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  3. Hi hi!! You will hear from me in ur dms!! I just selected this name that German people can directly see..so it’s easier to get the contact (so you are the first one .. I’m glad 😅🤣) Yes I agree..and also normally putting the phone and displays away one hour before sleeping should be good.. For me often mornings are more awful then evenings ..i m everytime happy to Fall asleep, to dream (but if there would start nightmares ..it wouldn’t be like that..so, wish you good dreams!!( =normal dreams-weird dreams beautiful dreams but just no nightmares..) hope that now I won’t get some 🤣 i think this topic turnt a bit more personal..but okay I didn’t changed the sleeping topic ..
  4. Hey MadDoc😀 that sound like my daily routine..( jogging and meditation) and how is it about your dreams? Are they also that intensive ? Or did this get away? I know that this is normal after stop smoking weed..but I think that this is since my whole time with hppd..so nothing to do with stopped smoking weed..more with the brain activity and and in the night.. ANOTHER POINT FOR EVERYONE: the dna repairs the most while you are sleeping! So a normal sleep is the most most important thing in my opinion..but it’s so weird..that are Less sleep issues, don’t have a problem with sleeping ( I love sleeping) but I know that the sleep phases( stages of sleep) aren’t right..Maby gonna do a sleep test one time, would be interesting if someone had already done this..
  5. I am immensely better than I used to be yes. I can drink a lot of coffee now with little to no problems. Where as I used to only be able to drink 1/4 a cup of coffee and it would bother me. The condition does always improve to some degree.
  6. That sounds scary..had some similar experiences with „when i sleep i may never wake up“ but that was just a thought after smoking weed, laying in my bed watching out threw the window and having thought about god when I don’t change and today would be my last day..something like that. that sounds like now you are okay ? So I Hope it !
  7. Hi, someone from Germany and knows about a neurologist who has knowledge about hppd or helped someone? ( living in north of Bavaria, if there is sb)
  8. My doctor wants to do the same thing I’m pretty nervous to take it as well because I have sensitive system
  9. By the way etizolam was legal when I was younger it is no longer legal in the USA. So if your from US don’t bother
  10. Broooossss, if this isn't neurotoxicity, we saved. Edit: This really is one of the most profound and confusing conditions I have seen in medicine, probably only comparable with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Can someone try Cinquefoil, for 1-2 months and report their findings as far as improvement, and someone else please try zinc sulfate for about 4 months, and please report your findings, Oliver is already taking sage as far as I know to see if there is any improvement, that treatment may be shorter than I determined initially, which was 2-3 years. If you do try these please report any findings or improvements. If you take zinc please make sure it is zinc sulfate. Thank you.
  11. May I ask how much clonazepam you took? did you follow any schedule or only took it from time to time when anxiety was high? Regarding Bupropion I have no answer sadly. Glad that you feel better overall!
  12. Im starting to wonder if this could just be a depletion or depositing of elements or molecules in the CNS
  13. Idk why tf you know that lmao, to my understanding all that is correct but i was under the impression that it was actually just inaccurately translated to sorcery in biblical scriptures, i could only assume roman catholics used it to dampen occult sciences that could possibly jeopardize their belief structure.
  14. No neurotoxicity..... Behavioural and neurotoxic effects of ayahuasca infusion (Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis) in female Wistar rat. Pic-Taylor A1, da Motta LG2, de Morais JA1, Junior WM1, Santos Ade F2, Campos LA3, Mortari MR3, von Zuben MV4, Caldas ED5. Author information Abstract Ayahuasca, a psychoactive beverage used by indigenous and religious groups, is generally prepared by the coction of Psychotria viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi plants containing N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and β-carboline alkaloids, respectively. To investigate the acute toxicity of ayahuasca, the infusion was administered by gavage to female Wistar rats at doses of 30X and 50X the dose taken during a religious ritual, and the animals observed for 14 days. Behavioural functions were investigated one hour after dosing at 15X and 30X using the open field, elevated plus maze, and forced swimming tests. Neuronal activation (c-fos marked neurons) and toxicity (Fluoro-Jade B and Nissl/Cresyl staining) were investigated in the dorsal raphe nuclei (DRN), amygdaloid nucleus, and hippocampal formation brain areas of rats treated with a 30X ayahuasca dose. The actual lethal oral dose in female Wistar rats could not be determined in this study, but was shown to be higher than the 50X (which corresponds to 15.1mg/kg bw DMT). The ayahuasca and fluoxetine treated groups showed a significant decrease in locomotion in the open field and elevated plus-maze tests compared to controls. In the forced swimming test, ayahuasca treated animals swam more than controls, a behaviour that was not significant in the fluoxetine group. Treated animals showed higher neuronal activation in all brain areas involved in serotoninergic neurotransmission. Although this led to some brain injury, no permanent damage was detected. These results suggest that ayahuasca has antidepressant properties in Wistar female at high doses, an effect that should be further investigated.
  15. Has anyone here ever visited Dr. Gogia yet? I will soon I guess.
  16. I sometimes do Phenibut. It helps for anxiety and sleep problems. But it didn't do anything for the visual symptoms. Regarding Etizolam I have no experience. But I would advice you to get the "real" Benzos if you want to try that, because they are probably more safe to use. Please be very careful about Benzos. They can be extremly hard to quit and you should probably try to recover on your own.
  17. Name is Cal I’m 25 I’ve had it since I was 16. Email: Cal.sivel13@gmail.com ph: 4845775985
  18. I'm in Little Rock and for the moment I don't have any help. I did see a counselor who hooked me up with a doctor that put me on a mild-anxiety pill but as for the rest ... nada.
  19. No idea honestly, I've never taken lions mane and im not sure of its half life but you should at the very least already be feeling somewhat better, if not a lot. once its all out of you body you should be fine.
  20. Jaz

    Lions mane

    How long can it take. I took like 4 tablespoons. Was in a panicked state
  21. Good luck Marie, it is not a medicine I am aware of, but a quick wiki doesn't seem to show any red flags for hppd sufferers. Please keep us up to date with how things go!
  22. it most likely will be temporary, it will certainly decrease when the lions mane wears off. In the future always slowly progress anything new.
  23. Hey maybe you need the right doctor... I contacted Dr. Abraham via email and he gave me a list of docs.... the one I saw was named Dr. Stephen Locke in Wayland Mass. and he referred me to someone closer and they both collaborate to give me best treatment options. Finally someone took me serious and allowed me on benzodiazepines. I know its a bit risky but when your life is going to shit because of this illness, its a good crutch to lean on while I get my shit together. I'm 25 now but yeah when I was like 18-19 I tried phenibut and Etizolam. Etizolam does work but it didn't feel as clean as traditional benzos like basically I was having nasty side effects especially not being able to remember things was more pronounced than lets say taking something like Klonopin. But it did work for visuals. Phenibut on the other hand worked similar to gabapentin where it did a lot for my social anxiety but did not help with visuals at all.
  24. Hey! So I made a post about a year ago about trying verapamil that my neurologist recommended. My anxiety was so bad about trying a new medicine that I discontinued as I was having panic attacks about taking it. Now my anxiety is (more) under control to where I feel comfortable trying to tackle this Hppd. I’m happy that I am at the point where I want to help myself instead of praying it will go away. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone heard about this medicine and it’s positive effects on people like us with Hppd! Thanks everyone
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