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  2. Found something weird : When I focus on something really hard with my eyes, everything starts to move. Now that's not the weird part. What I noticed is that I would get "exposure" shifts, like the brightness changing randomly. So I filmed my eyes while focusing on something, and weirdly enough, my pupils dilate and constrict randomly for no apparent reason. What the hell.
  3. That's great to hear. I am in a similar situation to you, I have been feeling better and better as the months roll by. To everyone else who wants to know what works for me, the thing I have been focusing all my energy on is controlling my anxiety. In my experience, I would feel fine and then notice hppd, then anxiety would kick in and the cycle would spiral from there. By learning to control my anxiety I was able to not only lessen my symptoms, but also disarm my hppd from the power it had over me. I might make a post explaining things in detail I don't think I have posted here since my initial post last august (?) peace and love guys ❤️
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  5. also meds work for a lot of people but can make worse
  6. mines gone I found a cure that I'm tryig to put together a good cure post
  7. I was wondering if they are around here people who can give us a testimonial of complete hppd recovery. Means no more symptoms at all, complete reverse to normal. If so, how did it happen, was it permanent ? How long did you endure HPPD ? Thanks in advance.I did experience one complete recovery when i was 18, 6 month after i got the first HPPD signs. I remember I had one smart drink loaded with Taurine, and i had that cheering feeling that my friends loved me. Maybe we smoked too that day. I was i the street, and then suddenly, It was gone, the snow and all. I felt again my 2 feet, grounded on earth. It was 100% reversed. Unfortunatly, it came back after a party with a very little shroom dosage. I remember the morning i was looking at the fire in the country side and it was back... 25 years's still there, and i'm not paying attention to it. but Damn, i wish i could figure out how to get rid of it still !
  8. Nice to see another med student! Where do you study and what year? I noticed you had made another post on whether starting with meds or not was a good idea. As I understood it, you wanted to try things out after the 12 month mark, however, as you were seeing some improvement, Jay adviced you to see where that goes before trying anything. How come you started?
  9. Good find ! It may not be as uncommon as we (or everyone else) think.
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  11. Heres a Danish study that did tests on 400 different people, 154 complained about long term problems years later. AKA HPPD sufferers. Some even committed suicide. And they lean toward potential neurotoxicity. "two-thirds of the patients had flashbacks."
  12. This also sounds like depression. Sometimes depression can make you hyper aware of your emotions as the brains bombards you with negative messages. Another symptom of depression can be a feeling of being emotionally numb. I guess depression and DP/DR are like circles that intersect. Depression is pretty common in people who have recently given up drugs and/or alcohol. It takes a while for the brain to feel good in an unaltered state. I'm no expert on any of these disorders but, like most humans, I've gone a few rounds with depression. It's a tough opponent.
  13. I took Coq10 for a number of years. My doctor thought it was a good idea mostly because I refused to take prescription medications for moderate BP issues due to job stress. It didn't help my visuals get any better, but it didn't make them worse. I can't remember the dosage. I don't take Coq10 anymore because meditation leveled my stress out (of course I had to throw in a plug for meditation). I hope it works out though. Just because it didn't reduce my symptoms, doesn't mean it won't work for you. We're all different.
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  15. I'm pretty sure green tea makes my hppd slightly worse. Will try again. Looks like every person is affected differently.
  16. Quick cure: take 2-3 valerian root supplement tablets with a little shot of coffee and green tea. Then sit back; lay back on your bed then relax
  17. ^ That. My HPPD didn't start after a single dose. I dosed up to ~200ugs. It settled in once I started microdosing once a week, and smoking a joint each microdose day before going to bed. At first, I found the VS cool, and thought it was just a side effect. After about a month, I realised it would not go away and stopped all drugs. HPPD stayed with me ever since. It is the repeated dosing that made me develop this disorder rather than the dosage itself.
  18. I never really had a bad trip. The closest thing to a bad experience was when I was dosed with some rather nasty acid. However, once I realized what had happened, things went ok. For me, I think it was taking too much for too many years rather than a single event. I did have periodic visuals after my first dose but I think the repeated dosing is what cemented my symptoms. When I stopped dosing, I think my anxiety was in part caused by reentering society after spending so many years in a psychedelic bubble. No trama, no horror show, simply brain rewiring. That's me, we're all different.
  19. Just started taking CoQ10. At first, I will do 100mg per day for 3 months, and then will continue with 400mg per day. I didn't start 400mg right away since I have already ordered the 100mg 3 month supply. (I didn't see the 400mg mentioned prior to that.)
  20. Haha, no not that long. Some may be pertaining to medicine. Ill see what I have when I have time.
  21. Sure, as long as there aren't 300 pages ^^
  22. Interesting. I may have some old German manuscripts that maybe you could help me understand? Might, its been a long time since I've looked at my non english stuff.
  23. Most logical answer
  24. interesting. I had brain fog before i touched drugs, maybe auto immune. Ive booked a blood test for may 2nd but will only be for common types not brain types, so will probably have to get a brain ai test via a neurologist which on the nhs will probably happen when i can draw my pension.
  25. interesting. I had brain fog before i touched drugs, maybe auto immune. Ive booked a blood test for may 2nd but will only be for common types not brain types, so will probably have to get a brain ai test via a neurologist which on the nhs will probably happen when i can draw my pension. Granite and hannah, what countries are you in? How did you decide which tests to do, did a specialist refer you?
  26. Dayum_son, I am afraid you are right. I had heard of the dangers of LSD before I took it. People learn the hard way too often! The pressure to belong to something daring and cool is very hard to resist when you are young. There may be some who heed the warnings.
  27. As far as I remember, studies from Dr. A. suggested that people experiencing a bad trip will have more chances having HPPD. But you don't need a bad trip to have HPPD. If we don't include flashbacks which are more PTSD oriented imo, I would say it is a chemical imbalance, as some PET scans showed.
  28. That's what any psychiatrist would tell you at first sight, because this is how they make their living. But i'm pretty sure it's a very simplistic explanation.
  29. In my opinion how i see it , hppd is a strange way to show you that you had bad puzzle in your life it’s reflected by dr/dp “once you accept it , it can go away its take time to heal your brain/mind/buddy”
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