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  2. Hey guys month 6 hppd journey things are better now. I have very rare visuals,but it's mostly visual snow and tinnitus. I found and i'm trying a herb which takes 8 to 12 weeks to work but might solve my problems finally. Its name is bacopa monnieri. One of the only herbs known to upregulate gaba receptors. Currently i use lemon balm and with increased usage i see my tinnitus quiets down and my visual snow is less. Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis, is an annual edible herb that’s native to Europe. Its traditional medical applications focus on the essential oil components
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  4. Completely agree with this, and at this point if I were you, cease all drug use for the rest of your life, there are a number of people that I have seen on here, that were where you are, and tried some weed or something mild even years down the road, and got full blown HPPD, dont risk it dude, its not worth it.
  5. I always called that stage "pre-hppd"... It's just the first warning signs, you almost have to force them on. I'd be careful with further drug use.
  6. I’d agree with Jay1 on this one doesn’t matter if it’s Vyvanse Adderall Focalin or Ritalin all adhd stimulant medications are essentially the same and chemoligically they are all amphetamines I know that Adderall specifically is classified as a methamphatamine. In fact Adderall and Crystal Meth are the same molecule except Adderall has 2 methyl groups and Crystal meth has 3 methyl groups, making it stronger. Studies were done where participants took high levels of Adderall and couldn’t tell the difference between that and meth. My point is that this shit will make your hppd worse and may even
  7. I am 18 and have taken lsd about 8-9 times in the course of a half year. I have noticed after a really intense 200ug acid trip that i had very light tracers when i wave objects and my hands in front of my face. Colors dont blend together but they do seem more vibrant than normal. I dont have anxiety or feel depersonalized. At this point it has been about a month since these my last trip and the onset of these minor symptoyms. Now i am curious do i have hppd of some sort?
  8. Just adding I have very mild hppd, almost unnoticeable even today when I look for symptoms
  9. You are correct, jay, but dosage is also important when understanding these things. I went ahead and took it as prescribed yesterday, noting no effect on visual symptoms during the day and I’d say 1-5% increase this morning, similar to what I would have after a night drinking. In my opinion you can take this drug if necessary, but you should moderate it. Won’t be taking it every day that’s for sure.
  10. Other than purity, there is very little difference between a legal amphetamine and an illegal one, to my knowledge. It is still going to trigger your dopamine receptors and potentially put undue stress you. I guess the question is is the potential risk of worsening your hppd worth the benefits of the med on your ADHD/Weight loss? If the ADHD is really troublesome, then you will need to find a balance.. If it's not much of an issue, I am not sure the risk of taking amphetamines is worth it.
  11. Hey guys, I was recently prescribed vyvanse for adhd/weight loss support and am kind of on the fence about it. My symptoms are mostly gone but i don’t know if taking this stimulant would have an effect on them. I feel like taking prescribed medication isn’t the same as recreational use and that I don’t want to be afraid of these things anymore. I’ve read some stories here of people developing worse hppd after certain substances. What were they? Did it happen shortly after the initial onset of symptoms or after a long time of abstinence? Has anyone here taken vyvanse after the onset of symptoms
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  13. Stress is a major player in hppd. I think the best first step is to try and fix the sleep issue... I get insomnia in bouts too and find that 5-10mg of melatonin helps get me back in a rhythm, I can then, after a month or so, stop taking them again until the next bout.
  14. Hey guys, So I had stopped using this forum a while back, since I essentially came to terms with my HPPD and was leading a successful life. I’m no newbie to HPPD (been more than 3 years at this point), and so I have had time to cope with the reality of my situation. However, after a trip abroad at the start of this year, I developed intense insomnia which eventually resulted in anxiety that I could not control. I had not been seeing a psychiatrist or therapist at this point, but anxiety is by far the worst thing I have dealt with in my entire life. I feel exhausted every single day, and w
  15. I've sent a message through to you. I've also been in contact with another person involved. I need help to fit the criteria. Thanks
  16. It's quite interesting what you guys said about low dose Zyprexa... Very very interesting. I will tell you a story. When I first got my HPPD symptoms in 2012, I thought it was a form of psychosis. So I went to psychiatrist. He prescribed me a low dose of Zyprexa 2.5mg. My symptoms went away. Unfortunately I continued taking drugs, also I stopped taking Zyprexa and my symptoms came back. Then I was in psych ward and I told them I took Zyprexa in the past. They said my dosage is way too low and I need at least 5mg of Zyprexa. It didn't work and they increased the dosage
  17. Hello HPPD Community. I hope you are all well. If you are Australian with HPPD we would love to hear from you to be involved in an in depth study to unravel HPPD taking place in Sydney Australia shortly. Please contact me via direct message as soon as possible so i can ask a few simple questions. You being involved in the HPPD study will help massively in discovering the mechanics behind HPPD and thus finding a cure. Please get in contact with me as soon as possible., Thankyou!! Best Regards
  18. That's wonderful news! I think you are very wise to stay away from psychedelic drugs including weed. I realize weed isn't technically a psychedelic (or is it?), but it sure is when introduced into my nervous system! Keeping focused is one of the things I've done to manage this condition over the years. Anyone on the road to recovery is good news. Take care of yourself!
  19. If they could experience my head for one day ....
  20. I take CBD oil to help me fall asleep. Not every day, but if my mind isn't shutting down at night it really helps. It doesn't do anything for my visuals (good or bad). I've never had visual snow. Hope that helps.
  21. Your heart rate issue is most likely associated with anxiety. Hallucinogens have the potential to greatly worsen anxiety. I have anxiety issues partially related to HPPD, but also partially related to abuse that I experienced as a child. Occasionally I will have a fast heart rate, especially when in uncomfortable environments like a doctor's office. I have learned to control most of my anxiety over many years of meditation and self-reflection. One positive lifestyle adaptation which greatly reduced the number of anxiety attacks that I experience was the elimination of caffeine from my diet. I
  22. I have experienced this very problem. The pressure would come in waves and last for weeks at a time. Physical examinations showed no signs of any issues that would cause said pressure. At some point, these symptoms halted altogether and I haven’t had pressure in my head for over a year. I do however occasionally experience numbness. The only strategy that ever had a significant impact for me was relaxation through music, however this did not fully eliminate the problem. Hopefully your symptoms will pass with time as mine have.
  23. I apologize for the long delay in response, I’ve had a lot change in my life recently and I stepped away from online forums for awhile. I no longer have contact with my mother. The last time that I spoke to her was about three years ago and she blamed me for what she had done. She was investigated when I was much younger, but I was under her influence and I refused to give a statement to the social workers. I truly believe that she is still a danger to others as she remains in contact with some of my nieces and nephews, but the only thing that my counselor could do was issue regular wellness c
  24. Hi guys jaz here. Just an update that lamotragine messed me up further. No surprise really seeing as anything I have tried this year has sent me up a level. My visuals are think inception 7 layers deep mixed with an extremely glitchy matrix. I have realized that there is actually no limit at all to how bad this thing can get. Iv gone from a 1 to an 11 this year through panicked mistakes bad advice doctors etc. the latest I tried was Lyrica but made me feel even more high. So my question to you all. I have unlimited supply of clonasapam Right now I take 1 mg every other day. My visual
  25. You look like your pretty active on here. Have you ever tried CBD or HEMP (100% THC free only kinds) for your symptoms? Or heard of anyone trying these? 

    1. Fawkinchit


      No, I haven't. I wouldn't expect much from using them either. I believe they are just a fad right now.

  26. My initial symptoms I thought would just go away (you always read about how sometimes antidepressants/antianxiety meds can sometimes have side effects that subside so I figured that's what these symptoms were). First week I noticed only when writing that my hands were a little shaky. Eventually I developed visual snow in half my vision, saw colors vividly (as if on hallucinogens; never done any but I imagine that's what they see), and felt a sense of being afraid to be around people. Immediately stopped that crap and a week later I developed visual snow in all of my vision and have blue
  27. I've been reading up on a lot of different supplements, most don't seem to have solid evidence to ensure me they wont worsen my visual snow or palinopsia. I came across this article on CBD for visual snow related to migraines. Long story short, it mentions hyper excitability of neurons and how CBD (without THC) has been studied to help (If you've done as much reading as me you've probably come across something about hyper metabolism/excitability as a possible cause to HPPD symptoms). Anyways, any one ever try CBD or HEMP? did it help or worsen your symptoms?
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