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  2. Hi MadDoc! Thanks for your warm welcome. I'll give my best. Mood got a bit better during the last days which is the most important thing as my visuals are not so heavy yet. I hope this will persist so that I don't need to take Benzos. Of course, I'll abstain from Cannabis and all other recreational drugs, don't want to make things worse.
  3. Thanks for that story. I guess I just have to accept this as one of my losses in life to feel better.
  4. First off, don't panic. You're here and you're clearly mentally intact. Try not to assume every symptom you have might be hppd. For example, muscle twitching. There are a lot of reasons that could happen. As humans, our interpretation of reality isn't always just exactly perfect. Don't assume every anomaly is related to hppd. Try not to focus on your symptoms. Take that vacation and relax. In the mean time, focus on work, fun, hobbies, friends, school, etc. It's too easy to implode making any symptoms seem worse. Never underestimate how strong you are. If you do have some level of hppd (note, I'm not a doctor or an expert on hppd) you CAN live a full and happy life. Read some of the recent posts in the "introduction" forum. There are a number of people who have done some amazing things. Also consider this. Psychedelics can have after effects that aren't necessarily permanent (trails fo example). Don't assume your symptoms will just get worse. If you stay clean, and that includes cannabis, the better your prospects. Stay clean, stay positive, and take care of yourself (and those around you). Keep posting, and read posts. Lots of good information in here, lots of bright people as well.
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  6. For sleep, valerian root helped me a bit, 150 - 900mg as needed. You could start with 450mg and see if it helps. In case you get hands on Benzos, I’d recommend to dose as low as possible (start with quarter of the recommended dose and increase only if necessary). Your receptor sensitivity is usually increased during HPPD and often small doses are enough. The higher the dose the higher rebound effects can get and the higher the risk of taking directly again and get dependent. Also, avoid Benzos and similar meds with short elimination half-time (like Zopiclone), rebound can be extremely bad there.
  7. Thank you for your reply Nick. Again it is nice to hear that there are others who can relate. I am definitely working hard on meditation and hope to get better at it. Practice makes perfect and as I’m only 4 weeks into this I am putting faith into time healing things. A lack of sleep definitely makes things worse for me and often feeds the cycle of anxiety. In your experience has there been anything you have done to help with sleep? That is true that my drug history isn’t excessive but that’s the thing about this odd condition is that it could happen with first time use! I appreciate your advice on abstinence, I’m sure that would have been a difficult setback but I’m glad to hear that things are better now. we do all make mistakes but I understand it’s important to not dwell on the past and work towards a happier and healthier you, leaving the past in the past where it belongs. This SUCKS right now but I believe if others can overcome it than so can I.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply. It’s relieving to hear that I’m not the only one going through this. I decided to stop taking it after 4 nights as it made me feel twitchy and too out of it. My goal is to take the most natural approach for the time being. It is great to hear your psychiatrists experience with hppd, gives me hope. My psychiatrist said there’s nothing we can do but here’s some antidepressants to get rid of your anxiety. Sleep has been my biggest issue here. The first few weeks I basically didn’t but the mirtazapam helped me sleep a great deal. My psychiatrist dismissed my request for any benzos for short term relief so I think I’ll try and find one who might be willing to try this for me. Other than that is there ANYTHING at all that you or others here have had success with for sleep? Mindfulness meditation has been really good for me too and I’ve been eliminating as much stress as possible. I even had to give up my part time job at KFC as this was the biggest stressor with shift work. Thank you and I hope you are able to work through this yourself.
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  10. Hi Tyler and welcome to our little community. First I know it can be daunting to try and come to terms with this condition; it is scary stuff and can be very debilitating. With that said a healthy fear is probably a good thing to keep us from making the same mistakes. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and are aware of the best actions you can take i.e. exercise, sleep, eating healthy... Definitely keep that up. Time is another friend of yours, the longer you abstain from drugs the better you will get, believe that and it will happen. I also recommend trying to learn meditation. For me, my condition is often brought out by some anxiety or fear. I have found that meditation has a way of neutralizing anxiety and helps me live in the moment and be grateful for all that I have. Positive thinking is an excellent tool to combat HPPD. You can also take solace that your drug history doesn't seem to be as excessive as it can be and many people on this forum are not so lucky. I myself took more than 15 hits of good acid in one night. That certainly did a number on me. And I kept tripping for another year before I realized I had to stop or I would never be the same. That's one of the more terrifying aspects of this disorder for me; I can forget how to be me! You will find as your progress that HPPD intensity varies and discover the things that cause it to flare up. For some its caffeine, for me its sugar and lack of sleep as some examples. The point is it is very possible to live a normal productive happy life with this condition. It may very well leave you entirely or become barely noticeable over time. The major factor in recovery is not using psychedelics, it's almost guaranteed to make things worse. I myself abstained for about 8 years, pretty much completely recovered and then I started smoking weed again. This worked to alleviate my anxiety for several months but then I started tripping again and it brought my symptoms back with force. I had 7 mushroom trips in about 7 weeks and one DMT breakthrough. I have since stopped and things are much much better. I have almost one year completely sober and doing really well but I had to pick the pieces up and start from the basics. I don't want anyone to make that same mistake. But sometimes we have to fall down to learn. Anyway, I'm sort of rambling now. Welcome to the site. We are here for you. Try and stay positive and off drugs and life will open up again. I wish you the best. Nick
  11. Hi Tyler! First, I only have mild HPPD for some weeks so I'm not the most expierienced guy, but I've read a lot studies during past weeks. It can totally happen that symptoms occur later (was also in my case). I've read positive and negative reports on Mirtapazine. I think basically it's russian roulette - to be honest, I wouldn't take it if I were you. The most effective med against DPDR / anxiety and may also visuals is Clonazepam, but its highly addictive. But if you take it for some days you may have some time to calm down and process whats happening with you. From all of what I've read, I guess Clonazepam and other Benzos probably mostly do not have so much influence on how the disease evolves - they just help to cope with / supress the symptoms. My psychiatrist has some expierience with HPPD patients and also did publications about HPPD - he said in most cases all symptoms fade away within 12 months if people are taking care of themselves. That also matches what some people here are saying. Also, he said, emotional symptoms improve often quite fast after some weeks. 2 weeks are not much, it's very likely that it gets better soon. I've read some posts here claiming that its not uncommon for symptoms to get worse first while getting better later on. Anyhow, there is no guarantee, this is also what makes it very hard for me. Anyhow, as you see here in the board, nobody died and its possible to live with it. What helps me a lot currently is meditation and stress reduction. I wish you all the best, hopefully it gets better soon on your case.
  12. Promethazine is a Phenothiazine and there are multiple reports that Phenothiazines are worsening HPPD symptoms or even cause HPPD, e.g. Abraham HD. Visual phenomenology of the LSD flashback. Arch GenPsychiatry 1983; 40: 884–88
  13. Hey guys! I'm currently evolving HPPD and like to introduce myself. Will try to describe my case here as best as possible and update the course of my disease (I won't be one of these guys not responding / updating anymore in case it gets better ). Primary Intoxication Causing HPPD: Bad Trip, caused by LSD 250ug, Cannabis ~ 1g about 8 hours after LSD (April 2019). After 6 hours of anxiety, trip aborted with 10mg Diazepam. HPPD Trigger: One night of sleep deprivation few weeks later. Anamnese: - No psychological issues before developing HPPD, mood was always fine and very stable - frequent Cannabis use for 1 year (phases of daily use, in 2019 2-3 times a week, but also with some weeks of no consumption at all in between) - frequent LSD use (~ every 4-6 weeks as well as 100ug 1 week before the primary intoxication causing HPPD) - 2 times mushrooms, 1 time MDMA I completely stopped taking recreational drugs after my bad trip. Also no alcohol, no caffeine. Current symptoms: - Poor Sleep, 0 - 6 hours (every day) - Anxiety / Mood swings (recurring episodes every few weeks) - Visuals: Intensified Colors (strong), Blue Field Phenomena (slight), Trails (slight), Starbursts (strong, especially during night), Halos (during night, strong). Everything persistent. Currently visual symptoms are getting worser. So far, they always only got worser. - Muscle Twitching (slight, ~ 20 times a day) - Slight head pressure - DP (occured 2 times now while I was in bed) Past symptoms: - DR Course: Week 1: Slight DR, no other symptoms. Week 2: Got to bed too late and had to wake up early (only 4 hours of sleep). Since then, I have very heavy sleep issues. Got into a cycle of sleep deprivation, raising anxiety and raising DR. Took 5mg Diazepam. Next days it was getting better, anxiety was cured for now. Week 3: DR faded out, sleeplessness persisted. Week 4: Sleep issues persisted, and now I did the biggest mistake of my life: Even though sleep got slightly better (4-6 hours was possible now), I took the decision to stay one night awake trying to improve sleep length. This triggered my HPPD. Week 5: Very slight episodes of anxiety because vision was slowly changing. Starbursts and intensified colors evolved very slowly. Anxiety faded out quickly. Week 6 and ongoing: Not much issues first, but HPPD is slowly getting worser. Tried Lorazepam and Zopiclone once for sleep (with 1 week pause in between), but their rebound accelerates HPPD symptoms development. Rebound of Zopiclone was the worst thing - it brought back the bad trip for 1 1/2 days and triggered mood swings / anxiety that faded out after 5 days. Medications: None of the medications I took did seem to have any direct effect on my HPPD visuals. Anyhow, I tried a few ones to cope with my other symptoms. Positive Effects: - Valerian (without no sleep at all is possible, I take it every day in doses of 150 - 1350mg as needed, sometimes in combination with bulm / passionflower. It slightly helps with anxiety as well.) - L-Tryptophan (blood test showed a lack, so I started to supplement during the anxiety phases with 500 - 1000mg / day. It seems to cure anxiety / lifting up the mood after 2-3 days) Negative Effects: - Zopiclone (works for sleep, extremely bad anxiety rebound, accelerated HPPD development during rebound) Neutral: - Lorazepam (worked once for anxiety / sleep, no hard rebound, but seemed to accelerate HPPD development during rebound) - Magnesium (I supplement it because of muscle twitching and sleep lack, but I don't know if there is an effect) For what I seek out: One and a half week ago, I first noticed trails very slightly. Now they're are quite noticeable already and occur mainly on objects I don't focus on so much, but I also notice it on my hands as well. I'm quite concerned and expect heavy anxiety / DPDR issues during next weeks as it is fastly getting worser. Any advice? I'll ask my psychiatrist for Clonazepam next Wednesday. Not sure if I should take it preventively trying stop / slow down worsening or if I should wait as long as possible until DPDR occurs. Also I'd like to know, how much will severe trails and DPDR influence my everyday life usually? Should I may cancel planned vacations? What if I have a DPDR situation at work, can I handle this without freaking out? I'm quite frightened. Thanks for helping out!
  14. I get these too. Waiting on an mri but I doubt anything will be found. Did you cure the dots
  15. I started to see Randomly colored dots Without doing drugs or alchohol/smoking ciggaretes which was the weirdest thing happend to me. I am sober from 1 month and can't understand why almost 2 days i am looking arround and see these Dots... i was better when i smoke weed but now, i can't understand how my brain is working or is it because i was Sick wast week ... I can only suggest you to stop all drugs and alcohol. That's the best option for now. You can start taking medications which may help you feel better, there is info in the forum about them!
  16. Hi there my name is Tyler. I’m 19 from Australia and have recently developed HPPD. I have done some deep reading on here and on other webpages and have been overwhelmed by the feeing of uncertainty and just how different people’s experience with this condition vary. So with that I am seeking advice on how to deal with and adjust to living with symptoms. I will start with saying I have used marijuana on and off for the last year, have had LSD once in January and once in February this year and tried what I believed was MDMA three times spread between May and June. The last time I had MDMA I smoked marijuana at the end of the night and had a traumatic experience having to care for a friend who had a panic attack while on the same intake. Two nights after I smoked again by myself and this is where the visuals first presented themselves (very intense acid like) which I dismissed as just a bad trip and got too high. I didn’t touch any drugs what so ever since, 4 weeks later I woke up with the trails in my vision and panic set in not knowing what was wrong. Two weeks in things got a lot worse including VS, floaters, depersonalisation, depression, anxiety, and continued to get worse under stress including halos, flickering in my vision feeing like things were moving around me, brain fog. And I’m constantly worried that I am going to lose my mind as my symptoms have been worsening. I am seeing a psychologist and have seen a psychiatrist who has prescribed me mirtazapine to target anxiety and depression. What I would like to know from you guys: is it normal that my visuals began 4 weeks after I touched any psychoactive substances, is there any rhyme or reason as to why my symptoms have been getting worse? Is mirtazapine an appropriate medication or can it make my visuals worse? I have been on it for three nights now and adjusting has made me feel like things seem to shake in my vision a little and things seem to flash across my vision and longer tracers. Finally I would like to say that I have been Keeping active going to the gym and runs, eating healthy, vitamin B supplements and teas, no caffeine and no alcohol while I adjust to this. I am now three weeks into having HPPD and would love to receive some support to know that I’m not alone and to hear that things will get better (whether that’s recovery or just getting use to things). - Tyler
  17. I drank 3 shots of 7% alcohol at a friend's place 2 days ago (not a smart thing to do since I have HPPD but I wanted to see if a small amount of alcohol would cause problems), resulting in me feeling mentally foggy and 'out of it' compared to my usual self. My visuals are slightly more noticeable as well, but it's nothing debilitating. I expected to be fine after drinking such a small amount of low-percentage alcohol since I had drunk whiskey on a plane about 2-3 weeks prior and had no noticeable issues later on. That isn't the main issue though. In the past 2 days, I've experienced a special type of flashback. Instead of visuals, my thigh muscles and head feel like they did when I was tripping, which I can only describe as slow-motion, warm and tingly. I'm wondering if anyone else has symptoms like this, and if so, what kind of drug did you take? I feel like the more details we document on this site, the better our chances of finding treatments for our symptoms based on a case by case basis. My HPPD first started from either acid or nBOME (I'm more inclined to think it was nBOME because of the harshness in the experience, don't try that stuff), and the symptom I've described above occurred once or twice after I took smaller hits of the same kind of 'acid' prior to my HPPD truly beginning. After my HPPD began, it happened maybe 1-4 times a week but slowed down until its eventual stop a few months later. I hope this information is helpful to anyone that has taken nBOME or anything similar. Feel free to ask any questions or relay information, I plan on checking this website routinely. PS: Lay off all the substances, it's so much easier to deal with HPPD and the risk isn't worth rebounding as Jay has mentioned in previous posts. Even alcohol has the potential for worsening symptoms so be careful out there.
  18. Yeah, its definitely a crazy old thing, and honestly, I've never felt 'better' about this thing since I realised ( in the past week or so!!! ) its actually a 'thing' and I'm not the only person in the world that feels like this! Just shows you, well, in my opinion now, it really is a case of your brain playing tricks on you, your not mad, or tripping, or trapped in a mad-house, you need to be stronger than the symptoms - I think I am! Would still love to know the physics behind it tho, the brain doesn't do this for wow, nearly 30 years for no reason! And I still maintain, those mental years of my life had some of the best times, gotta take the good with the bad I guess! 🙂
  19. If you ever get back your post, thanks for getting in touch with the board! Raising awareness would not only help sufferers immensly but also prevent further damage and it's great that this approach comes from a platform with such a massive range. I'm sure everybody hopes someone gets up the nerve to openly talk about it but unfortunately I doubt you will find a volunteer here. Nonetheless it would be great to see more about hppd from VICE. It definitely deserves much more attention.
  20. I do appreciate it Doc... I used to write a lot of songs both before the depersonalization and after as a way to ground my experiences...it was incredibly liberating. At the moment tho I’m unable to touch that place because I’m unable to touch any place inside so to speak. They’re not empty words-a part of me knows that and feels that still so thanks I’ll find my own way through As unique as this funny brain of mine
  21. I'm repeating myself (like most of my posts). I too felt alone for decades. When my symptoms became apparent, there was no internet so finding information was almost impossible. None of my friends who dosed as heavily as I did had the issues I did. I discussed it with a doctor once (late 80s) and he basically said "you got what you deserved for using drugs". Back in the early 90s I did see a short TV clip of a guy who described having symptoms that fit this disorder. He said that faces looked like different colored dots. I suddenly realized "it's not just me". Finding this forum was the first time I could really discuss what I live with. I just wish I'd found it before I was in my late 50s! So, no, you're not going mad. In this forum, you're in good company.
  22. Man, what you're going through sounds rough. I wasn't trying to make light of your situation, honestly. I don't know if my symptoms were atypical, but I didn't have DP/DR like you have. I had aggressive hallucinations, relentless CEVs, and ANXIETY. I always felt like I was on a low dose of impure acid. Not being able to "internalize information properly" is something I fortunately didn't experience. Your symptoms truly sound disabling. You write very well, perhaps that's an outlet that might be useful (I realize I don't really understand what you're going through, just an uneducated suggestion). Hang in, and take care of yourself. I realize those may sound like empty words, but it's all this Bozo has got.
  23. In my “right mind” I’d very much appreciate your perspective-especially the metaphor... It can be and has been at times for me a wild and wonderful journey...that’s the problem. the symptoms themselves are what has blocked me from literally (and I mean that) experiencing life in any kind of “normal” way...I used to be 65% up in the clouds and now I’m no longer on the planet. The beauty isn’t gone it’s just been disabled for me. Right now. My brain is unable to relate. Unfortunately these metaphors get tossed around so much and are so subjective but I’m not internalizing information properly...There is no consensual, shared reality anymore. Everything feels theoretical at best. Positive thinking has helped in the past but my track record shows if this thing can get worse it will. For no good reason.
  24. I know it's hard, and at times impossible, but thinking positive goes a long way. Helped me anyway, and I'm just your garden variety Bozo. Life is grand! We're the matter that woke up, and that's a special privilege in this strange universe.
  25. well I started to feel better since my post above (why? Did symptoms decrease or did I just habituate?) but because life is hilarious dp/dr has recently worsened (again I’ve been stone sober for months) Funny how I eventually found my thread and was able to relate to the world and feel halfway human...yet now I’m even farther out in space. I tried to do this naturally but with all the ups and downs and the current shit storm...I will have to get some kind of professional help...gotta go back to my home state where I have insurance and just “Hope hard”-whether it’s an anticonvulsant or a benzo something will work... starting supplements soon too love for this go down naturally but there is a point where you can’t wait around because can’t cope Otherwise life is grand !
  26. muh "MMS CuReS EvErYThiNg" Stop shilling for KNOWN TOXIC compound, I suggest anyone interested in MMS watch this. (inb4 dosage matters) To anyone reading this, If you want placebo effect, there are much better options out there. I know (from personal experience) that one gets desperate to find cures, but MMS definitely isn't what you are looking for.
  27. Boy, have I had fun struggling to explain this over the years. Having read implications that people can naturally develop HPPD without the use of drugs, I feel brave enough to come out and propose... I believe I was born with HPPD. Yes, there are an endless amount of possibilities of what can happen to a child before their memory develops. The unknown aside, my mother swears upon her life that she was emotionally compelled to be clean during her pregnancy. She did however try recreational substances in the years before her pregnancy. That's all there really is to factor into the early development without getting into genetics. Fast forward to my mental awakening: My earliest memories go as far back as 2 years old, with a high amount of detail for a small handful of experiences. HPPD's visual snow began as early 3 years old, no sooner than 4. I can't tell you anything else about my life with more certainty. Staring at a moonlit ceiling while lying in my parents' bed, unable to sleep, I could conjure up the visual snow and follow it about for entertainment until dozing off. I distinctly remember it starting as a zebra-like puddle which grew in unnaturally rippling waves. I was obsessing over this nightly until it began to take color and move like a three-dimensional flock of birds descending from the gypsum ceiling to toil about as a flock of hundreds of birds would. (Side note: Growing up with white Gypsum walls/ceilings is a disastrous trap for obsessing and worsening the condition. In my worst episode, I was seeing morphing, endless crude depictions of the black plague in my gypsum-walled home, aprox 16 y/o.) Depersonalization symptoms set in around 4-6 years old, the beginning of which I described as having, "woken up for the first time;" but I was already awake. I asked my mother if she felt it, worried it was a natural phenomenon I'd just experienced. This took place on the usual morning drive to school. At around age 10 I 'lost control' due to obsessive habits mixed with social stress, and began to have increasing difficulty with reading. At the same time I developed a sensitivity to horizontal stripes of almost any two colors. They force a sensation of false-vertigo, nausea, anxiety/nervousness, poor sense of balance or the need to steady myself all with an alluring fixation on this rather distressing visual. It's taken a long, long time to learn to limit the amount of stress this causes to a manageable level. Object-specific color changes usually occur with a pearlescent effect, and are a rather relaxing replacement for the old habit of obsessing (wall staring). Strangely, I find both the visual snow and object specific color changes to be... slightly controllable during dawn and dusk. I can really only give it the last mental nudge to get started, but otherwise can't control the outcome. I can also intuitively fight the potential minor trigger sensation/stimulus in an effort to squelch micro-episodes. Sometimes it takes a bit more than just conscious ignorance, which I really cannot describe yet. Along with this came high-ceiling spatial distortion. Basically what I mean by that is... Any warehouse sized store such as Target, Walmart, Raley's, Costco, Sam's Club, Sports Warehouse or even hardware depots will all force sensations of losing balance constantly between peripheral warping. I can only describe this as feeling like walking in a hamster ball. I must say this one snuck it's way into my childhood at random before becoming a staple of my symptoms. It takes intense concentration, energy and physical control to navigate the store. (merely forcing myself to remember the experience to describe it with better accuracy sent me into a slurry of funny typos!) I've always been regarded as dramatic or 'overly dramatic' for complaining of such sensitives growing up. None of my complaints were taken even remotely seriously, allowing me to steep in these issues and make them grow worse. Of course, my family speculated in all the wrong directions when they did listen, only creating more stress and many unnecessary issues through years of misunderstanding. I can't tell you how great it felt to shed the hysteria pinned upon me of potential mental illnesses once I learned about HPPD and shared it with my family, regardless of whether they believed me or not. It would be useful to note that I also went through roughly 10 years of chronic lyme disease, which definitely worsened my visual symptoms. I'm now 20 and going on a year and a half lyme-free (supposedly). My lyme treatments did not seem to have any particular effect on my HPPD besides the associated stresses of treatment. While moderately tamed down in severity, my visuals are still occurring daily. Experiencing my visual distortions is about as normal as breathing now, occurring or interacting with my daily life as subconscious thoughts do. I avoid recreational drugs adamantly as they can throw me far out of the balance required to keep my own peace. The medication combination I've found to help lessen my HPPD (prescribed for reasons other than HPPD) are Low Dose Naltrexone, Cymbalta and medicinal cannabis extracts. The LDN (Naltrexone) has been my only successful combatant against depersonalization, albeit a slow creep. 10mg Cymbalta once in the evening is just enough to help reduce possibly over-exciting stimuli from actually being too exciting. Yet, I still can't sleep in a dark room most nights. In fact, my difficulty sleeping is what's driven me to write this introduction. I've been skipping stones on the issue all my life, but it's only been getting worse. I used to sleep with lights off as a teen no problem. Now I absolutely need a lamp in the corner of my room to be lit until sunrise. I'm in an odd pickle, since this situation leaves me seeing pockets of visual snow on a nightly basis when trying to sleep. If I try to sleep in darkness or near-darkness, the slightest flicker of visual snow explodes into momentary images or after images of rather terrifying things; usually large or distant faces of ambiguous or monstrous nature. Sometimes straight out of media, sometimes abominations of the imagination. I find these frightening because they occur like jump scares, when I least expect them and only for a nano-second. I'm not one to obsess over violent or scary things, instead I'm unsettled rather easily, so I prefer to avoid thinking on such things. Perhaps that practiced avoidance is what's nurturing this emerging issue. Anyways, therapy is not helpful for this, as the phenomenon doesn't seem to be entirely tied to my state of mind. Certainly provoked under stress, but definitely no recurring themes or obsessions which could fuel these more severe night-time hallucinations. I've tried chopping this up to many other diagnosis by myself since my 20+ doctors over the years have never been able to guess at anything better than visual synesthesia or eye damage from frequent TV usage. Much of dealing with HPPD seems to be oriented around self-discovery rather than self-treatment, in my opinion. I'd love any feedback from others who believe themselves to have been dealt a similar hand in life, since we seem to be too few to notice or be noticed. ❤️ - J.L.
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  29. Hello everyone, My name is Tir and I work for digital media company, VICE UK. As part of our High Society series, we are making a film which is about the rise of psychedelics. We would love to hear from people who have been suffering from HPPD. Please email highsociety@vice.com if you would be interested in sharing your experiences. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Tir
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