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  2. You do not get hppd from just marijuana. It sounds like you have developed visual snow syndrome. You also have what sounds like a pretty serious anxiety condition. This is making you super conscious of the visual snow that you can see and reading and worrying about hppd is combining with your anxiety to exacerbate the visual things into you talking yourself into having hppd. Treatment: do what is the only proven treatment to combat this affliction. Sort your mental health out.
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  4. I'd never heard of this phrase before, but could it hold any answers to hppd? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensory_gating
  5. Dasitmane. Just a friendly reminder on my PM. Thanks !!
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  7. So my doc put me on Ambien and have to say it did help me sleep very well... and from what I’ve read it does very similar things to your Gaba-A receptors as traditional benzos but has a completely different chemical structure than benzos so it’s in its own class called a non-benzodiazepine. I woke up feeling like I took a bunch of Xanax the night before. Muscle tension was gone, felt refreshed, no side effects etc. the only problem I have with it is it’s great for putting you to sleep but not necessarily keeping you asleep so I might ask my doc to switch to Ambien Cr which has an outer shell to put you to sleep and inner shell to keep you asleep. Lunesta, which I’ve never tried yet is in the same class and apparently keeps you asleep longer as well like Ambien Cr. Definitely not a med to be taken every night but on those occasional insomniac nights it seems very helpful. Just wanted to share my report. I did not experience hallucinations at all but rather lucid like dreams... and of course take it when you are ready to go to sleep because if you stay up on it I read people can experience hallucinations but not in the sense of tripping on hallucinogens, more like dream like hallucinations because of its sedative-hypnotic qualities.
  8. Yes of course its Haya Labs Taurine made in Washington DC USA. It's also relatively Cheap imported and it's 9 euros per bottle. Sometimes if i can't fall asleep i still take Valerian though so idk which one is helping more Think i will try these days just doing Valerian to see if that is the more helpful agent. Taurine seems to act like Gaba while Valerian directly activated Gaba receptors.
  9. So I don’t know how new this med is but I’ve never heard of it but my doc told me it’s basically Xanax that has the same onset of action after dosing as the instant release but lasts much longer just about as long a Klonopin or even longer. It’s taken just once daily as well. For me personally, I think Xanax gets rid of visuals better than klonopin but the fact it lasted 3-4 hours which means more dosing throughout the day didn’t appeal to me but this XR version seems interesting. Has anyone tried it? Also he said Xanax was better for depression as opposed to Klonopin and the XR version was safer if taken correctly obviously...like not chewing or splitting it in half etc. It comes in .5’s-3mg pills and usual dose is 3-6 mg per day taken once daily. Seems like this could be another good option when it comes to benzo’s.
  10. Hey guys, I’ve been suffering VSS for 2 years into mild and not too symptomatic way, but last month it became so several worse and I want to ask you something about my symptoms because I am super confused and afraid. Let me explain my case. About 2 - 3 years ago I tried hashis cigarette from some friends, I had a really bad trip with visual hallucinogens (something that got me super anxious and depressed, I didn’t like the effect). After some weeks I got panic attacks and much anxiety, so my doctors prescribed me Sertraline 100mg and Lorazepam 1g per day. After some months of getting alright I started getting VS symptom, static dots in my vision like a TV. I went to the doctor but my vision was alright and my brain too, so as it didn’t bother me too much I lived with it for 2 years. On Summer 2019 I felt so good so I stopped the medication gradually, I stopped the full medication on December 2019. Last month I got too anxious because a medical test. So my VS got worse and I started with flashes in the eyes, palinopsia and severe nyctalopia. I also had a kind of bad tinnitus so I went to the doctor and got treated with Dacortin (corticosteroids). and also I had to start again with my psychiatrist medication because anxiety and obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts. Nowadays my VSS is super severe but I also have some weird, uncomfortable symptoms, and I get something new everyday, I am super afraid. I have really severe symptoms: VS, palinopsia, nyctalopia, afterimages, really hard flashes at the edge of my vision, spontaneous and random black and bright dots that appear and disappear from the vision quickly, and also I have the perception of looking and object and the object moves so lengt but it only have a seconds duration. Everyday from 1 month symptoms get worse and worse, I had to stop working because my world is so distorted. Do you think it’s VSS, or HPPD?? What I can do and how I can be threated? I need help. I saw a lot of success on Clonazepam and Clonidine or Lamotrigine. Should I go to the doctor to get a prescription of those? I am super afraid, anxious and desesperated. I also have obsesive and intrusive thoughts about becoming schizophrenic, or suffering it for all the life. I can’t live with that, I feel like living into a psichedelic trip, and I NEVER tried LSD, cocaine, MDMA, or something like that, I have been always fear of these kind of drugs. So what do you think? Looking for your answer, thanks for your time and attention.
  11. it's interesting, because long long long time ago, my hppd got also 100% cured, one afternoon, after having a smart drink ( back in 1998 ), a brand that now does not exist anymore. It came back later after one night i microdosed shrooms, that same year, long long time ago.... I always wondered if the "smart drink" very experimental in those days, had a correlation with the sudden complete recovery i had that day. I did dig a lot into taurine supplements as I suspected the drink was heavy on it and guarana. Maybe it was just a coincidence.....but who knows. I tried heavy taurine, even for my workouts, but never got anything out of it. Can you tell me what exact brand you have been taking ?
  12. Weed sends me psychotic. I hear voices and suffer terrible anxiety and paranoia. I am sure you can find plenty of people who say they are fine with weed... but they are not you It's that simple with every single question about drugs and hppd. You can easily create an echo chamber for smoking weed, taking acid again, doing shrooms etc etc... But none of those "good outcome" stories have any relation to you as an individual. You have to decide whether you want to play russian roulette with your mental health... I certainly don't think the high is worth the potential lows, but it's on you.
  13. Really really want to smoke weed again. Only slight VS after 10 months. Feel back to normal again, can do caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. Is marijuana that much more of a hallucinogen that it will precipitate a relapse? Any thoughts from those who've tried to chief the cheeba again?
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  15. I have been taking 1500mg Taurine steadily for 3 or 4 days now i was also taking 150 mg Valerian for sleep before bed and combined with the Magnesium supplement my symptoms seem to be gone (cured) all that is left is the thoughts.I was also trying to get the daily Choline recommended intake but i have doubt that had anything to do with it. Seems that trazodon was only making my recovery slower and hindering it. Update:after separating the meds i think the valerian is the more helpful one. i might also combine it with Melissa Officianis as the article mentions combining them is more effective in normalizing levels. Currently if i stop the med i get symptoms but they are reduced from what they were originally(unbearable)
  16. Thanks. Let me know what you think of my pm. Thanks for your help. Wish I had known about this board originally. Could have avoided some life changing mistakes
  17. They definitely can take months to wind down, eventually it will go back to the usual degree of symptoms. Ive sometimes had it take only a week, sometimes a few days, but i have seen others where it took a month if i remember correctly, you'll definitely improve once you eliminate the provoking factor. Just give it time, its hard, very hard.
  18. Yep as I thought. Also can spikes takes months to come back down. It’s really my only hope right now !
  19. It doesn’t appear to have and inhibition on healing, i also don't feel that it has any progression on healing either, but more or less has a positive effect on symptoms of the sufferer.
  20. @hope1 I'm almost a senior citizen (60). I don't think I'll ever have everything figured out. Instead, I've found behaviours that help me get through the day while living with hppd. I hear what you're saying though, a major health problem or chronic pain could throw some of my coping mechanisms off the rails. Seeing as my visual symptoms are never going away, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to handle the inevitable heath issues combined with hppd as I start heading over the hill. Thank you for your post. It's got me really thinking. "When life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door" Robert Hunter
  21. I fast from time to time, but I only for one day at a time. I've never noticed any change in my symptoms, but one day is probably not enough time to see any results. What I like so much about this forum is people are trying so many different approaches to healing. Some folks appear to have devoted their life to it. Please, share your findings. I would think a fast of that duration would require serious focus. I mean, when I fast thoughts of food start to creep into my mind during day one!
  22. @JimmyinDetroit. if I read your original post correctly, you were dosed around Halloween, right? If that's the case, it's been less than four months. It can take quite a while to reset after an intense experience. Staying clean is key to the healing process (IMHO). For a while I fell into the trap of using alcohol to deal with my anxiety. Needless to say, it wasn't a long term solution. What helped me? Sobriety and focus. Be it learning something new, talking to someone, raising my kids, etc. I try to stay focused on that activity. When I'm focused, I don't notice my symptoms (visuals mostly). A daily meditation practice has helped with keeping my mind on task. Back when I was using psychedelics I was dosed without my knowledge. Somebody thought it would be funny to dose me with a quite large and very impure form of LSD that was just awful. Even though I was very experienced with psychedelics, it left me really shaken and paranoid. Dosing someone without their knowledge is assault. I'm sorry that it happened to you, it shouldn't happen to anyone. Hang in there and take care.
  23. Many thanks ! Also have you seen people heal whilst on clonasapam or does that inhibit healing.
  24. Yah, sorry for the delay in response to your PM, I thought that I responded, but maybe I typed it up and didn't send it? I'm not sure exactly what happened, I'm just really busy all the time. So as soon as I get a chance I'll respond, if I don't in the next three days just remind me please.
  25. I find clonazepam to have the least spacey effects, though high doses make me crazy tired, with terrible memory issues. I find i can take away a fair chunk of my anxiety with 1mg and can stay awake and alert on that dose.. You may not even need that amount, so if you do go down route, start low an adjust until you find the right balance between anxiety relief and becoming a zombie. I tend to do 3/4 days on, then 3/4 days off, with a 2 week break every couple of months.. I have done this routine for 12 years now, with no sign of addiction or tolerance. Good luck Jimmy, PM me if you need any advice.
  26. Hey thanks for the response, yeah Ive read up on Hppd and the possibility of ptsd considering the reaction and horrible "trip" I had. Im staying away from meds I know too many people who got way worse on them. I dont want to go to a psych dr cause I know theyll just want to drug me up. I went to a couple neurologists, one talked me into using topamax and I hated it so I quit it. The anxiety is really over the top tho. Are there any benzos that are ......um less controlling of the brain than others? Ive seen people I know either become really weird and spacey or they act like robots on meds, any suggestions which ones are less likey to have either of those effects?
  27. I'd like to know if he could do a rough estimation of how many of his patients (1) clinically had a full remission (which means they do not suffer under the disease anymore, but may still expierience altered perception or altered consciousness) (2) reported that they completely got back into their old state of mind (which means they do not notice any perceptual or emotional difference in daily life compared to the time before they got HPPD) Also, I'd like to know (3) whether he sees any connection between HPPD and pre-existing mental illnesses (4) which medications he tried for HPPD treatment (not only the ones that he usually used, but any medications he tried on more than one patient) (5) whether some of his patients tried hallucinogens again a longer time after their primary intoxication and if yes, which impact it had on their symptoms. Was there any case of cure by an additional hallucinogen exposure or any other "strange" cure stories? (6) What was the worst case of HPPD he ever treated (except people with pre-existing mental illness) and how was the course?
  28. Dasitmane. Any chance to chat about this. Seems you have more knowledge than most on the condition and I am in a dark place right now. Thanks !
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