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David S. Kozin


Dear Community,

I am providing you with a bounty of documents before ACTA or similar treaty and/or legislation would make me a major criminal for providing you with C0PyWr1tten material in the form of full text PDF files of HPPD articles. Unless you have academic access to research journals, each article would typically cost you $35.00 USD to download.

I am providing the most important research articles regarding HPPD to you for FREE. I do so, because I feel the companies associated with these articles are not losing money if you download them for your personal use (do not mirror these). It is a PUBLIC HEALTH and YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH interest to have access to scientific knowledge that relates to your disorder, which can be used with your doctor. I spent over 500 dollars on research articles like these doing my own personal HPPD research before I have academic access. As members of this web site and with HPPD, I want you to have access to information on this disorder without requiring you to overdraft your bank account.

I believe providing this community these articles is a GOOD FAITH act even if authorities would call it ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION. However, HPPD is very rare, and my experience speaking to almost 1,000 HPPD individuals is that: YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO CORRECTLY DIAGNOSE HPPD IN YOURSELF than receiving a correct diagnosis by a clinician. Consequently, here are the research articles for your personal use to improve your health and understanding. They will demonstrate HPPD has a history of 5 decades, but the terms used were simply different, but the symptoms are the same.

Remember, these articles cover a range of dates and are intended to be read by an individual with some training. Consequently, you will read information that is INCORRECT, RECENTLY DISPROVED, or DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. You will also read articles with medication suggestions, but remember the research on HPPD does NOT discriminate between FLASHBACK type and HPPD-(24/7-type). These are intended for individuals looking for validation of their disorder and to help you argue for a history of this disorder. DO NOT MAKE MEDICATION OR HEALTH DECISIONS BASED ON THIS RESEARCH.

That being said, here you go...

To prevent these documents from being listed in a search engine, I am including links to each article.

To prevent the directory from being indexed by Google, I am including it in a password protected area. CUT AND PASTE these into the field, and remember it IS CASE-SENSITIVE.

The username: hppdonlinemember

The password: ScienceShouldbeFREE

And you will have access into the directories.
(THE MAIN ARTICLE defining HPPD symptoms)
(Early account of HPPD and excellent read and demonstrates HISTORY of HPPD)
(EXCELLENT report of 3 case studies where an amazing team of Opthalmologists witness three cases of HPPD and accurately diagnose these cases and discuss the need for Opthalmologists and other disciplines to understand this disorder and consider it as a diagnosis)
(Military account of HPPD long ago)
(HPPD, long ago)
(Psychophysical evidence of how LSD users have different response to visual stimuli than those who do not)
(The full presentation AUDIO from presentation of research I co-authored on DPD and drug-use)
(This article discusses HPPD symptom amplified in certain cases, but this should be read with caution and does NOT mean this is your case.)


  Report Entry


It is very nice to you to provide these articles. And I agree that with all the money that is injected into research research articles should be free.

Amongst the citations that you have there, as they are not all tagged by year of publication, which are those that are the more recent?

In addition, and I hope I did not misunderstood your status, you would be active in research about hppd. Do you have yourself produced some document or are you on the verge of publishing a document stating the state of the art information on hppd?


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I have a bibliography I am updating and will be available for eBook/Kindle/iPad/Web-based for free (obviously) containing a complete bibliography of HPPD articles.

The articles I selected for this list include the most important articles; these are essentially the most requested. I changed the Rules and Guidelines of the web site to express my support for the offering research articles to the public who needs access who would otherwise not pay for them anyway. I have published in the area of Depersonalization and Derealization.

Select: All, None ActionsAddExportMergeDeleteView trashProfile updates 1-5

Title / Author Cited by Year De-constructing depersonalization: further evidence for symptom clusters

D Simeon, DS Kozin, K Segal, B Lerch, R Dujour, T Giesbrecht

Psychiatry research 157 (1), 303-306 25 2008 Residual neurocognitive features of longā€term ecstasy users with minimal exposure to other drugs

JH Halpern, AR Sherwood, JI Hudson, S Gruber, D Kozin, HG Pope Jr

Addiction 106 (4), 777-786 14 2011 Is depersonalization disorder initiated by illicit drug use any different? A survey of 394 adults

D Simeon, DS Kozin, K Segal, B Lerch

The Journal of clinical psychiatry 70 (10), 1358-1364 5 2009 REPLY TO PARROTT (2011), FISK ET AL.(2011) AND RODGERS ET AL.(2011)


Addiction 106 (7), 1270-1372 2011 Comments & Controversies

RA Sewell, D Kozin, MG Cunningham 2010 will have a link to the almost complete bibliography.

If you need a specific article, send me a private message. My e-mail is backed up, but so much work completed for this site and thank god for Jay and other moderators for their work.


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