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  2. ive now ordered some pine bark extract that is meant to increase nitric oxide so meant to synergise with arginine, lets see what happens.
  3. ive got some second thoughts on arginine. I didnt give it a proper chance before. So i thought i would give it a go again after all this time. I took it and felt drowsy so next day took at night but in morning felt good, fairly clear and energised. This drowsy response went after a couple of days so now take in morning and night. It seems to give me more focus and general stamina, like i don't feel like going for a nap when i get home from work, and feel enough motivation to do things like tidy up a bit.
  4. surely we can find 10 people on here willing to do this?!
  5. Do you know any good specialists around Prague, Czech Republic?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Don't do fucking acid again. What you are Looking for is not in the acid experience anyways. It is something in your sober self that wants to get away hence the want to trip. If you figure that you strike the gold. Yes it Will get Worse. And Then you Will probably wish you didn't make it more severe. You Can also get symptoms of for example derealisation and brain Fog. And When you get that, you wish you just had some perceptial issue. So please don't take acid for your own sake. Figure out why you want to do acid. Deep Down and Explore Your innerself sober. Then you really get the experience you are Looking for. Also don't say never.(this Can be tough on the Psyche). You could for example say. I Will allow my self to do acid again in 5 years, or When the visual disturbances have passed. I know several people who had it and it went away after years of grueling inner work. So give yourself some time! all the best
  8. скачать мои изменения стало употребление синтетического тгк.
  9. Last week
  10. Are they a no go for us hppd guys? I suffer more so from the dpdr and anxiety than visuals.
  11. @Maik Rus I understand you very well. Can you explain what caused this to happen to you, what it’s like for you, what’s changed about your vision, and how you’ve been dealing with it / treating it?
  12. Since doing acid about 15 times, I have got light sensitivity (photosensitivity) which I'm pretty sure was caused by the acid. My pupils are chronically more dilated than they were, they still react to light but are definitely more dilated. Lights are brighter, including sunlight, and there are light trails coming off of most lights (a bit like those laser lights in nightclubs). There are streams of light coming off of screens and sometimes from windows. In low light and darkness the air is grainy. I googled it and it's called photosensitivity. I did get it a little bit before doing acid, but it has definitely got worse since doing acid (and a bit of 2cb). Someone told me they got the same thing from doing acid a lot and it's never gone away. I've had it like this for a year now. Can anyone tell me if they think the light sensitivity and chronically dilated pupils will get worse if I do acid again? I would really love to do acid again, but don't want to make it worse. It seems like as I've already got it now it probably wouldn't make it worse, but I can't be sure. Also, has anyone else got this?
  13. No. The research study is specific in trying to determine the underlying problem behind the disorder which the researcher believes might be reversible. There is no cure currently on the table but the research could lead to one. Could be soon, might be never; we’ll never know unless the work he’s doing is supported.
  14. My simple advise: read about Deja Vú. Science has some understanding on how they happen now. Perhaps once you understand the mechanism you'll feel more at ease with it. Imagine that your knee was failing you, and you were limping. You WON'T assign that to God dragging your leg or anything like that, right? Well, with this Deja Vu is the same, just that way more complex because it's inside of our mind, but once you interpret it as just a recurrent simple fail of your memory, and take it as knee pain, I think you'll make some progress
  15. Excellent! Congratulations! I agree with the strong HPPD-stress correlation. I don't buy the Grof's BS though
  16. You'll get great visual relief for about an hour until you fall asleep for 8 hours 😅
  17. I don't know where to start. I have had "brain fog" since 2011. I'm 24 years old now and I need to figure my life out, but I am too afraid to take the step because of this simple yet obscure "brain fog". It is a disability, but no one is able to accept or even acknowledge that it is a very real problem. "I look normal" on the outside but I definitely don't feel so normal on the inside. To put it plainly, I feel numb and dumb and I have one or some visual symptoms as well. I have heard of sage helping with cognitive function, but what is the proper dose? What are some side effects associated with sage? What are some peoples experiences using it? I've read lots of stuff on brain fog and just about anything can cause it, but I believe, like everyone else here, feel it is a chemical imbalance due to previous drug and alcohol usage. I would appreciate it if someone could point me to the right place. I am interested in herbal remedies and vitamins that may help. Thank you.
  18. For a while I had bouts of low blood pressure and I had some of the symptoms you've described. I do think hppd can amplify any common physical symptom with a slight psychedelic lens. Well, at least that's what happens to me. Talking to the doctor can eliminate issues and give you some peace of mind.
  19. Planning on bringing it up with my next visit to the doctor, hopefully it's just more symptoms from HPPD.
  20. Sometimes it's a migraine or is close to one, and other times it's just a headache.
  21. I've noticed there are substantial differences on the improvement of the visuals even when it comes to minor changes of dose. 0.75mg makes me less tired, easier to get some work done but definitely not as effective when it comes to improving visuals. 1mg gives more relief. Today I took abt 0.8mg in the morning, and 1mg now in the evening and wow, major improvement. I have to try 2mg some day - when I don't have anything important to do - to see what happens, just because I am curious.
  22. If it continues, it might not be a bad idea to talk to a doctor. Those symptoms can be caused by physical issues as well.
  23. Interesting concoction, I hope its getting better. Ik how devastating it all is.
  24. The ego death and spiritual awakening is a big part of this, its the philosophy that got you here. Its a farse. You can now see that these things other people make claims to are actually just drug induced brain damage. All i can say is it takes time, no drugs, lots of therapy, jump on some sedative meds to help you cope for a bit. You have to kind of accept it and live with it, the more you fear it the more you feel it. Why? Because when you fear something you signal your amygdala to look for that threat, and since its there 24/7 and your amygdala will sense it 24/7 it wont leave until you decondition it as a threat.
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