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  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) support forum - HPPD, flashbacks, drug-induced visual snow syndrome and depersonalization/derealization.

    Common HPPD symptoms: visual snow, palinopsia (trails/afterimages), increased BFEP, increased floaters, ghosting, halos, starbursts, macropsia/micropsia, geometric hallucinations, closed-eye visuals, flashbacks, depersonalization/derealization, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, tinnitus.

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    • If anybody has any history of autoimmunity please say so. I've been wondering a lot about this lately since I've been battling all kinds of autoimmune issues. I also have autoimmunity running on both sides of my family.  At the heart of autoimmunity is the simple fact that our bodies have developed incredible defense mechanisms to fight naturally occurring diseases over the course of millions of years but ever since the Neolithic Revolution and the invention of agriculture we've been putting things into our bodies that our bodies don't recognize and so our defense systems logically ramp up. Modern drugs firmly fit into this category. Our bodies have not evolved to recognize many of the street drugs that are notorious for giving people HPPD.  Perhaps someone who knows more about this subject could chime in?
    • Wow thats actually really funny. I've said that exact thing too... kind of like a little autistic but not really. Don't mean to derail the topic but I read that little bit, and in my head im thinking wow I thought I was the only one. I got it from my dad as well. Like a little tiny neurological blip in the way my brain functions that causes me to be extremely highly functional but also completely cognitively ignorant of social cues, and behaviours - or hints. I just don't respond and carry on as if it hadn't happened. (Mine became 10x worse when I got HPPD versus before I had it)
    • Yea, you were probably on cortisol as it helps lungs and things in that case.  I was a little pre and had breathing problems for 4 months (turn blue and needed to be revived).  Don't know all what that did but it could not have helped, lol. My social cue thing is genetic from my dad's side but I have it worse.  So never have known otherwise.  Kind of autistic like but not that.  The visual damage was from a chemical exposure.  Eyesight was great before.  However other problems were magnified.  I do well with dopamine meds and a little gabapentin and klonopin.  One dopamine med, cabergoline, gave me the first taste of reading social cues besides the 'loud' ones like anger.  Cabergoline is a strong D2 agonist.  Recently, DHT further help visual problems and introduced feeling emotions that I began 'reading'.  Cabergoline helped just the intellectual aspect.  Curiously, DHT also influences D2 receptor function. Can't help wondering if others would benefit at least regarding DP/DR and some visual aspects of HPPD.  Sexual function as well.  Can I really be so unique?  It would seem unlikely.
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    • MrCipher  »  Onemorestep

      you mentioned how baclofen can can your brain in a semi permanent way, can you please elaborate on that?  
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    • Originally

      Hey all!
      It's been nearly a year since I got hppd, and man was this year hard. Constantly feeling this sense of not knowing who I am and what's gonna happen. Honestly, i'm not vary happy considering the fact i kinda retracted my social presence in my life. Because of this i'm constantly ridiculed by my family for being weird. "Why don't you ever leave the house? Are you depressed?" Idk how to feel towards the people who are supposed to be there for me, especially my mom. I opened up to her about how i was feeling, and she completely disregarded what i said, saying I have no reason to be sad. Which really pissed me off because i can't tell her, "hey i did a fuck ton of drugs last year and now i feel constantly disassociated and i can't open my eyes without seeing the most fucked shit." So that's how i'm doing, in spite of her doings, i've picked up making music. If you're interested in listen, i'll leave a link in my profile. 
      Much love guys,
      Andrew G 
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    • 214  »  iHaveSeenEvil

      Man, are you sure you have seen evil? Perhaps they were just "hardcore scumbags" so don't talk about "The Evil".
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