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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) Support Forum
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I'm trying to write some poetry or lyrics as a kind of self-help therapy. It really makes you deal with your feelings. I'd love to see some more so feel free to share yours if you do have any. WORMHOLE - I find myself within the void. Restless days and broken bones. To chase these thoughts day to day. As time is bending within my head. Seeking closure but fatality reigns. An avalanched mind continues to prevail. The sunstorm is coming. Stay or run. Searching for the damage that's already been done. I flipped a coin but it went right through my hand. Ghosting through life as the party disbands. Mirrored friend, where did you go? My soul's entombed, can't feel no more. Mirrored self, why did you leave? My vision is fucked, I can not see. Snowblind. Lightstruck. I fear the world and the hysteria outside. I fear my head and the war inside. Erased myself for a sinner's haze. Passing out in the dark. Wormhole awaits.



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