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  2. droppedonce

    Cured hppd 100% full recovery

    How long did it take to recover?
  3. TheGman6072

    Feels almost permanent at this point

    Yea being emotionless is better than anxiety and sadness tbh.
  4. droppedonce

    HPPD Research Propsal

    As soon as I ad more funds to my checkings account, I will donate! Thank you.
  5. droppedonce

    Ibogaine destroyed my life 2

    Wait so, did he get better or no? I read his original post about Iboga btw. Wondering if he recovered from that?
  6. droppedonce

    Feels almost permanent at this point

    Idk man, that seems pretty bad. Being an emotionless zombie doesn't seem good. But I have noticed that sometimes feeling emotionless is better than feeling super anxious. Hope you get better.
  7. droppedonce

    2 Months In

    Hey guys, I've had HPPD for about two months now. Got it from one trip of 75ug acid. And did shrooms twice in the 2 months prior. It gotten better in a lot of ways. I'm not super sensitive to light anymore, no more negative afterimages, and color intensity is back to normal. But I still have visual snow and slight morphing of the walls. I also developed some positive afterimages and started to have slight tracers (basically looks like increased motion blur). I just really want it to go away eventually. If somehow I knew for sure this would eventually go away, even if it took years, I would be completely relaxed. I'm just scared this is my new reality. Do you think this will subside, or its here to stay. How long do you think it'll take. Any advice or comments are welcome 😀, thanks.
  8. Yesterday
  9. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Hey man,cheers! haha I just smoked and yeah,i still cant look at this like positive thing,idk..some people look good at this and this dont even bother them but i dont think i can ignore it. I haved 4 days pause,i only have problem in dark rooms,for example when i look TV and then look in left i see the after image of that for 1sec,its not fatal - yes i trying to forget it. Mmm i also think this will not go away,because i cant full ignore it ?? .. maybe there is some chance to fix myself in 4-5 months because i dont used it much. my first time 220ug (the awesome trip) and the second one 350/400 ug (idk if even more than that,i take 2+ cuz think the lsd wasnt going to kick in,lmao what a idiot...it kicked but tbh i expected to be stronger than my first trip,but wasnt IDK what happend then,maybe because it was 4 hours on sun light or because i was strange and thinking,also in another way i was scared to not kick in and i had low visuals not like a real trip...still cant fuc**** understand what happend then) ,then 2 months later my after image started but first i was having disturbance from the lights,now only got after images in dark room/nights... i still smoke,maybe i will smoke only half joint atleast daily,not like before that was 2 joints daily use oh... thinking about gaining mass + eating fruits...idk maybe some real vitamins and natural food can help and in a 15-20 days to stop the weed probably.
  10. Last week
  11. Tn99

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    In my opinion you will be fine to keep smoking weed I have hppd and I smoke a lot of weed, it might make me start tripping out when I smoke but fuck it, it doesn’t bother me. I take no medicine for hppd at all coz it’s not gonna cure it anyway so what’s the point. Weed is my medicine. Turn your negatives into positives. What’s so bad about hppd anyway? Just embrace it, life’s a trip
  12. Some if not most of you may know I started a non profit for HPPD and VS with the help of several people with HPPD. After many years of hard work we have a neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Harry McConnell, on board who has taken up the mantle from Dr. Abraham and has designed the only fully comprehensive research study on HPPD. It will cover genetics, autoimmunity and utilize several means of neuroimaging. I’m encouraging all of you to get your family, friends even yourselves to donate toward this study because if something remarkable is found, it will change everything for us as a patient community. http://www.neurogroup.org/donate/
  13. Great! Cdh is also a great idea. 15+ drop doses is what i have found to work the best. If you can fast for a day, and the next day take even more than 15 , even better, the higher the dose, the more healing you get (i mean that you would benefit more from a 20 drops dose than from two 10 drops doses for some reason ) the impact of big doses is way higher. Here, we have a group on discord of people that are trying it so if you wanna join to share the results you are getting it would be awesome. You dont need to register. https://discord.gg/N7Y6Rev Best regards!
  14. ive just started up again, this time using cdh. Feeling a bit brighter after one day but taking it slow as I don't want to get nausea.
  15. Does anyone know if holorenic breathing can cause or aggravate HPPD? It is supposed to be similar to LSD but only controlling breathing, without taking psychedelics. I'm thinking about trying it to improve anxiety, but I'm afraid it might hurt me.
  16. therocknamedwonder

    How can i cure?

    Hi there! It definitely sounds like you have HPPD. Welcome aboard. I've also had HPPD for around 5/6 months now, and I know how tough the first few months are. You can feel really scared and alone, and before I got used to it I didn't know what to do. Thats where the forum comes into play. People on here can really help you feel better but also just... less alone. And that's important. My first bit of advice is to just stop smoking weed (if you are still doing that). It's a drug that does not mix well with HPPD, and can not only trigger it (it triggered mine) but make your symptoms much worse. Quitting weed is for the better! The first two weeks or so after during withdrawal feel so horrible, but after that, it's a lot better. Quitting all other drugs is also beneficial, both the hard stuff and even stuff like caffeine or nicotine. I also have the sleep disorder stuff. I had very vivid lucid dreams for a few months, but the medication I'm on helps a lot! It's called clonidine. I have a much easier time falling asleep, and my dreams are less vivid and less terrifying as well. It's a blessing. I also take lamictal, which is a mood stabilizer that most other HPPD-ers find doesn't irritate their symptoms. However, medication is up to you and some people prefer to go without. I've also heard klonopin helps. Although they can't solve your visuals, they can help a lot with the emotional symptoms. I'd recommend seeing a doctor if you can find one that'll listen to you. I know it sounds crazy, especially now, but it'll become normal after a while. Please look more at the forum for coping mechanisms and possible supplements that might help you live day to day. But keep in mind, everyone with HPPD is different. Thing that work for others might not work for you, or the other way around! Keep experimenting and keep your head up. We're all in it together. I hope you start feeling better soon ❤️
  17. So I started having hppd about 2 years ago, but it just comes and goes when it feels like it. All my visuals were gone for a year and now they are back since 2 days and I just can't tell what triggers them (or hppd in general) My symptoms are not severe (everything is just slighty glistening in colorful patterns and sometimes I'm slighty confused because of that, at other times pretty euphoric) but anyways just wanted to see if somebody else got this non-permanent type and what causes those episodes to reoccur. Kind regards xoxo
  18. So I started having hppd about 2 years ago, but it just comes and goes when it feels like it. All my visuals were gone for a year and now they are back since 2 days and I just can't tell what triggers them (or hppd in general) My symptoms are not severe but anyways just wanted to see if somebody else got this non-permanent type. Kind regards xoxo
  19. lukaszh

    Social anxiety

    Hello everyone . My name i Lucas and i am new here .At the beginning I would like to apologize for my poor English. I have HPPD for about 4 years now . And i want ask you what is the best med ( suplement maybe) for social anxiety / depresion , that will not make my symptoms worse ? I have been on SSRI (escitalopram,) 5mg, only for 5 days and i wish i haven't . It increase my every symptom ! I cant take any ssri . i also tried 5htp but it make symptoms worse , I tried wellbutrin for about one month but it do nothing to my social anxiety and my self confidence . Which medicine will be good for it and dont increase hppd ? selegiline maybe ? I also want to try cognitive-behavioral therapy . Benzos doing a great job for me , it calm my anxiety i am more social and improve my hppd but i only use it 1-2 time per week . My hppd symptoms : mild visual snow , palinopsia , flickering vision , starbrust , floaters , brain fog ,sometimes DR . I accept it and i can live with it pretty normal . Grettings from Poland ,
  20. VisualDude


    For decades I've always kept suicide as a viable option in my mind. Don't know if that qualifies as 'idealization' ... don't exactly care. Obviously since its been over 40 years and I haven't done it, this 'idealization' hasn't hurt. But neither has it been a boy-who-cried-wolf (especially since I don't tell people). It is just that the 'option' helps me to not feel trapped. Get irritated when a psychologist spouts the old chestnut, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". They are just doing their job and they ARE RIGHT. I just don't want my suffering to be trivialized. And what is REALLY wanted by nearly every one is relief from suffering. HPPD and its like can cause a lot of suffering. But like the poster above, ALS would really be horrible - slow self disintegration, suicide not necessary as its already happening slowly without choice. A better way (and forgive my snobbery) is to take what little energy to find things that help. Everyone is different as to what helps but there is always something to alter. And each thing that helps provides a clue as to what next might help. How many have tried options that have helped others? Usually it a problem of getting docs to prescribe things. mgrade: I don't remember you by that name but I've been away a couple years and forget things. Know you've been fighting with this a long time. But don't throw in the towel. If you are serious about the goal, what can it hurt to check into a MHU? They can pump you with enough stuff so you don't care about anything - a temporary solution but it might lead to a better one. Just saying ... You say your country has crappy MHU? May I ask which country that is? Here in the USA, things aren't so wonderful as people think they are. Those who say it is great are those who haven't really needed it - so they speak in ignorance. If you are able to go to a foreign country for suicide assistance, why not try health assistance? As for "The direction of the world is going straight fascist", don't waste your thoughts on woes you can't change. Some governments are easier to deal with but none have every taken care of every citizen - someone always suffers. Whatever government system there is, you have to find a way to survive and find something for yourself.
  21. Sky


    Sadly I feel the same, I can't drink or smoke anymore which was such a big part of my college life. My friends still invite me to go out but it's not the same. I have severe treatment resistant depression so using was the only way I have been able to cope. Now that drugs are out of the picture I haven't been able to find anything nearly as effective since. Feels like it's been one hell of a run but this was the last straw, a final means to an end.
  22. Tn99

    Meet up?

    is there anyone in the UK that is up for a meet? I want to have a face to face conversation with someone else who also has hppd. I’m 19 and haven’t experienced symptoms for that long. Over 3 months since I had lsd and I have only been experiencing symptoms for a couple of weeks.
  23. Earlier
  24. DeadInside

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    I understand that weed make it worse,i read alot about that and im stopping weed,i was daily smoker (atleast 1g smoking per day) but now i smoke per 2-3 days one joint. I dont do other drugs,i think this will help also i started doing more things in my daily basis so i can not focus on the symptoms. Do you guys think i need to start taking benzos,if yes - what benzos? I think i dont lose nothing to try something that can help me?
  25. Cosmicnomad

    Does it ever get better

    I’m new to the forum but have had HPPD for two years now. Can it fade away over time? I see people posting about the very intense antipsychotic and anti seizure medications I used to be forced to take for my bipolar disorder and they’re not something I would ever willingly put myself back on again. Am I doomed to live with hppd forever or is there any hope?
  26. It seems like a lot of kinda of meds???? Mmmmm. I got realy better without these kinda of cocktail of meds... But I hope you are good. Please, give us report back about how do you feel in these meds. I wish you're good!
  27. Did you stop taking the medications?
  28. subzero

    16 HPPD from LSD i need advice

    Ppl here are crazy .coke drives a lot to commit suicide . Some ppl don’t realize that until it’s too late ..
  29. September: tried LSD and weed for the first time. 6 tabs over 2 days. Idiocy, I know. September - December: text wiggling and sliding down page, movement in peripheral vision, curtains rippling, roads looked like rivers, disequilibrium, felt like I was walking on a bouncy castle, bed felt like it was moving December: given transcranial magnetic stimulation 6 times and the following medications: Breakfast: 1 x 2.5mg Olanzapine 1 x 50mg Sertraline Lunch: 1 x 2.5mg Olanzapine Dinner: 1.5 x 100mg Lamotrigine 1 x 15mg Mirtazapine 1 x 10mg Olanzapine January: recovered
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