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  2. I actually had a fair amount of success with SSRIs. It's difficult to say what the exact impact on visuals was but they certainly helped me deal with the anxiety associated with them. For me anxiety always made things worse, and then over time the visuals have diminished likely due to being completely sober. I have heard some people report that they directly effect their visual field so who knows. We are all different, my advice is to stay sober and find a routine that works for you. Eventually life will get better and your symptoms will diminish or at least become more manageable. Take Care, Nick
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  4. Understand, I'm not knocking the use of medications. Some people in this forum have had success with them. Why don't I take any? My symptoms aren't that bad at this stage in my life. I still have visuals, but I can live with that. I've had this disorder for over four decades and I've learned to adapt. Medications can have side effects and I'd prefer not to deal with that. In general, I'd prefer not to introduce any medications into my body unless I need them to live (if I got cancer for example). I've avoided blood pressure and lipid lowering meds through natural practices and life style changes. At this stage of my life, I'm happy and active. I'm not going to take anything that could possibly derail that. This is my path. I'm not suggesting that it's a better approach than anyone else's.
  5. David, I've been investigating this topic and I'd love to have a chat with you, please contact me!
  6. Would you explain why? Now we have meds like keppra and lamictal which can decrease symptoms significantly and sometimes even cure hppd. I am just wondering.
  7. Hi, I'm reviving this really old topic, just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
  8. Thaaaaanks for your reply, and I'm glad you are getting better! Your description keeps confirming my hypothesis behind all this "hppd" thing May I ask a couple of more questions? - how strong/long the cocaine binge was? - how long ago was your labor? (what a silly way to ask your kid's age hehe, I didn't want to make it too personal, but I'm clearly asking the same hehe. ) The opiates that you're taking will definitely help, but the withdrawal could make it way worse... I'd talk to your doctor about it. Probably you'd need a specially long withdrawal period to avoid making the symptoms even worse after the treatment https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24563427
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  10. Hey, no not ever, I mean just since the baby. I have tried acid once and mdna multiple times growing up. Never had any issues after though. I am currently on codeine for a hand operation and weirdly have not overly noticed any of these symptoms, I'm probably too high or it helps aha. But obviously this is just for the week as it heals and my anxiety is low due to it. I know anxiety absolutely heightens everything.
  11. A Perceptual Inference Mechanism for Hallucinations Linked to Striatal Dopamine https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982218300046
  12. A Perceptual Inference Mechanism for Hallucinations Linked to Striatal Dopamine https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982218300046
  13. Zyprexa antagonizes Dopamine D2 receptors... I'm glad it doesn't work, it confirms my theory
  14. I see you're extremely well researched, and I've been doing a lot of that too. For me, it all points to dopamine D2 receptors. I'd love some help looking into the effects of dexamethasone Someone here said it worked for him, and the method of action clearly adds up for me Same with amisulpride amisulpride seems to be good for symptoms, but dexamethasone could even be a long term solution
  15. I would love more info about your hypothesis. I do think that Dopamine D2 is THE thing for HPPD.
  16. Melatonin makes it worse??? Is this a general opinion?
  17. Sleeps problems is what I'm having at the moment, and only that, and it has me worried. I wouldn't call it "only sleep problems", because sleep is extremely important for our wellbeing!!! I recommend reading the book Why we sleep, or listening to talks of the author.
  18. The general consensus here is that caffeine makes HPPD worse immediately and acutely, indeed. Basically avoid anything that fucks with dopamine (e.g. tobacco)
  19. Is Cocaine the ONLY drug that you've EVER taken? It's not an Hallucinogenic, that's why I asked. I'm not extremely surprised though, and I bet this site is full of people with HPPD that haven't taken Hallucinogens. For me it seems like a dopaminergic system problem
  20. Hi! My girlfriend (29) and me (35), we're both presenting exactly the same sleep symptoms after a period of drug abuse. Drug abuse details: we've been using for the last 2 years every 3-weeks approximately, although in the recent summer we went to festivals and that frequency naturally increased, even to 2 or 3 times a week. (crazy, I know...) Substances in order of frequency: 4-ACO-DMT, 2CB, weed edibles, LSD, speed, MDMA, DMT We started feeling "the symptoms" particularly after the LSD trip (around 100ug), last festival. The symptom: as described by many here: problem maintaining sleep. No problem falling asleep, but after a couple of hours, constant bouts of waking up, conscious dreaming, etc. ALthough, even sleeping poorly, we're not particularly tired during the day... it's like we suffer a constant overstimulation. The only visual phenomena that we have observed, is my girlfriend having some really faint CEV before bed, not disturbing at all, not even all the time. We've tried melatonin with no result, and lorazepam with result (but since it reduces REM sleep, I don't think it's a good idea). Now we got clonazepam, and we're thinking of taking it at least short term, to normalize sleep, hoping that sleep itself will fix whatever is wrong in our brains. We'll add lavender oil capsules too. Needless to say, we've stopped substance use, including caffeine, and we don't smoke. We've eaten extremely healthy, exercise regularly, etc etc. Really healthy life... except for psychedelics The question for the forum is: does someone remember having similar sleep symptoms after psychedelic use but BEFORE other symptoms of HPPD appeared? I'm worried that we might develop HPPD in the near future. I'm hoping that taking clonazepam now would serve as a "pre-treatment", giving our brains proper sleep to heal before developing anything more serious. Thanks!!!
  21. I've never taken medications for this disorder. Well, not exactly true. In my 30s I drank a bit more than was healthy. Back when I started noticing symptoms it was the 1970s. There weren't a lot of options back then. Now, I manage just being clean. If you dosed just that one time, and you're staying clean, then your prospects are good.
  22. Thank you. I dont have it as strong as you but it still disturbing me. I will probably get on lamictal and hope this helps. I am sure it will go away on its own cause I only did acid once and havent done any other drugs. You have never tried any meds? Not even keppra? Again, thank you for your response.
  23. J.L.

    Born with HPPD(?)

    I have not seen a neurologist in many years. My susceptibility to after images was enough that I prefer to do anything I can in near darkness wherever and whenever possible. Trails were a major issue with driving. Stars come and go as they please. I find THCA with CBD to be calming on my nerves. Naltrexone definitely reduced these effects enough that I can refer to them in a past tense. It's also been surprisingly helpful in progressive scoliosis correction. Just have to be really careful with stimulants like caffeine, I'm personally prone to headaches from energy drinks probably due to the sugar alcohol. The pseudo hangover alcohol induces when naltrexone has been in your body is very dull but very strong. Oh and I forgot to mention, I no longer take cymbalta. It became nearly useless once the naltrexone took full effect. Also that I find myself spending much longer on white background webpages such as these at night. My entire screen is frosted with floating colors at 1% opacity with the occasional black and white sparks and floaters flying off the screen at 110% opacity. It takes me much longer to think through this distraction.
  24. MadDoc


    Check out the "Medications and other treatments" forum. As I recall people have discussed your question quite a bit. I have no experience with SSRI meds so I'm not much (any) help.
  25. I have similar symptoms, but there's nothing evil about what I experience. I can't comment on medications because I didn't take that path. I found that trying not to give my visuals too much attention helps. It's not easy and there are times when it bothers me. I guess it's all about focus. Example, in my case sidewalks are the worst. All the little stones. First the ones with similar colors start to connect. If I stare, the images become more complex and start to move. If I focus on a thought, a song, a problem I'm trying to solve, then my focus isn't on my visual field and the visuals are more forgiving. It's hard, I realize that. All I can speak to is how I deal with this disorder. Hope that helps. Hang in there and take care.
  26. Hey guys, I personally have mild hppd for 2 months. Almost no vs, slight after images and cevs. These symptoms are not really bothering me BUT I have geometric hallucinations which occur when I look at streets/carpets/some walls... This wouldnt be that bad If the patterns I see would not be "evil" like I had on my bad trip. Whats the best med to treat hallucinations? The doctors gave me risperidone but I havent taken it yet. But can risperidone really make hallucinations worse? Is this possible? I guess it can make vs or after images worse, but can it make hallucinations worse? I have only done acid once and have never done any drugs before. Not even weed so staying is no problem for me. I will talk to my doc about lamotrigin. But what is the best way to treat this symptom?
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