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  2. Thimón

    Cured hppd 100% full recovery

    Your recovery story is interesting. Would you care to elaborate more? What subatance did you get it from and what did you experienxe? How exactly did the curing process go and what did you do to get cured
  3. Just got back from a trip in a rainy environment. My trailer suffered terrible water damage and mold accumulation. I've been cleaning it out the last few days and have noticed a pretty substantial increase in symptoms I haven't had in a while: tinnitus, dilated pupils, feeling disconnected from my bodily movements, snow, etc. The good news is I've recovered probably 80 percent and I've cleaned everything good and won't have to go in that trailer again, so I'm not too worried about longterm damage, however I'd be lying if I said I haven't been stressed the last few days seeing old symptoms appear that I haven't had in a while.
  4. Lucas

    This is

    Dude sorry for your mom I have exactly the same thing since 2 years too ! Glad to see I'm not the only one dealing with headache and blurred vision I hope we will find a way back to our lives together
  5. You did nutmeg too and you feel pqin around the eyes ???
  6. I tried Alpha GPC Choline and CDP Choline whit no real effect but I will tale them again along with Lion's Mane as some people saw improvement from it
  7. Jay1

    This is

    Hi Harry,.. very sorry to her about your you mum dying, must be heart breaking. Stress is a huge factor in HPPD and grief is the worst stress you can get. As the grief slowly passes, the stress will too, which will help your dp/dr. I would chat to your business partner about having some time off, or at least lessen your hours. Dealing with your grief and mental health is the most important thing now. I'm sure something can be arranged, but you need to begin to talk about things with people near and dear to you (even if you don't mention hppd specifically). Are you trying any medication?
  8. It sounded a bit like benzo withdrawal... But that would rule that out
  9. When I first dropped I assumed hppd was someting that almost no people actually had. A good amount of my friends have also tried Lucy and ever since I have been telling people I’m never dropping again because of my symptoms I’ve had a lot of people tell me they have effects too. One friend has light tracers which he actually likes. Another has bad visual snow which caused him to completely stop smoking weed (he used to be a huge stoner). He still does shrooms though. One more friend has such bad halos and tracers that he no longer drives at night at all, cause he can’t see with all the headlights. This is all from maybe 15-20 people I know who have dropped. I would’ve never known if I hadn’t told them about my symptoms and had them confide in me. I think this might be way more common than people think, it just doesn’t bother some people enough to do anything about it. Just sharing cause I thought it was interesting.
  10. Yesterday
  11. lysandre

    3 weeks and it's pretty much gone

    Good for you bro, it will get even better with exercice, good food, plenty of water and a positive mindset. But please stop doing drugs for the rest of your life, or it can be much much worse.
  12. Sertraline (Zoloft) and Mirtazapine gave me HPPD (mild) Everyone is different
  13. Have you tried pro cholinergic supplements/nootropics?
  14. Harryhor

    This is

    Hello. My name is Harry and i am 22 years old. I have been suffered from HPPD for 2 years now. Because i was gonna try mdma just once, and it fucked me up. feeling of tripping, headache and blurred vision, Dp has been my syntoms. but my mom recently died, and my Dr/Dp is now baaaad now. And it scares me. I dont know what to do at all. And i have a hard time looking foward with brightness. I feel like im going to die young, and have a dark sky over my head. and I havent told anyone. My family is alredy broken because the loss of my dear mother.. Im fucking broken.. I have my own company with a friend, thats accually very succsesfull. And its so hard, to deal with this, at the same time that i have so big responsable.. I have made it good for myself because hope and optimism has driven me to work hard. But now, everything is more unclear and dark. I didnt had the balls to sign up on HPPD forum, before now. Because i didn’t accept my disorder. But this is a big problem for me, and i am not so patient:(
  15. The same thing happened to me, exacly the same thing.. im also just 22. But we are going to get better. I had maby the worst day of my life today on my hppd
  16. Last week
  17. So it's been 3 weeks since i got hppd from 25 ug and a couple dab pen hits was not a good idea i had a panic attack and kinda just blacked out. so that's how i got it most of my symptoms are gone including my DP/DR Head pressure, anxiety, to strong cev's i do still see after images and a little bit of color changes in my vision but that doe's not bother me i'm only 14 so i was scary at first but i just want to say thank you for your help.
  18. Hey, I have those skins problems, seborrheic dermatitis which I think are auto-immune. My HPPD worsened a LOT when I took nutmeg whic is an anticholinergic and I too now have pain in my face 24/7 which seems to be link to contraction of whatever is in there. I just found this forum and I hope we can together find how we can get our lives back.
  19. Hey all, my name is Lucas and I'm french, I'm 22 years old. I started doing psychedelics 4 years ago, but if I remember correctly it's an heavy period of MDMA/Ectsasy use that earned me HPPD. It was nothing too spectacular, visual snow + halos around lights, I thought nothing about it. It worsened when I took drugs and got better when I didn't for a while. Really not that much of a problem. But 2 years ago I did nutmeg just to see what was the effect of it, i took a fair amount (about 2 little bottle of grounded numteg). Since this day nothing has ever been like before. My HPPD worsened a lot, I know have strong afterimages, strong visual snow, blurry vision, eyes and mouth dryness, memory issues, reading is more difficult and also I have a lingering pain in, between, and around the eyes. It's debilitating.It ruins my life. I can do with all this shit but the pain is too much, it's 24/7 since 2 years. Of course like many I think, I did all the exams in the world, which you guessed it all came back fine. It's only since recently that I started to make the connection between HPPD and my symptoms, I know usually people don't feel physical pain due to it but it seems in my case to be linked with the other symptoms. Numteg is an anticholinergic delirant. After hours and hours and hours of researching the internet I found on this forum that many people were discussing the link between acetylcholine and HPPD. Anticholinergic toxicity is always acute, but there are many similiaities between it and HPPD : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticholinergic I think maybe a high dose of anticholinergic drug on people who already have a mild case of HPPD can worsen it dramatically. I will delve on this forum more to gather information and talk about all that to my neurologist, I hope she ever heard of HPPD before or it will be fastidious lol Good luck to you all :)
  20. hey @Jagermeister, how long did it take for your symptoms to go away?
  21. joejoe10


    Hey HDDer any update? I just read a paper on a guy who fixed his visual snow syndrome after using this medicine on a low dose after several months of use. Any update from you would be great.
  22. I know that that this post is from a while ago but I am the exact same. I have the same visuals as you, little static colours that when you stare at for long enough, start to spiral around. I also got these symptoms after heavy MDMA abuse. The spirals also start to become way bigger if I take MDMA again and they become a little big bigger if I smoke weed.
  23. Hello, this is my first post on the forum, I used to take MDMA a lot, sometimes up to 3 times a week, that was in the summer of 2018. I have now stopped taking MDMA but still occasionally smoke weed. I have a sort of static in my eyes when looking into the sky or at a blank surface, the static is harder to see when looking at textured surfaces though. I also am also worrying about my health and I’m always thinking that it may be something worse such as a brain Tumor although no lumps are visible. The anxiety gets very bad on a night and I start thinking of all the other illnesses that I have. I have had these symptoms since around August of last year. Was just wondering if anyone could help me understand what’s happening? Thanks.
  24. I've stopped taking it every day but between May and September I took maybe 10 pills on a "as needed" basis when I was agitated and couldn't sleep, including the night before the onset of the relapse.
  25. Did you stop taking Xanax between the time it helped and the time of the relapse?
  26. Jay1

    My experience of HPPD

    Welcome Thimon, it sounds like you have the right attitude to overcome this. Keep on fighting
  27. Jay1

    Do I have HPPD?

    Hi, nothing in your vision issues sound like hppd to me. Maybe some kind of secondary effect of dp/dr
  28. Here's the story: I took a 150ug tab of LSD back in April last year and had symptoms like visual snow, halos around lights, dr/dp and light sensitivity for the next two weeks. I also having trouble sleeping so my neurologist prescribed 0,25mg of Xanax per day. Surprisingly, I was completely cured of all symptoms in 5-6 days (or so I thought). I continued to live a normal live for the next four months. In September though, I was going through a somewhat stressful period in my life and one morning I just woke up and the static was suddenly back. My natural reaction is to take Xanax again for a couple of days, only this time it had no effect. It's been 5 months already and I've developed some dr/dp and general anxiety to go along with the VS. There's also some mild traling of lights when in dark environments. I've tried tons of supplements like lion's mane, CBD oil, nootropics etc., but the it barely had an effect. Has someone here experienced HPPD coming and going like this, even after the complete disappearance of all symptoms? Is this HPPD at all? My anxiety is getting real bad and the dr/dp is hell. Seems to flare up more when I'm outside in large, open, environments. I will be visiting a psychiatrist soon and i'll ask for a clonazepam prescription, since benzos have helped me when this all started. Starting to get desperate...
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