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  2. "But right now, scientists think that the effects that the 5-HT2A receptor has on glutamate signaling are the ones responsible for the sense of dissociation, the sensory distortion, and possibly those weird wavy lines." It's strange that APs that block 5ht2a don't work well for HPPD and dissociation.
  3. The Visual Snow Syndrome study carried out by Dr Goadsby is close to starting a treatment phase of research . Yesterday Jen Ambrose posted an update ongofundme : '' Hello Eye on Vision Supporters!I'm sorry that there was such a long delay in hearing from me, but I sustained an eye injury in Feb and am only recently returning to limited computer use. I do have an update from London to share with you. Patients have begun to be qualified and scheduled for testing. Scans are scheduled for May and June at King's College. This is an important phase of research, because what is learned from these scans will determine how we enter into a treatment phase of research. Without this phase of research, we will not be able to proceed to medication testing. With that being said, I've been approached about funding for Dr. Puledda's salary for another year. Dr. Puledda works under Prof. Goadsby and is the primary doctor assigned to the Visual Snow research at King's college. As stated in previous updates we need approximately $70,000 USD per year to employ her. Currently we have only raised $20,000 USD which is a far off sum from what is actually needed to secure her. Almost all of you reading this who have VS have likely undergone an MRI. You have likely seen the very high bill to your insurance, or you have paid out of pocket. It's not uncommon to see bills over $1000. We are very fortunate that King's College covers all of these costs towards VS research. We need to assist them though by being able to pay Dr. Puledda for her time and efforts on our behalf. We would love for you to become a monthly donor and help us achieve our research funding goals. You can sign-up as a monthly donor here: you, Jen Ambrose Please everyone make donations!! I know you guys got visual snow syndrome from drugs ( just as the forum info section itself says : drug induced visual snow syndrome ) but the symptoms are the same . A cure could be on the horizon if we start making donations!!! I've posted links about few other rare diseases that have found cures( or are close to finding one) purely by making large donations and not giving up . This is what patient determination and donations can do : there are some other articles I came across a while back but I don't have the time to search for all of them again . However I hope that the above articles will inspire you to make donations for the visual snow syndrome research. It's the only option we all have left now !!!
  4. Nooo !!! Don't start taking ssri's! I got visual snow, palinopsia, floaters ect from Prozac so do many other ppl and Themythos is right , the whole serotonin chemical imbalance theory is wrong . There are many research papers about it . I know ur mom ect seem fine but u already have vs ,taking something like ssri might make it worse in ur case and give u new visual symptoms. These are the visual problems many have reported from using ssri's : if this goes away and I ever get depressed for whatever reason I'm never gonna take ssri's or any new antidepressant that might come on the market !! Just wait for few months, if ur symptoms get worse try keppra or some other treatment others on this forum have recommend for hppd .
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  6. Now that more research is coming out that shows psychedelics alter the electrical activity in the brain, could TMS and tDCS be potential treatments for HPPD? They do TMS here at the University of Louisville and I've already made an inquiry about getting the procedure done. It's only been researched for depression and anxiety (and I think maybe ADHD) so far so I'm not sure what doctor would be willing to try it for HPPD. The side effects are minimal and there are no long term side effects from what I understand.
  7. I drink regularly and excessively! I don't really notice anything - maybe a little more symptoms the day after. Hell, alcohol and opiates are the only things I can enjoy anymore! Weed, tramadol, pills - they all send me loopy for a long time after.
  8. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.
  9. There's absolutely no reason to be so aggressive and rude. You have a history of it on here, but that's not what this forum is about. If you have a particular opinion, fine, but there's a way of expressing yourself and that's not it. Furthermore, a failure to understand the importance of this study is a failure to understand the scientific process. It is not as simplistic as you make out. I suspect you haven't even read the study, merely the media headline. Science doesn't work by people saying 'based on my experience with LSD, it induces a higher state of consciousness'. No study has ever previously directly demonstrated a 'higher level of consciousness', and indeed the present study also focuses on how this higher level occurs in the psychedelic state. Using one particular scale, they were able to show that if, for example, being asleep is a lowered state of consciousness; being awake is a normal state of consciousness - then based on their measure of brain activity in scans, the psychedelic state is a higher level of consciousness. When we are under anaesthesia / vegetative, our brain signal is relatively most predictable; when we are asleep, our brain signal is relatively less predictable; when we are awake it is even less predictable; and when in the psychedelic state it is least predictable. This holds true for psychedelic states induced by psilocybin, ketamine and LSD - and based on their differing pharmacology, ketamine in particular, it is somewhat surprising they correspond to the same mathematical measure. We still don't understand what consciousness truly is, and this study clearly will aid in that understanding. This study shows that the psychedelic state is a distinct state of consciousness, as is being awake or being asleep, because of the global changes in brain activity observed (i.e. not linked to a particular region e.g. the visual cortex). We did not know this previously. The study helps to quantify what is going on in the brain following intake of psychedelics, and this will help further our understanding of how these kinds of drugs can be therapeutically effective, and will aid progress in being able to use these drugs to treat mentally ill individuals.The study also helps us to understand the level of our consciousness and what we are conscious of. In the study, the greater the subjective psychedelic experience, the greater the observed change in the state of consciousness using their measure. Our awake conscious experience is probably only about 5% of what we are (the rest being subconscious), so them demonstrating an increase in that conscious experience is exciting (although the study needs to be replicated using other measures). Their stated intention is now to see how differing information flow in the psychedelic state leads to different psychedelic experiences e.g. hallucinations, something that's clearly going to be more of interest to our community. Overall, this study supplements our understanding of how hallucinogens work to produce the experiences that they do. I think it says something that this study has initiated significant excitement for world-leading researchers who work in the area of consciousness and/or psychedelics. I should also say that study used recycled data from the brain scans carried out by Dr Cahart-Harris, Prof Nutt, et al at Imperial. That study was crowdfunded with assistance from the Beckley Foundation, who some members on here were in contact with previously.
  10. Ok so this morning after I woke up I had a strange episode that felt "neurological". I was still laying in bed for a minute after I woke up and started noticing this ball of light in my consciousness, but this was different from some of the stuff I ordinarily see. It's like I could feel it in my head. I started feeling really weird and off and started to go numb in the middle of my head and couldn't feel my face or different parts of my body. I immediately thought it was a stroke but know my history with hypochondria and I've experienced similar things in the past so I just rode it out without panicking or freaking out. What does this sound like to you guys? Could it be seizure related? I've been feeling off all morning ever since.
  11. TMS for HPPD?
  12. The chemical imbalance theory has been disproven since the 70s. Robert Whitaker talks about this in his book Anatomy of an Epidemic. If you really think you need medication talk to a psychiatrist. Paxil made my hppd worse after I got off of it. I never saw black floaters before getting off of it.
  13. It's definitely interesting for our group... If we can start to pinpoint areas of overactivity, we can then look to target them with meds, magnets, electrics etc
  14. I always thought it weird how many of the symptoms you experience while tripping are the same ones we end up stuck with after getting HPPD. If you look at the questionnaire scores from that study they're basically a list of HPPD and DP symptoms, and yet they're also supposedly the feelings one gets while high on hallucinogens. Also, I find the graphics in that study showing electrical activity inside the brain while on LSD quite interesting. The occipital lobe seems to be most active and this is also where visual snow hypermetabolism occurs and where some people with DP have shown lesions. As I've mentioned in a few posts, I had a really intense sensation of being sucked to the back of my mind while tripping, and that's also a DP symptom as well (seeing the world from the back of your head). I dunno, just seems like there may be something there...
  15. Really!? The brain on hallucinogens acts different than normal!? HOLY FUKK what a way to waste a chit ton of tax money and time on a worthless research project. Loser fukk researcher should just retire now. What a worthless bitch. How stupid do you have to be to even publish those findings? "Brain doesn't act normal on psychedelics" hahaha nahhhhh I dont believe it. Professor Anil "Hurr Durr" Seth "higher 'level' of consciousness" Lol what a worthless piece of shit.
  16. @TheMythos I've tried everything. I can't beat a chemical unbalance. Do you think Prozac (ssri) would worsen my hppd. Your really helpful btw ­čśť
  17. Try Stephen Ilardi's book The Depression Cure if you want to treat depression (also works with anxiety) without meds. He also has a lecture on YouTube.
  18. So I made a post a couple days ago and I was told I have pre hppd because I see visual snow but no visuals. I've been going through depression for awhile now and it's just been getting worse when I stopped smokeing weed about 5 weeks ago. Supposubly I have a chemical imbalce in my head, like the serotonin levels are way off giving me anxiety/depression/panic attacks. My mom and my aunt have been taking Prozac for 30+ years and they say I should start taking it to because it's genetic. Can that worsen my pre hppd and make me start seeing visuals and so on. Or is that if you already have it. The last thing I want to do is worsen it but I know I do need something to help my depression and anxiety. It's like I can almost feel the imbalance­čś│. Please let me know if it can worsen my pre hppd to the real real deal. All I've been seeing is VS but only when I think about it. But it's def there. Thx and I hear a low pitch ring in my ear to when I'm laying in bed but it goes away when I stand up.
  19. Welcome, I found this forum after having persistent visuals for all of my adult life. I hadn't realized that my condition had a name until recently and it was freeing to discover I wasn't the only person in the world who had residual symptoms from using psychedelics. I also took some very large doses when I was in my late teens but I think hppd had set in when I first started taking lsd in my early teens. Now I'm a late middle aged guy who has visual anomolies pretty much all the time. That being said, life has been wonderful even with hppd. As for coping, meditation practice has been a huge help. Also, staying focused makes my visuals far less prominent. There are a bunch of bright people who post here and a wealth of information. It took me a while to read just a fraction of the posts but it was time well spent.
  20. Here is the science article that led to the story
  21. Hi, welcome to the forum. As a fellow long termer, I know the feeling of finally finding out about HPPD and having a name for the disorder... It's quite liberating. I'm sure you've built up a good set of coping mechanisms of your own, but a few things you might not be aware of: Avoid caffeine, avoid SSRIs and anti psycotic meds (doctors are quick to hand these), avoid fast/junk food, try to exercise, clonazepam is the most used treatment here (though treat with caution, additive), other meds that have worked for some - keppra, lamitcal re: doctors - this is a good starting place for literature - All the best, Jay
  22. 17 years ago, I took a very large dose of LSD, was told it was LSD 25. I intended on taking two or three hits, liquid vile being dripped on my tongue, when the man holding the vile *accidentally* squirted the entire vile in my mouth. LSD was pouring down my chin, all over my legs....I felt immediate doom. I was not new to using acid, and use to get puddled every so often, taking smaller doses even more frequently. I was at a large rave, hardcore techno, the DJ became the Devil. I started having breathing issues, I couldn't get a deep breath, and suddenly I couldn't walk by myself. I was unable to move my arms, legs, and was drooling. I had a sinking feeling, did not know the difference between love and hate, good and bad, reality and whatever I was currently going through. I was convinced that I had the answer to life at my fingertips, and that I had seen in to the universe and beyond. I asked my friends to take me to the hospital, but they refused, put me in the back seat of the car and went back to the rave. The hallucinations were over the next day, but I still had disorientation and a body high for about two weeks. A year later I randomly had what I later learned was my first panic attack. Since then, I have had a severe panic disorder, agoraphobia, and some minor depression. Before that final trip, I never once experienced any mental health, I was fairly normal. Now my daily life is challenged. When my panic attacks come on I get very similar feelings to the trip I had. I am very sensitive to light, I see tracers, I deal with disassociation from the world, and everything looks like I am looking at it through a camera. I learned tonight about HPPD and it really makes sense that this could be my issue. I try to explain to drs my history with how the LSD affected me, but they always seem to shrug it off, say I need counseling to work through my issues to stop my triggers, but I am convinced I am not triggered by anything. Any advice on how to handle this? Coping skills? Info to provide to medical professionals so they actually believe me?
  23. Sugar does the same to me. It used to give me absolutely horrific brain fog but ever since cleaning up my diet and eliminating excess sugar my brain fog has almost entirely disappeared. I've been eating lots of fruit lately and have noticed my body is not handling it well at all. Though I don't have brain fog anymore I'm really lethargic in the morning after I eat and I almost fall asleep during the day afterwords. Sugar doesn't increase my visual symptoms but what little psychological symptoms I have seem to get exacerbated quite a bit, which is the same thing that happens when I ingest caffeine.
  24. Yeah and time seems to do weird things on psychedelics. Slow down or speed up or just feel like you're in eternity. Its weird.
  25. And my low blood sugar doesn't help either.
  26. I blame 75% of this on anxiety and obsessing that I might be suffering from hppd like jay1 said. I know the 3-4 times I've sure acid is probably the reason for my vS. I've yet to get any visuals tho which I'm grateful for.
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