesting to think about no? I was able to knock down my HACU by withdrawing from benzos and keppra very quickly (not a fun experience; I don’t recommend it but it worked). So if you are a responded to keppra, stay away from things that enhance ampa until that’s under control. Anyway a litlle sidetracked. Will report back on the Sarcosine.
  9. Also there is a case here of 8 people who took INSANE amounts of LSD by accident, most went comatose. None died, but 5 of them during a one year follow up claimed absolutely no long term effects....
  10. Heres a really interesting article talking about how LSD gets stuck in the receptors. Something that I once theorized is that maybe the neurons dont have the capability to break down all the hallucinogens and they remain in the receptor sites. I considered it a bit ridiculous, but this article gives credence to its possibility. “Once LSD gets in the receptor, a lid comes over the LSD, so it's basically trapped in the receptor and can't get out,” Professor Roth said. “LSD takes a really long time to get on the receptor, and then once it gets on, it doesn't get off.”
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  12. A sober life can be a happy life, but maybe before i Get hppd,,, Seriously, i think its havent a cure
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  14. Thats actually really interesting. Sounds like you very well may be having issues with your cerebellum. Per chance are you on lithium?? Any other medications? I would recommend seeing a doctor about this. The two things you are describing are directly linked to cerebellum issues. Do you have an vertigo per chance? HPPD can cause issues the same as well.
  15. To be clear and fair, only a very few leaders within the "international health system" work in Psychiatry and they have used far too extreme methods to make also lethal injection a part of reality. Their methods include rape and murder of kids as a decoy, all done in utmost secrecy ordered by a genuine psychopath who is the fake policeman which is disclosed but yet not proven with empirical evidence.
  16. I have more of s difficult time say buttoning my shirt or even opening a zip bloc bag. It’s like my fine motor skills have gone down quite a bit along with slight depth perception issues. Honestly I felt pretty good on Sinemet but Inhad similar issues so I had to stop. My balance also feels wonky.
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  18. Can you be more descriptive of your coordination issues? also best way to deal with them is to remember they just abnormalities and to ignore them. It’s difficult tho no doubt!
  19. I find diet really helps too. I’ve cut out sugar the past year and gluten for the past few and it makes a big difference in my life. There’s some good research on the keto diet being good for anxiety (it helps with seizures so it definitely reduces excitability). Other things that have helped for me: 1) Wellbutrin: ironically this allowed me not have to take benzos at all during the daytime and helped me begin my taper again. Seems counterintuitive as it’s a stimulant... can’t say why. 2) bpc-157: there’s some promising research out there about this peptides ability to reset tolerance to gaba drugs. It certainly helped mine. 3) inositol: this helps me... but for many others it makes it much worse. I don’t recommend it unless you’re feeling like taking a risk. 4) go on a walk. It actually works. 5) I bought a dog! One of the best things I’ve done for my anxiety.
  20. I’ve just received some Sarcosine in the mail (100g). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? The only person I’ve really found on the forum who’s tried it (Jess) didn’t seem to have a good time. But I do seem to react semi positively to enhanced glutamate. Glutamine seems to help remove a lot of negative symptoms I have (apathy, social withdrawal, etc). Would love to know if anyone has tried it. Best, oms
  21. So Ive concluded that this stuff is pretty safe (for me at least) in the short term. Can’t speak to long term use. It’s highly effective at deepening sleep. Almost too effective... it seems to make me a bit groggy the next day and worsens some of my flat affect symptoms. But it also stabilizes my mood. I’m pretty sensitive to the stuff though I don’t believe others would find they have such side effects. As a supplement i I give this an B+. It kicks insomnia and frequent waking in the ass. Doesn’t seem to be particularly habit forming physically. If it didn’t make me groggy the next morning when I’m trying to get out of bed it would get an A+.
  22. So this stuff seems to do the exact opposite of what I intended—it keeps me up all night. I’ve trialed it for a few days now in hopes that effect would fade and lead to better sleep but unfortunately that has not happened. I imagine if taken during the day it would be quite nice. Boosts my energy without feeling like I have some sort of stimulant in my system.
  23. Solveig "SOL" Mørkedal was brought into the religious cult of Psychiatry, because she was a soldier and suspected of being a terrorist. We have the fake policeman in my country as well and he created a real world troll for himself in 2006 in order to not get arrested. His troll is to protect and hide away the pedos.
  24. Hi all, ill keep this short as I tend to praddle on... I am having a hard time distinguishing what day of the week it is, what time of day, and my cognition is almost non existent. I also suddenly have poor coordination and my arms and hands feel at times like lead. I don’t understand the world completely. in order to continue trying different treatments I have to work so I can stay with my folks. I am currently employed but am worried I won’t be able to maintain my job. I have to be able to have a basic mental map-a sense of sequencing. Yet I’ve, as of now, lost that ability. It’s like I am not “locked in” to my day. I know these things take time just any advice would be very much appreciated if you’ve ever dealt with such symptoms. thanks a million
  25. Hello people . I’m new to this website and idk how active it is here but I just wanted to tell my story as short as possible. I first started taking LSD at age 16. At age 18 I had my last LSD trip. Not knowing it was going to be my last. That last trip was different. It wasn’t bad or it wasn’t good . It was different. But that same day I had smoked once it started to go away. And I was driving and all of a sudden I lost connection to reality . It was scary. And I didn’t know what it was . A week later I had this flashback. And it tripped me out. That night I woke up at 3 am in the morning to thunder and rain . When I woke up I felt scared. I thought I was feeling that way cause of the thunder. I’m a painter and I have this painting of a fish I did on my wall. I remember looking at it and it looked different . I got out of bed and I went to the bathroom and I saw myself in the mirror and I just felt very very off . And I knew something wasn’t right . I was fucking terrified. I went to my parents room and took a shower in a bathroom they had in they’re room. I remember showering and all the thoughts going thru my head . I felt as if I wasn’t in reality same time I knew this had to do something with my constant taking of LSD. I got out and I slept in my parents room on the floor. I was a 18 year old. Sleeping in my parents room cause I was tripping bad . I had to . My little brother was already sleeping on the floor so I slept near him literally grabbing on to his foot while sleeping cause I needed to feel like I had someone normal connected to me so I can stay sane. I didn’t say anything about what I was feeling. Idk how but I fell asleep . I woke up the next morning and that was day one of HPPD. Everything was different . Everything. My life flipped...... that was a year ago. October 28, 2016. And till this day I still have it . It has its ups and downs . And my answer to it is to stay bright, stay sharp, love yourself and love others. Keep yourself busy and please stay sober. Spread the word.
  26. 1 tab of LSD about six years ago. A few weeks after I started noticing some light geometric patterns on the wall and at night road signs would ghost a bit but I thought nothing of it. A few months after that I took one ssri in the afternoon (for ocd) and later that night when I went to bed I woke up with this panic as if I was on something. My first thought was serotonin syndrome but that doesn’t make any sense with one pill. I eventually calmed down and felt normal. Maybe some months after that I remember closing my eyes and seeing a star and thinking that was strange. Then I realized I could not hold a visual image still in my mind like on the trip. Also certain objects looked like they had personalities almost (even though logically I knew this was an illusion). I also got the childhood memory mind pops often before sleep. The getting tripped out by objects and mind pops faded but the typical visual noise, cognitive fog and after images stayed. I was upset at first but things were mild and I actually found my semi psychedelic mind quite charming. I was ssris for OCD over the years after the HPPD and no issues what so ever. I experienced DP only upon waking from naps or rarely from bed. Maybe three times in four years. I also would lucid dream effortlessly only during naps. All in all I had a happy life. Until last August after that one ssri and then, as stated, I woke up and the DP stayed.
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